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Do you know your child is addicted to blue whale game?

A class 10th boy was rescued in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district after he wrote on his answer sheet during an examination that he had reached the last level of Blue Whale Challenge, a lethal online game that has already claimed over a dozen lives in India and many more across the world and he was being encouraged to commit suicide.

This young boy from Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, became terrified of the final task of committing suicide so he revealed his distress in his answer-sheet. According to the Amid reports, he was trapped completely in the game and was being warned that his parents would be killed if he failed to finish the game.

“I am trapped in the game which I have been playing for the last two months. I am now in the final stage and they are telling me to commit suicide otherwise they will kill my parents,” the young boy wrote in his answer sheet.

An alarmed Sanskrit teacher, Hemlata Sringi, checking the answer-sheet brought the matter to the notice of the school and the local administration, after which counselling of the child was being done.

The case was further investigated by Praveen Prajapati of Khilchipur, Sub-Divisional Magistrate who later said, “The boy is still in a state of shock but was counselled along with his parents with the help of trained counsellors from the women and child welfare department.

It has also issued that an advisory and police teams across are working with schools to counsel teenagers and wean them away from the online game.

By: Aviral Nigam

This 6-Year-Old Gave Away Her Savings To Police For Speedy Proceedings Of Her Mother’s Suicide

Nowadays, injustice and corruption is so deeply rooted in our society at every step that it is shameful, and at the same time, disconcerting how even kids as young as 6-year old are learning this.

This fact is getting well-known that if you want your work done, you have to give some “gifts” under the table. Even with all the anti-corruption laws in place, bribery is still the most common and “efficient” way to get the work done.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a six-year-old in UP’s Meerut offered the contents of her piggy bank, her savings to police as a bribe to get them move faster in the suicide case of her mother.

Manvi, a 6-year-old visited Inspector General Ram Kumar at his office with his maternal grandfather. At the police station, she told the Inspector that he could have her savings. Furthermore, she had heard that unless she paid a bribe, her mother’s case would remain unsolved.

According to the family, Manvi’s mother, Seema Kaushik, was hard-pressed by her family and his relatives for dowry initially. They reportedly framed her with two fake police cases that were discarded by a local court. The couple had parted ways four years ago and Mrs. Kaushik’ complaints to the police of mental harassment and threats were allegedly ignored. Fed up at last, she committed suicide.

Although the Inspector gave back her savings and assured her that measures will be taken at a fast-pace, it is sad and a matter of concern as to how the law and jurisdiction work in our country.

By- Anamika Bhaumik

Skull Protest By Tamil Nadu Farmers Enters 39th Day. Drinks Their Own Urine.

Tamil Nadu farmers protest at Jantar Mantar had entered its 39th day. The protest, which started from 13th of March, had been taking a momentum since then. In a  mark of protest and to pressurise the government, Rahul Gandhi, too, joined the protest for a day.

However, the protest took an ugly today when the farmers started to drink their own urine. They also threatened the government that if their demands were not met, they will start eating their own stool.


To give a background, the farmers are protesting in the capital for drought relief package and to waive the loans of peasants from Tamil Nadu.

Owing to the bad monsoon and drought conditions, several farmers allegedly committed suicide in the state. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) sought a detailed report from Tamil Nadu on farmer suicides based on media reports that estimated 106 farmer deaths within a month in Tamil Nadu.

Shocking! Kanpur judge Pratibha Gautam’s body now taken In an ‘Auto’ to the postmortem house

Pratibha Gautam, the Judicial Magistrate in Kanpur Dehat, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her official residence in Circuit House Colony in Cantt police station area, in the city. Now the most bizarre thing that could ever happen in the history of a case where they don’t know the reason behind the death but still took the body in an auto! If something can define the heights of carelessness then this one crossed it too. A dead body which has to be investigated has been handled so lightly that no wonders if we never get to know the actual reason behind Pratibha Gautam’s death! Already there are so many assumptions about this case.

Though her husband claimed the death to be a suicide, her parents said they had doubts about his version.
Pratibha Gautam, judicial magistrate at Kanpur Dehat, and a native of Orai in Jalaun district, was found dead at her officers colony residence in Circuit House colony in Cantt area of the city early on Sunday. Her husband Manu Abhishek, a lawyer, who practices at Delhi High Court, informed her parents, who were residing at Orai in Jalaun district, of the death. Pratibha and Manu got married in April 2016.

Her husband, who arrived from Delhi on Sunday morning found the body of Pratibha hanging. He said his wife had hanged herself. He had removed her from the rope and placed the body on the bed. However, Pratibhas parents had doubts and they demanded a thorough probe in this regard. “They alleged that these days their daughter was not in good terms with her husband,” said a police official. “Pratibha’s father, a retired bank oficer, presently runs a fuel station in Orai. Pratibha and Manu Abhishek, had met each other while pursuing studies in Delhi and got married in April,” the police said.

The Cantt police interrogated Manu Abhishek and employees of Circuit House colony.

High Profile family suicide: Why? Ex IAS B K Bansal’s family commits suicide in the most tragic way

Suicide is said to be a very cowardly act, by those who have never been in such situation. It definitely takes a lot of pain, grief, pressure, depression to intentionally kill oneself. Recently, a heart shattering incident took place in Delhi, when the whole family of an Ex bureaucrat ended their life.

Former bureaucrat BK Bansal, who was accused of corruption and raided by the CBI, has allegedly committed suicide along with his son. His wife and daughter had hanged themselves in July, two days after he was arrested by the CBI.

The saddest part about the incident was that the family could not handle the pressure of the corruption charges
and pain of separation of their loved one. The whole Bansal family met with this unfortunate end within a time span of just two months.

Mr Bansal was Director General, Corporate Affairs. The CBI had registered a case against him accusing him of accepting Rs. 9 lakh as bribe from a pharma company.
The CBI had searched their apartment and found Rs. 60 lakh cash, 20 property papers and details of 60 bank accounts.

Earlier, B.K Bansal’s wife and daughter committed suicide just after his arrest. Satyabala Bansal, 58, and Neha, 27, were found in separate rooms of their home in east Delhi this morning. They left similar suicide notes in which they wrote that they felt humiliated by a CBI raid at their apartment yesterday.

The official’s 25-year-old son was not at home. Sources say he had been called to the CBI for questioning.
Mr Bansal, a Director General in the Corporate Affairs Ministry, was arrested on Saturday evening. The CBI said it caught him accepting Rs. 9 lakhs in cash from a pharmaceutical company that wanted to buy its way out of an investigation for illicit business practices.

Isn’t it a matter to ponder upon, that the people who committed sins such as rapes are roaming freely but those who have been just accused of corruption are now no more in the world!

The success story of this Chennai guy who turned from being a beggar to a Cambridge University scholar!

When life closes one door, it open another one fro you But sometimes we keep standing in front of the closed door for so long that we don’t even notice the new opportunities in front of us. For Jayavel, almost all the doors of his life were closed soon after the crop failure in 80’s. Life was almost finished for Jayavel at a very tender age. When children of his age were busy playing in the fields, this little boy had no option left for himself, except begging.

22-yr-old Jayavel from Chennai makes it big through getting a chance to study advanced automobile engineering from the prestigious Cambridge University.
But, this is not the big news. His success is precious and uncommon because he needed to defy all of the odds because the boy’s family is into begging. Thanks to a prime crop failure inside the 80s, Jayavel’s own family moved from Nellore and started out begging at the streets of Chennai. Jayavel also accompanied his mother and father in begging and his own family’s sole surviving choice was begging.
After the demise of his father while he was very young, Jayavel’s mother were given hooked on alcohol and spent most of the day’s earning on it.
Hope resurfaced for Jayavel when he met Uma Muthuraman. Muthumaran and her husband had been documenting the scenario of street kids in Chennai and they met Jayavel and decided to extend their help to him.
They took Jayavel beneath their very own steerage in 1999.

Their NGO, Suyam Charitable agree with, helped Jayavel get a right schooling. After he secured accurate marks in 12th popular, few donors had been interested in giving him mortgage for better training.
After that, he cleared Cambridge College’s front exam and were given a seat in Glyndwr university, Wales, the UK to examine ‘overall performance vehicle Enhancement generation Engineering’, a path that offers with improving the overall performance of race vehicles. he is now going to Italy for in addition studies. Jayavel has now become an thought for the rest of the youngsters inside the NGO.
Suyam accept as true with borrowed Rs 17 lakh for Jayavel’s research in London. Muthumaran has to arrange for every other 8 lakh rupees for Jayavel to go to Italy and make sure that his researches don’t get interrupted. Jayavel meets his mom every now and then as he doesn’t like her drinking dependency.
After completing his research, Jayavel wants to join hands with Muthumaran to assist him in running his trust.