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Five Foods you should never have on an empty Stomach

It’s so much more convenient grabbing that cup of coffee or packet of chips, on an empty stomach, when attending to ‘more important things of the day.’

The quality of food going into our system takes a back-seat because, who wants to make these decisions first thing in the morning, right? Taking the easy way out just leads to long-term ill-effects on the body.

If you think reaching out for a glass of orange juice is a good idea in the morning – Pause, Observe, Think Again.
Here are some foods that are harmful to the body if taken on an empty stomach.

 1.) Citrus Fruits– The fruit acids of citrus fruits overtime can result in gastric ulcers or gastritis. Heartburn is also a possible reaction to eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach.

 2.)Yoghurt– The excess HCL created by eating yoghurt on an empty stomach, ends up killing the lactic bacteria in the stomach.

3.)Coffee– On an empty stomach, the HCL levels in the stomach tend to increase the hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach, leading to you either throwing up or getting constipated.


4.)Spices – Spicy foods first thing in the morning cause an increase in the production of acid in the stomach, which may result in digestive problems in the future.

5.) Bananas – Eating bananas on an empty stomach increases the amount of magnesium in the blood.   This could cause potential harm to your heart health.

Bizarre!! Mumbai Doctor pulls 750gm of hair from woman’s stomach

In Mumbai, doctors pulled out 750 grams of hair from a 20-year-old girl at Rajawadi Hospital, Ghatkopar. She was addicted to pulling out her own hair and eating it. This continuous pulling and eating of hair formed a 750g big ball inside her stomach. When she was brought to the hospital her symptoms were, nausea and a swollen abdomen, she was pale and had lost appetite and would vomit anything she consumed. She was suffering from a rare syndrome called the Rapunzel Syndrome

What is Rapunzel Syndrome?

It is an unusually rare condition in humans wherein the patients ingest hair so that it forms a bezoar in their stomach. It is named after the long haired princess Rapunzel from the fairy tale by Brothers Grimm.

This is associated with a hair-pulling disorder called Trichotillomania. The compulsive disorder of eating hair, Trichophagia is linked to the hair-pulling disorder Trichotillomania. Therefore, as human gastrointestinal tract isn’t able to digest human hair, it creates a Trichobezoar, a big ball of hair that has to be removed surgically.

Patients also sometimes need psychiatric evaluation and treatment to stop this impulsive pulling and eating of hair.

Rapunzel syndrome gets its name because of the ‘tail’ of the hair ball extends to the intestines, like how Rapunzel’s hair extends from the balcony to her ground. It can be fatal if misdiagnosed.