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What..!! A Man arrested over I Love you messages written on walls

What..!! A Man arrested over I Love You messages written on walls

A 50-year-old chartered accountant has been arrested in Chembur, Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, for his “artwork”. The accused, Ketan Shah, repeatedly wrote a message on the different walls of the city in the name of a girl, due to which the girl lodged a complaint against him. Earlier, the police followed this person, who wrote the message/painting secretly for a few days, then arrested him by tracking the information of his car.

Ketan has alleged that he wrote a message to the girl about the many signboards, the Metro Project Barriers, the walls and the things found around the road. At first nobody gave any attention to these messages, but when the woman’s home was written ‘I Love You’, the woman filed a complaint. The woman filed a complaint in Tilak Nagar police station in December that all the messages of this type are being written, they are all for them.

Sunil Kale, who is investigating the case, says, ‘The woman told that someone is writing her name everywhere. This case came in hold, when the name was written out of his house. Six places were painted and the message was similar. Then we took help from our informers. We came to know that a man comes by SUV car and writes something on the wall. ‘

After receiving this kind of information, when the police discovered CCTV footage, Ketan Shah appeared in that video only at the stated time. Now the police had got enough evidence. In the inquiry, Ketan admitted that he had written all these messages only. He said, ‘I love the girl. When I came to know that my messages are being followed, then I wrote the names of other girls to confuse the police. ‘

Vikas Barala, Haryana BJP Chief Son Who Was Booked For Stalking, Arrested

The main accused in the Chandigarh stalking case, Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, was on Wednesday arrested by the Chandigarh police after questioning. After being summoned in the case, Vikas appeared before the police in the afternoon amid tight security. Vikas is accused of stalking and attempting to abduct a senior IAS officer’s daughter, Varnika Kundu. Addressing a press conference minutes before his son reached the police station, Subhash told reporters that police should take appropriate action against Vikas if he is named in the FIR.
“If my son is named in this FIR, then the law should take its course. I say that the police should take appropriate action,” he said. After speaking to the press for a few minutes, he left the conference to speak to his son.

4:05 pm: Chandigarh DGP Tajender Singh Luthra tells ANI “accused Vikas Barala’s friend Ashish also being interrogated”.

3:45 pm: Chandigarh police arrest Vikas Barala after minutes of questioning. He had appeared before the police after being summoned in the stalking case.

3.30 pm: The father of a Chandigarh-based woman, who has filed a police complaint against the Haryana BJP chief’s son for allegedly stalking her, today said there “was no instance yet” of any pressure from the family of the accused.

The woman’s father, who is an IAS officer, expressed hope that they would get justice even as he said it was going to be a “protracted battle”.
“The struggle is going to be not of just these few days, though these few days are going to be critical from the point of view of an investigation,” he told media persons here.

3.00 pm: While addressing the press, Subhash had said he had summoned his son, Vikas, to Chandigarh on learning that he had been summoned by the police in relation to the case.

2.50 pm: Addressing the press, Subhash Barala says Varnika is like a daughter to him. He adds that the police investigation into allegations against his son has not been influenced. “If my son is named in this FIR, then the law should take its course. I say that the police should take appropriate action,” he tells reporters

Why Is Bollywood Promoting Stalking And Harassment In The Name Of Love?

The latest song “Hans Mat Pagli” from Akshay’s upcoming movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ is basically a video where Akshay’s character is stalking Bhumi’s character in the movie.

Several scenes in the song are where we can see Akshay’s stalking behavior as he’s following Bhumi’s character everywhere.

He just doesn’t stalk her; he also takes photos of her without her consent.

Well, the creepiest part of the video is when he hides in a tree to take photos of her, while Bhumi has no idea that she’s being stalked.

The heroine clearly didn’t like the stalking behavior of the hero but the hero never quits.

And all this is okay because in Bollywood it’s alright to approach the woman this way.

Check out the creepy song: