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Know some interesting facts about Sonia Gandhi – Birthday Special

Former party chief Sonia Gandhi was born on 9th December 1946 in a small village near Vicenza, Itlay. After her primary education at local schools, she moved to Cambridge for higher education. Where he met former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and both fell in love with each other. After a successful love relationship, Sonia married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968. Sonia Gandhi has two children Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Post Marriage Sonia took Indian citizenship and became an important member of Nehru Family. After marriage, she began to live with her mother-in-law, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Sonia never enjoyed a public sphere of politics but the time and her future were destined to drag her to the politics. One after the other assassination of her family member constrained her to join politics. First her mother in law and then her husband. Sonia’s husband was assassinated in 1991 but she joined politics seven years post her husband died. In 1998, Sonia became the president of Indian National Congress. She never took an active participation in politics as she never wished to become the Prime Minister of India. During the Manmohan Singh term from 2004 to 2014, she supported the party from background score.

In 2017, She resigned from the President Post of the party and then Rahul Gandhi was elected as a new Party President. Despite being criticized for Bofors scandal and National Herald case. She has given this country some very important rights and schemes like Right to Information, Food Security Bill and MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act).

Sonia Gandhi vacationing in Goa is a rarest sight you’ll see today.

While Rahul Gandhi gives speech as congress turns 133 years today, Ritesh Deshmukh has posted a picture of Sonia Gandhi cycling in Goa. Sonia Gandhi has retired from the post of Congress party’s president, he has passed this family chair to his son Rahul Gandhi. It seems Sonia has had enough of politics and needed a vacation to rejuvenate and come back stronger in 2019. Rahul has also made a trip or two for the same reason in last few years.

May be Rahul insisted her mother to take a break from hectic schedule and chill for a while!

Twitteratti’s are thanking Sonia Gandhi. Click here to know why!

Sonia Gandhi has given Rahul Gandhi the charge of Congress. While the congress members are thanking her of the things she did for the party, some people have unique ways to thank her, here are few weirdly thankful tweets.

1. That must’ve hurt –

2. Ache din for Congress –

3. Finally!

4. Harsh!

5 – Not a humble way to thank someone –

Congress celebrates ‘ACCHE DIN’ as Rahul takes charge

Since 1885 when Congress was formed, it’s a very important day for Congress Party today as Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi files his nominations for the post of Congress President.
Paving the way for his much-awaited elevation and setting the stage for a contest against PM Narendra Modi ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Current Congress chief and his mother Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are among the proposers for his candidature.
Rahul’s big moment has been shadowed by a rebellion of sorts from Maharashtra Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla, who says the elections are “rigged”. “Congress had “o place for Shehzad, but for Shehzada (prince),” he says.

Manmohan Singh, Ahmed Patel, Sheila Dikshit, Jitin Prasada, V Narayanasamy, Mohsina Kidwai, Siddaramaiah, Ashok Gehlot, Tarun Gogoi, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Jyotiraditya Scindia are present in the room and chatting, greeting with the soon-to-be Congress President, Rahul Gandhi.

With Rahul likely to be the only candidate in the fray, he could be declared the next Congress chief today itself, after the nominations have been scrutinised. Rahul will succeed his mother Sonia, who has held the post for almost two decades in a row.

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Sonia Gandhi’s SPG commando missing since September 3

In a rather unusual instance, a Special Protection Group (SPG) commando from Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s security team has gone missing since September 3, from the senior leader’s 10, Janpath Marg residence. Reportedly, the commando identified as Rakesh Kumar had reported on duty on the day he went missing, despite having an off on the given day.

Troubled with the suspicious circumstances under which the commando went missing, the Tuglaq Road police has started a probe into the matter and are conducting search operation. However, police have confirmed that the 31-year-old SPG commando has left his service revolver and mobile phone behind.

Initial investigation suggests that apart from reporting on duty on September 1, Rakesh had also met his SPG colleagues at Sonia Gandhi’s residence and had left the premise at around 11 am. His family, which stays at a rented accommodation in Dwarka, couldn’t reach him as Rakesh was not even carrying his mobile phone. And with no contact with Rakesh for 48 hours, his family contacted senior authorities. However, during police enquiry, the family ruled out any possibility of the commando’s enmity or feud with anyone.

Under the 1988 act of the Parliament, the SPG commandos are provided to the Prime Minister, former Prime Minister and their immediate kin. The special commandos, taken from the Central Armed Police Force and Railway Protection Force are usually equipped with the best weapons like FN Herstal (assault rifle), Glock Pistol and FN Herstal (P90)

Here’s how internet is celebrating Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi’s 70th Birthday

On 9th December 1946 a leader was born, a leader who had shaken-up the Indian politics to the core. A leader who has been in politics for more than a decade; She is none other than INC chief Sonia Gandhi. As 9th December marks the birthday of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, internet has its own style of wishing her birthday. Birthday is the thing that even brings foes close to you. That’s why P.M Narendra Modi had wished her on twitter praying for her a long life. And that’s not all; scroll down for the tweets that are on internet on her birthday.

Not always internet is generous to everyone. Here are some hilarious tweets that are making its round on twitter

On an end note, team NLC wishes Sonia Gandhi a happy birthday.

When you think in English and speak in Hindi, you end up saying words like ‘Khoon ki Dalali’ and ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’.

Rahul Gandhi seems to be a slow learner or not one at all. He has not learnt a bit from the humongous mistake committed by his mother Sonia Gandhi in the run up to the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, as evident from all the mistakes he, his mother and his party men have subsequently made over the years.

On Monday, he found his own ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ moment against Narendra Modi. It’s a ‘believe it or not’ kind of a statement: Prime Minister Modi is doing ‘Khoon Ki Dalaali’ (pimping or brokering) over the blood of Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in the terror attacks in Kashmir.

If he remembered what he previously said on Surgical Strike, he probably wouldn’t have said what he said on his landing in Delhi after concluding his month-long campaign for upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Consider what Rahul Gandhi said on surgical strike: “Aap (Modi) kya kar rahe ho. Hame jo jawan hain, hamare jo jawan hain, jinhone apna khoon diya hai, Kashmir me khoon diya hai, jinhone Hindustan ke liye surgical strike kiya aap unke khoon ke piche chupe hue ho unki dalali kar rahe ho. Yeh bilkul galat hai.”

Don’t blame him, though, he probably would have had made his speech in English, and definitely didn’t want to call PM Modi a pimp, but due to some circumstances he had to speak it in Hindi. And, that’s why it all went wrong. To be fair it’s not a first time that he made such remarks, in fact, Raga has a long history to say weird things.

For Example, he said on record about Amul women workers: “Gujarat ko AMUL kisne diya? Gujarat ko dhood kisne diya, Ye jo Aurate yaha kinare khadi hai unhone diya, unhone Gujarat ko dhood diya”

or when asked about Congress Party environment since he became Vice- President, he answered- “Aaj sabko maza aa rha hai, party me mahilaye mujhese kahti hai, jabse aap aaye hai bahut maza aa rha hai, Mai ye maza sabko dena chahta hu” .

In both the case, the statements wouldn’t came out as bad as it sounds. So, please next time reporters don’t use Hindi language when you are asking questions to Raga, you can try Italian though!

On a serious note, Rahul’s Kisan Yatra began with the news of khat loot and ended with khoon ki dalali, making big headlines but all for the wrong reasons.

BY: Saket Sharma.