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Waking up early adds Asset to your life or Liability – Know Here

Every successful man in his world understands the importance of time. This is the only reason they wake up early. Waking up early morning gives more energy, enthusiasm and productiveness. The early risers are always one step ahead of the crowd because they have more time for planning, strategizing thing and getting organized.

A morning routine that leads to productivity is, in fact, a science that you can implement in your own life. But is there a right way to have a productive morning? After analyzing the advice, it became clear that there are a few important elements that many successful people include as a part of their day to have a productive morning.

Let’s have a look at most successful people of the world about what they do first after they get up.

Here is how, India’s richest person, Mukesh Ambani wakes up between 5 to 5:30 AM every morning. He works out in the gym located on the second floor of Antilia. This also includes swimming followed by reading a couple of newspapers.

Routinely, Ratan Tata attends the meetings of various companies of TATA Sons starting from 6 am, and in the weekends he either drives his cars or his own Falcon private jet early in the morning.

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi is appreciated for his work around the globe. Even at the age of 67, the prime minister of India wakes up by 5 am. He performs pranayama, sun salutation, and yoga.

The much celebrated Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, who is often ranked among the world’s 100 most powerful women, is a light sleeper. She gets up at 4.30 a.m. and is not exactly an early sleeper either.

The new CEO of Google, a company that the world practically runs on, Sunder Pichai is an early riser. Waking up between 6:30 and 7:00 am, his morning rituals include reading an actual newspaper, not a virtual news trolling on his search engine.

Amitabh Bachchan who needs no introduction and seems to get better with age is disciplined when it comes to fitness and every other aspect of life. His day begins at around 5:00 am and he works out for more than an hour.  He hits the gym every morning

Let’s dive into the details of these great productive morning routine habits, and how successful people get them to stick day in, day out.

1) Glass of Water

When we sleep, our bodies get dehydrated. If you drink a glass of water in the morning, Your body will be replenished and the loss of water in your body during sleep will be feel refreshed. It’s a super easy and tiny thing you can do to wake up your body in the morning to get a good start on the day. I mean, it really can’t get any easier to improve your morning routine. Water is always a great idea!

2) Meditations

A positive mindset is invaluable when it comes to productivity, so meditating before work is a great way to get focused. It’s the perfect way to improve your morning routine, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Once you practice meditation for a while, you’ll feel the difference and wonder

3) Write it down 3 task

Before you jump into your day, write down three tasks that will feel good to accomplish that day. For example, you could write exercise, send an important email, and grocery shop as your three tasks. Try to gear your day to accomplish those three things. When you are gearing down to go to bed, you can look at those three tasks in your planner and feel satisfied knowing that you knocked them out.

4) Do whatever you love

Spend a half hour every morning doing something you simply love. Whether you are a fiction writer, artist, avid bird watcher, or baseball enthusiast, you can take time each day to learn something new or hone your skills.

5) Eat healthy breakfast

Eating breakfast refuels your body, enhances your mood, improves your concentration, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and is the foundation of a healthy diet. Eating a healthy breakfast can be quick and easy, and provide you with benefits that last the entire day.


This Woman Athlete Is Giving Chills To The Her Male Counterpart As She Runs For 800m With 5 Months Pregnant

Usain Bolt, Tyson Gray, Asafa Powell, Maurice Greene what these names have in common? Yes! You guessed it right; they are the world’s fastest sprinters who had broken the world record. But there’s a name that many of you might don’t know, Alysia Montaño. A woman athlete who ran 800m, a short distance and what’s special about that, you ask? Well, what if we tell you that she achieved this foot while she was five months pregnant with her second born child. Mind blown? Well, it should be.

The seven times U.S Champion enjoyed the camera attention when pictures of her running the race circulated this weekend.

It’s not the first time she showed as how it’s done. In 2014, Alysia Montaño ran for the same distance while she was eight months pregnant with her first born Linnea. While many cheered for her and were super excited for her, many seemed to be concerned about the health of the baby.

The first time when voices were raised about the child’s safety, Alysia Montaño said on Instagram “There was a stigma around pregnant women exercising. She posted a picture of something she said back then and which she wished to repeat.”

3 years after I ran the 2014 USA Nationals at 8months pregnant I want to echo the same message after my run at the same event this passed week, this time pregnant with my second at 5months pregnant. My intention is to inform and to empower. Much Love ❤️ PHOTO from: 2014 USA Nationals (8months pregnant with my daughter Linnéa, who was born at 7lbs 15ounces 19.5 inches on August 15,2014 after a full 40 weeks of gestation, happy and healthy!) ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #health #fitness #fit #fitmom #fitnessaddict #missflower #fitspo #workout #momlife #cardio #gym #fanvee #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #fitmomsofig #determination #wshhfitness #fitfam #fitmominprogress #exercise #noexcuses #Run #Running @fitpregnancy @healthy.pregnancy @pregnancyworkout #igfitmoms

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Fitness expert Holly Perkins also posted a picture of the athlete, and explained in the post it was healthy for Montaño to run while pregnant. She said it was only important for women to consult with their doctors to make sure what is healthy for individual. Montaño reposted the image for her own followers too.

Alysia Montano races in the 800 meters at the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships while 5 months pregnant. YES, it is perfectly safe to be active during pregnancy. In fact, every single client of mine who worked with me through her pregnancy reports that without question, every aspect of her experience was better because she stayed active. YES, each pregnancy is different, and each woman needs to make this decision for herself, with her doctor. The ACOG official position statement on pregnancy and exercise says: "Physical activity during pregnancy has minimal risks and has been shown to benefit most women, although some modification to exercise routines may be necessary because of the normal anatomic and physiologic changes and fetal requirements." Therfore, WAY TO GO @alysiamontano and @emilyskyefit for being amazing inspirations. #womensstrengthnation Big thanks to 📷 @jeffcohenphoto for this amazing moment. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #strength #gym #workout #exercise #fitnessaddict #fit #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #girlsthatlift #bodybuilding #fitgirls #healthy #instafit #GirlsWithMuscles #Women #squat #deadlift

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We wish her to go many more miles before she gives up.

Scientists claims every hour of running gives you an extra 7 hour of life

Health is wealth is one of the famous proverbs which we all have listened. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. No one can deny this fact if we are not healthy there will be no happiness, no peace and no success. A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy.

Health is more valuable than money. Money cannot buy health and happiness.

There are several exercises to keep you healthy, among them running is the most productive exercise.

Every hour you run, it extends your life span by seven hours, a new study has revealed.

Scientists say that running just one hour a week is the most effective exercise to increase life expectancy.

The researchers have claimed no matter how many miles or how fast you run, but for those who take this advice to heart and run regularly, they say you can extend your life span by up to three years.

The study, conducted at Iowa State University, reanalyzed data from The Cooper Institute, in Texas, and also examined results from a number of other recent studies that looked at the link between exercise and mortality.

Scientists found at whatever pace or mileage a person run, his risk of premature death dropped by 40 percent when he or she took up running.

How does running on a treadmill compare to running outside? Is one easier than the other?

It’s a common question and despite conflicting opinions, scientific research has shown that running on the treadmill is roughly the same as running outside if you make a few simple adjustments.
In fact, there are some types of workouts you can do better on a treadmill than you can outside.
However, running on a treadmill does have its disadvantages, and for some runners, a mile on the “hamster wheel” feels like ten miles outdoors.

We need to find out if running outside is better for us than running on a treadmill, or is it the other way around?
On one hand, with a treadmill, the belt is moving under you and there is no wind resistance for your body to counter, so it should be easier to run.

Theoretically, you could jump up and down on a treadmill and it would record that you’re running at whatever speed the belt is moving.

Outside, your legs have to propel your motion forward while pushing through the resulting wind resistance (however minor it may be).

Luckily, scientific research has proven that setting the treadmill to a 1% grade accurately reflects the energy costs and simulates outdoor running.

Therefore, by setting the treadmill to a 1% grade, you can offset the lack of wind resistance and the belt moving under you to make treadmill running the same effort as running outdoors.

Corroborating research has shown that VO2 max is the same when running on a treadmill compared to outside, clearly demonstrating that running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside.

Furthermore, research reveals that bio-mechanical patterns did not change when test subjects ran on a treadmill versus when they ran outside.

This baby Lizard being chased by thousands of snake is giving people nightmares, watch it here.

After watching this video we are sure you will respect lizards more in your life. We are saying this because BBC owned Planet Earth 2 channel featured an absolutely mind-blowing battle between baby iguanas (type of lizard) and gangs of race snakes.

Scenes showing incredibly fast-moving snakes chasing down innocent iguanas, who’d just emerged from their birthing place under beach pebbles, left viewers on the edges of their seats last night.

Most babies were shown to be killed by up to a dozen predators at a time as they raced to join their mums and dads by the sea, and viewers compared the nail-biting animal chases to scenes from an ‘action movie’. It is masala Bollywood flick, where hero survived even after thousands of goons attacked him.

The lizard gets a congratulatory kiss for surviving at last.

Warning: Don’t watch the video alone.

There is a new anthem for fitness!

‘Da Da Ding’ is more than a tune, it is the new campaign of Nike which features sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football. This ad features women athletes around our country and has a touch of Deepika Padukone (a renowned badminton player herself) as well. This rough advertisement shows motivation, dedication and inspiration. Look out for the video yourself and get motivated!