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MP’s in Rajya Sabha are hustling over 10 per cent bill for EWS – Bill on hold

MP’s in Rajya Sabha are only hustling, 10 per cent bill for EWS not passed yet

After 12 o’clock, the proceedings of the state board started again. The Constitution Amendment Bill providing ten per cent reservation to economically backward sections (EWS) in the General category has been tabled in the Rajya Sabha amidst. The legislation, namely the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, 2019 facilitates reservation for EWS people in the upper caste in the direct government recruitments and admission in higher educational institutions.  The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Moving the bill, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot said it will uplift the poor of the nation and the decision has been taken after thorough consideration. He said it aims at economic and educational upliftment of weaker sections among the Upper Castes. He rejected the allegation that the bill has been brought in a hurry, saying it was a long pending demand and government wants to deliver justice to the weaker section of society.

 Right after the Mr Gehlot introduced the bill, Kanimohzi of DMK objected it, demanding the legislation to be authenticated by the Select Committee. While the Minister was making introductory statements on the bill, Congress and some other Opposition members were against the 10 per cent (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Amid the chaos, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said Home Minister Rajnath Singh will make a statement on the bill at 2pm. He accused the Congress of stalling the Reservation bill indirectly due to technical grounds.

To this, Anand Sharma of Congress clarified that his party is in favour of the bill, but the government should state the reason behind its introduction after 4 and a half years of being in power. He alleged that the intention is to gain political profit to grab votes.

Initiating the discussion on the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said, the party understands the sentiments of crores of people to benefit from the legislation unlike the Congress. He accused the Congress of trying to stall the bill even as it supported its passing in the Lok Sabha.

As noisy scenes continued, Deputy Chairman Harivansh adjourned the House till 2 PM.

The proceedings of the House began at 2:00 PM. While debating the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said that people close to the general category often talk about when reservation will be received. I want to congratulate Narendra Modi who comes from a backward society & a tea seller family. who brought this bill. He challenged Rahul Gandhi and challenged why Rahul, who speaks on Rafal, does not speak on this bill.

Anand Sharma objected to Prabhat Jha for taking Rahul Gandhi’s name in the Rajya Sabha. He said that the criticisms of the members of the second house cannot be permitted in the Rajya Sabha. Whatever Prabhat Jha said about Rahul Gandhi, he should be removed from the proceedings of the House with an immediate effect. The deputy speaker responded to Anand Sharma plea and said that if there is such a rule then we will see.

Speaking on the bill, BJP MP Prabhat Jha said that Bill will benefit from 95% people of the country, does PM Modi not listen to the voice of 95% people. Only 5% of the families will be kept out of the priviledge of extracting the advantage from 10 per cent Reservation Bill. This bill is not the voice of youth. Congress will present liberal politics today. Congress will raise heart.

After that, Anand Sharma of Congress said that the country was shown to be fairly happy & healthy till 2014. He asked BJP, When will the good days come? The country is waiting for a good day. It is said that after the high tide there is low tide Our faith is in democracy. We support reservations. What happened was the bill that was immediately brought to the house. What has happening for 4 years and seven months. Why did the government bring a bill in the last session? From 5-0, they lost the series.  In a few months the government is going to go. After which CPM MP demanded postponement of discussion on reservation bill under rule 117. Deputy Speaker said that the Chairman has rejected this demand of MP and the discussion can not be terminated.

 Anand Sharma said that the Constitution will not fill the belly of the poor with the amendment, he will not get justice. He said that the promises made for the farmer, the promises made for the young man, what is happening to them? He said that when the government was to show up quickly, women would show it on the reservation bill, why the government did not come by this bill even after four years. For politics you have got three divorce bill (Teen Talak) but when will the rest women get justice? He said, “this government only seek for his personal profit. They have a better technique of deluding people with fake promises. He said that the Congress favoured this bill because we raised the voice of justice for social equality and especially the upper castes. We support this bill.

Samajwadi Party’s Ram Gopal Yadav also questioned the timings of the government bringing the bill. He said that the target of this bill is 2019 elections. If you had honesty in your heart then this bill could have come two to four years ago. This gives people the benefit. Yadav said that this bill is against the big bench of the Supreme Court and the court can also uphold it. He said that there are no jobs in this, and after this, a few later reservations will also become meaningless. Yadav said that the government should also arrange reservations in the private sector as the government is working on contracts in the sector, jobs are continuously decreasing.

AIADMK MP Navnitakrishnan opposed the 10 per cent reservation bill. He said that Tamil Nadu will be the biggest loss from this bill. He said that there is no constitutional assembly of Parliament and neither does it have such power, I am not saying that the Supreme Court has said. He said that his humble request is just that and which is also clear from the decisions of the Supreme Court that Parliament or any law can not change the basic structure of the Constitution. He further said that on this basis, this bill will also be challenged in the Supreme Court and it will be released from the Supreme Court. The Constitution is always above the Parliament and its high position should be maintained. 69 per cent reservation is applicable in Tamil Nadu and this extra 10 per cent reservation will be violated. In addition, it will also challenge the basic structure of the Constitution. Applying 10 per cent reservation without data will be a violation of the basic rights of the people. After presenting his view, he walked out of the house.

Amit Shah slams Congress leaders during Debut Speech in Upper house

 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah, who recently entered the Rajya Sabha as a first-time Member of Parliament, on Monday delivered his maiden speech in the upper house.

Speaking in the House with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in attendance, Shah said most of the NDA government’s time in power has got wasted in undoing the wrongs committed by the previous Congress-led UPA government.

“Sarkaar ne jab kaam-kaaj sambhala, tab sarkaar ke paas virasat me kya tha? Jis prakaar ka gaddha tha, wo gaddha bharne mein hi sarkaar ka bahut saara samay gaya hai aur gaddha bharne ke baad in uplabhdhiyon ko ek alag najariye se dekhein (When the government took charge, what did it get in legacy? The kind of ditch it was, most of the government’s time went in filling that ditch. So, government’s achievements should be looked at in that context),” Shah said in Rajya Sabha.

He also sought to reject the claim that the Modi government was arrogant. “For the first time after Independence, a non-Congress party was given mandate by the public and it was BJP government led by PM Modi. In spite of getting the absolute majority, we formed the government with NDA members,” the BJP president said.

Hitting out at Congress leader and former finance minister P Chidambaram’s Pakoda jibe, Shah said: “Abhi mai Chidambaram sahab ka tweet padh raha tha ki ‘mudra bank ke saath kisi ne pakode ka thela laga diya, isko rozgari kehte hain?’ Haan main maanta hu ki bheekh maangne se to accha hai ki koi mazdoori kar raha hai. Uski dusri pidhi aage aayegi to udyogpati banegi (I was reading Chidambaram’s tweet in which he said ‘somebody put up a pakoda stall near Mudra bank, is this called employment?’ I agree it is better to run a stall than beg on the streets. Their coming generation will become industrialist).”

Lauding PM Modi’s achievements, Shah said, “Chai waale ka beta aaj Pradhan Mantri bankar is sadan me baitha hai (A tea-seller’s son is sitting in Parliament as prime minister).”

The BJP president further described the Modi government’s move to provide free health insurance to around 50 crore people as unprecedented and courageous.

“Nowhere in the world has any government shown the courage to provide Rs 5 lakh health insurance to 50 crore people free of cost. That is why, ‘Ayushman Bharat’ will be known by the name of ‘Namo healthcare’,” Shah said.

On Goods and Services Tax (GST), he refuted claims that the BJP had opposed it. “BJP never opposed GST, it had only opposed its implementation. UPA had conceptualised GST. States suffered due to lowering of cess. UPA was supposed to compensate but it was NDA which compensated Rs 37,000 crores,” Shah stated.

He also hit out at Rahul Gandhi for calling GST, Gabbar Singh Tax. “The decision to introduce GST was unanimous. And what was it called? Gabbar Singh Tax! Who is Gabbar Singh? He was a dacoit in ‘Sholay’ film. Does a tax brought in legally called dacoity?” he asked.

Counting surgical strikes in PoK as a “historic moment”, the BJP president said “the world started seeing India differently afterwards. They realised that after America and Israel, India is the only country which can protect its soldiers and Army.”


Inputs: TimesNow

Highlights of 2018: Budget Session of Parliament

The first leg of the budget session of the Parliament begins on January 29 and will go on until February 9. The Economic Survey is presented today and the Union Budget will be presented on February 1. The second leg of the session will run from March 5 to April 6.

The all-party meeting was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union ministers Rajnath SinghArun Jaitley and Ananth Kumar, besides leaders of the opposition and other parties.

Here are the highlights of the 1st session:

  • Baba Saheb Ambedkar had said that without economic and social democracy, political democracy is unstable: President Kovind
  • We will realise the dream of ‘New India’ in 2018, says President Kovind.
  • It is our duty to make our country completely clean by the time we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary in 2019: President Ram Nath Kovind
  • President Kovind highlights the actions undertaken by the government, including approving a bill granting working woman paid maternity leave for 26 weeks.
  • The government is committed to double the income of farmers by the year 2022: President
  • 2.70 lakh Common Service Centres have been set up across the nation. These centres provide digital services at low rates, even in the far-off remote areas: President Ram Nath Kovind
  • I hope the Triple Talaq Bill will be passed soon so that Muslim women can live a life of dignity and without fear: President
  • To bring everyone closer to development, work under ‘Pradhanmantri Gram Sadak Yojana’ is being done speedily. In 2014 only 56% villages were connected by roads, today more than 82% villages have road connectivity with the majority being in remote areas: President Kovind
  • Empowerment, and not appeasement of minorities, is our government’s mantra: President
  • It is a matter of pride for us that UNESCO recognised Kumbh Mela as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’, says the President of India
  • The government has increased minimum wage of labourers by more than 40 percent: President Ram Nath Kovind
  • With help of Aadhaar, facilities are reaching poor beneficiaries directly without involvement of middlemen, says the President.
  • There should be more discussion on simultaneous state and Lok Sabha elections: President Kovind
  • Our fight against corruption is continuing. In the past one year, registration of about 350,000 suspicious companies have been cancelled: President
  • I appreciate the soldiers and offer condolences to those who lost their lives in action. J&K Police, defence and paramilitary forces are working together to fight terrorism in J&K: President Ram Nath Kovind
  • “Under the ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, so far, about 31 crore bank accounts have been opened for the poor. Women have especially benefitted from the scheme with the percentage of savings bank accounts held by them going up to more than 40% from the earlier 28%.”

At the end of the session Economic survey records states that India’s economy to grow at 7-7.5 percent in 2018-19, from 6.75 2017-18. For now, Lok Sabha adjourned for the day; to meet on February 1 and Rajya Sabha is adjourned till February 1, 2018.


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Sachin Tendulkar, Unheard in Rajya Sabha, Takes Facebook to deliver speech

After cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was not able to deliver his maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, the Master Blaster took to social media platform Facebook on Friday with the message of ‘transforming India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation’.

In the 15-minute long video, Tendulkar talked about his vision of a healthy and a fit India. He went on to say that being a sportsperson, he would talk about sports, health and fitness, for it has a telling impact on India’s economy.

India – Sport playing nation

It is my endeavour to transform India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation. I urge you all to participate in this effort and help make my dream, our dream. Always remember, dreams do come true! Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Posted by Sachin Tendulkar on Friday, 22 December 2017

Sachin Tendulkar delivered his Parliament speech on Facebook reiterating his desire to transform India from being a sport-loving nation to a sport-playing nation. He spoke of how fitness must be the primary priority of a young and developing India and how playing an active sport would help the nation achieve its fitness goal.

Rajya Sabha member Sachin Tendulkar was supposed to make a rare speech in the Rajya Sabha, of which he is a nominated member, on Thursday. But shouting Congress MPs drowned him out. So the cricket legend delivered his Parliament speech on Facebook Live on Friday, saying, “There were things that I wanted to say yesterday but couldn’t.”

Tendulkar also appreciated the North-East of India for its sporting culture. “The North-East of India, which has only 4 percent population of India, has a vibrant sporting culture,” he said.

On Thursday, Sachin Tendulkar stood for almost 10 minutes in the Upper House of Parliament, waiting to make his speech. Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, who is also chairman of the Rajya Sabha, asked the Congress’ protesting lawmakers to sit down and listen to what the cricketer had to say, but to no avail.

‘Energy Watchdog’ files PIL against BJP members on PSU boards

Energy Watchdog, a society for consumer protection in the energy sector has objected the selection of Shashi Shanker as the CMD and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra in the post of non-official director of Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

Moving the Delhi High Court the petition was filed through advocate Prashant Bhushan opposing the recent appointments.

The two appointments were made in September 2017. The petition stated Sambit Patra, the official National Spokesperson of the ruling Party BJP at the Centre is operative in politics. The same can be seen on television screens in routine defending his party’s position on various matters. Being related to BJP promoter, his performance will be suspicious as an Independent Director.

This was in violation of Section 149(6) of the Companies Act 2013 and his name did not qualify the data bank’s eligible person willing to act as independent director.

Under pressure of the Central Government, the PIL claimed, ONGC has bought 80 percent equity stake for Rs 7,758 crore in the controversial project established by Gujarat State Govt-owned company GSPC.

The mentioned State is also ruled by the Political Party, BJP wherein Patra belongs.

The appointment of Shashi Shanker as the CMD has raised several questions on his blemished past incidents wherein 2015, the division of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas suspended him stating that he has committed gross misconduct.

Sachin Tendulkar And Rekha Are “Eid-Ka-Chand” In Rajya Sabha

Being a nominated member of Rajya  Sabha is in itself considered as a pride and honour for any person in the country; while there are some who is mocking the system for the same. Ramesh Kumar Tendulkar aka Sachin Tendulkar may be the god of cricket on the cricket pitch but lacks miserably in the attendance sheet of the Rajya Sabha.

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the 12 nominated members of the upper house of Parliament, has a mere 6.6 percent of attendance making him the second lowest among all the members. As on March 31, 2017, Sachin attended 23 of the 348 sessions since his nomination in 2012. Sachin has asked 22 questions in all but has never attended a single debate.

 If it comes as any consolation to Sachin, he has attended five days more in comparison with Bollywood actress and nominated MP Rekha. She was also nominated in 2012 but has attended only 18 of the 348 days. Rekha’s attendance in the Rajya Sabha stands at a disheartening 5.17 percent. What is worse? She has never asked a single question and neither has she ever participated in any debate.

 The data reveals that Sachin has recommended works worth Rs 21.19 crore from his MPLADS funds while Rekha has recommended work worth Rs 9.28 crore.

However, when it comes to expenditures Rekha tops the list with a staggering expenditure of Rs 3.6 lakh per day. Sachin’s expenditure stands at Rs 2.56 lakh per day. While it is common notion that those MPs who attend Parliament cost more to the exchequer, in Rekha’s case it is quite the opposite.

There’s exactly no sessions in this ‘Winter Session of Parliament’, whom you blame BJP, Cong?

This ‘winter session’ is a disappointment for not only LK Advani but for all 125 crore Indians.

When a senior leader of BJP Mr. LK Advani spoke out of despair ‘I Feel like resigning’, the same feelings were running in the minds of 125 crore Indians who were hoping for something productive from the leaders they have chosen to do some good for the country. Much to the disappointment, the session turns out to be a complete failure and ‘Adjournment’ was actually the only word that surrounds the halls of lower and upper houses.

The session where Government and Opposition need to clear policies for General Sales and Entertainment Tax (GST) the policy before the arrival of PM Modi’s ‘Demonetisation Issues’ which touted as Brahmastra for Government. The same GST bill which PM Modi-led government wanted to clear way back in April 2016 now thrown in the backburner as super defensive government and over offensive oppositions were busy in ‘Demonetisation’ rants and forgets the ethical structures of Lower and Uppers which our past leaders created for the betterment of the economy.

A report published by news website Firstpost suggests that this will be the least productive session since 2010. At this stage, it is doubtful whether the GST will be able to honour the April deadline. The grand indirect tax reform is already delayed by a year since the Modi government took over charge. Originally, this government wanted to introduce GST in April 2016. The continuing delays after announcing a date will not augur well for the investor community, international rating agencies and other economy watchers.

What next? A constitutional amendment the government managed last year gives it time till September next year to introduce the new regime. By then, the government will have to regain political consensus and might even need to take another look at the agreed four-slab rate structure. It doesn’t sound like a smooth task in the changed political environment.

The amount of time ‘Session’ runs in Parliament.

The Lok Sabha, where the NDA enjoys a brute majority with more than 330 parliamentarians, has managed to pass two bills this session. The Rajya Sabha, where the NDA is in a minority, passed a single legislation.

The Lower House has been able to use 15% of the allotted time, against the Rajya Sabha’s 19%. This is a sharp fall from the previous session in which the two Houses spent 101% and 96% of their time

Going by the data, let’s count the time Delhi University made it compulsory for their students to attend lectures.

According to Delhi University rules, a student must have a minimum of 66.53 per cent attendance to be eligible for appearing in semester-end exams. This 66.53 percent decides whether or not the student gets enough knowledge about the subject. What has changed here is that the class which supposed to make a student knowledge improver hasn’t been able to put a proper class for him.

With members of both the ruling party and the Opposition shouting down each other every time when they rise to speak on the issue, the public representatives have made a complete mockery of the Parliament and the high values democracy offers to citizens, which gives a sense to the observer that neither side cared about the concerns of the general public who would have looked to the House for clarity on the issue, instead of a meaningless ruckus. There is no better phrase than ‘high political drama’ to describe both the BJP and Congress accusing each other of not letting them speak on demonetisation. It appears neither side actually wanted a productive discussion on the issue.
Both the ruling party and Opposition are to shame the blame equally for the miserable failure of the Winter Session.
Given that demonetisation is something personally announced and endorsed by Modi himself and the vast impact it had on common lives, the prime minister can’t deny the moral responsibility to speak about the government action. It is his stubbornness not to speak on the issue that irked the Opposition parties more.

“There was absolutely no reason for PM Modi to not talk about ‘Demonetisation’ issue in the Parliament”

As against this, Opposition parties, led by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi too failed miserably to bring the government for a face-to-face discussion exerting the political pressure. Beyond optics and headline-making statements, Gandhi, the leader of the largest Opposition party, couldn’t even once engage with the opposition on the demonetisation issue in the House and failed to ask the right questions. The Opposition parties have now been reduced to a group making noises and wasting the precious time of Parliament, instead of engaging with the ruling party with constructive criticism and clever political moves. And, this opens the way of PM Modi to cry foul in front of people about the opposition and he swiftly dodges all the important questions in the process.

The important questions were left unanswered, the opposition failed to play the part strong, senior leaders showing despair on the conditions and government is busy dodging the unanswerable bullets, at last, this parliament session was the complete washout and a disappointment for 125 crore leaders. Hope next budget session would be an improvement over this fiasco.

BY: Saket Sharma

It’s High Time To Ban Skin Care Products For Their False Promises!

A demand for banning the advertisements of fairness creams was made in the Rajya Sabha today, with members saying such products and their publicity were demeaning for women (and for men too, but that’s not the point!)
Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Viplove Thakur (Cong) said “advertisements of products like Fair & Lovely and Ponds face creams are demeaning for women, such advertisements should be stopped and government should order full ban on the advertisement”. Current government can do it easily after all govt. like banning things so much, #PornBan, #BeefBan remember?


Asking whether these products were actually tested by the concerned agencies before they hit the market, Thakur asked the government to take note of the “false promises” being made through these advertisements.First of all, a big shout out to Mr. Viplove Thakur, you deserve it sir good job! , It’s so true TV adverts make false promises. The best example is those of fairness creams and skin whitening products. A typical ad shows that a girl changed her skin color from dark to white within a week after using a certain fairness cream. A young girl was worried because of her dark skin. She used a skin whitening cream, which changed her dark color to white. After that, she is shown as a bride, wearing too much gold jewellery on her wedding day. A girl uses a skin whitening product and suddenly everybody starts noticing her. Is it possible that one can change her/his skin tone using a
skin fairness product? Certainly not!

Take this new Yami Gautam skincare product Ad for an example, where a girl gets her confidence back because Yami insists her to change fairness cream, what? And suddenly everything seems to be back on track for the girl, one word for you Yami ‘Bizzare’. And what’s the obsession with being white, you are perfect the way you look and that’s important for everyone to know. In 2013 actress Nandita Das spearheaded an online campaign called ‘Dark is Beautiful’. It was a movement against fairness products and the racial premise upon which they thrive. That campaign generated a huge response. We need more public interest movements like that. Celebs should also come and join these types of movements, after all they are the reason this false advertisements are so popular at first place.

Women Are Not For Your Entertainment, Khabardar! Sulli Par Chada Denge.

By: Saket Sharma

‘Khabardar sulli pe chadadenge’ (Beware you will be hanged), ‘Aurate entertainment ke liye nhi hai’ (women’s are not for entertainment), Hum Bachhe paida krne ki machine nhi hai ‘ We are not a machine for making babies’. These are the words which aimed towards Lok Sabha speaker after the issue of BJP State Vice President Daya Shankar Singh remarks against BSP Supremo Mayawati were brought on the house.


Initially BJP Rajnath Singh tried to calm down the atmoshphere but oppostions were no mood to settle down the issue and most of the opposite party members were in support of BSP Supremo and wants a strong action should be taken against the BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh.

Talking about the issues BJP Supremo Mayawati said- “al party leaders respect my dignity, they call me their sister, that’s why they don’t wanted me to see the clip where BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh made such derogratory remark towards me. The man used the language against his sister, his daughter because people treat me as daughter and sister. If BJP wants to move forward, they should first learn how to respects Dalits and women.
That man needs to be arrested,Inwhat right this man is speaking in this uncivilised manner,”Are we here to pay lip service?” says Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury.

DMK member Kanimozhi condemns the remarks, says it’s deplorable and unacceptable. Personal comments are used as weapons against women in public life, she says.
After seeing all around protest against his remark BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh apologized to Mayawati in an interview and said he respect her enough and i apologize for my remarks towards her.