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On the Rafale Deal, Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP, See how Arun Jaitley responded to RAGA’s allegations

On the Rafael Deal, Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP, See how Arun Jaitley responded to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

Once again in the Lok Sabha, there was a debate between the Government and the opposition on the Rafael airline deal. Like the last monsoon session of Parliament, in the current winter season, the Rafael deal has created the land of a political war between the Congress and the Modi Government. Congress has attacked the Modi government against on the Rafael airline deal.

What did Rahul Gandhi say in the Lok Sabha?

1) Hours before the debate was to start under a rule does not provide for voting, the Congress had upped the ante and released what it called, was a conversation of an unnamed individual with Goa Minister Vishwajit Rane. In this, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, the minister is heard claiming that Goa CM Manohar Parrikar told his cabinet colleagues that he had a file on Rafale “lying in his bedroom”. Randeep later told reporters that the tape is doctored and was a “desperate attempt” by the Congress. Rahul Gandhi sought permission to play this tape but did not agree to authenticate it, a requirement when a document is presented in parliament. In the pandemonium that followed, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan briefly adjourned the house.

 2) Even after saying this, He alleged that the Prime Minister himself cancelled France’s old deal of Rafael by going to France. After this, the contract with Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) was terminated and got the deal with Anil Ambani’s company. When Rahul Gandhi was taking the name of Anil Ambani, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan refused to do so. Sumitra Mahajan said that the person who is not a member of the parliament can not named the charge and take charge in the house. After this, Rahul Gandhi used code word ‘AA’ instead of the name of the company owner.

3) Rahul said, “There are new disclosures made on the issue related to the Rafael scam, but the Modi government has made a silence about this issue. The Prime Minister last long prolonged speech in this House but did not say a word on Rafael’s deal.

4) The Congress President said that initially, he thought about the deal, ‘there is some black in the dal’ but as the time passed and the layers attached to it became clear, it became clear that there is nothing black in the pulse but the whole The whole dal is black. ‘

5) Rahul Gandhi, while targeting the Modi government, said that this government changed the deal of 126 aircraft to 36. Rahul Gandhi also said why the list of requirements of Air Force was changed.

6) He called it a huge scam and said that it should be investigated by the Joint Committee of Parliament (JPC) so that ‘milk of milk and water of water’ can happen. He said that PM Modi is not only getting the finger on this deal but it is clear that he has made a big scandal in this deal. They have violated all rules related to defence procurement.

7) Rahul said that the Prime Minister said that Rafael is not raising any question in the matter, the country is asking him the questions directly.

8) Party President Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister does not have the courage to face questions (Rafael) in the Parliament.

9)Rahul Gandhi also asked why these aircraft have not come so far.

Arun Jaitley responding to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

1) On  the other hand, Arun Jaitley reversed Rahul Gandhi and said that it is the misfortune of the country that the leader of the old party does not know anything about the Rafale aircraft. Some families of the country understand the math of money, they have no connection with the security of their country. Attacking Congress on the Bofors and Herald, he said that the Congress had conspired. The conspirators of defense deals are blaming us today. Jaitley said that the Rafale aircraft are needed for the country so that the army can be strengthened.

2) Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, Arun Jaitley used ‘Q’, ‘Mrs. Gandhi’ and ‘R’ code in Parliament. Arun Jaitley said that when he was younger then why he was playing in the ‘Q’ lap, which is related to the Bofors scandal. At that time an email had said that ‘Q’ must definitely be avoided. After this, some bank accounts were also brought out by the name ‘Q’. Arun Jaitley said why the words ‘Mrs. Gandhi’, ‘R’, ‘Italian Lady’, ‘son of Italian Lady’ were used in that email. The Finance Minister said that from the National Herald case to the Augusta Westland case, the name of the same family came out.

3) The topic of party politics comes in JPC. In the Bofors case, the JPC had said that no bribe was given in it. Now they are demanding JPC to get a chance to form a case against a clean government. While interfering in discussions on the issue of the Rafael aircraft deal, Jaitley said, “This is a case in which from starting till end. whatever has been said, is completely false Arun Jaitley said.

4) Jaitley said that today they have brought a tape and are not confirming it because it is wrong. It is completely concocted. These things are wrong and flawed.

5)The Finance Minister said that on the basis of the deal that was done in 2016, the price of bare aircrafts was 9% lower than the cost of UPA and talked about arms with aircraft, it was also 20 compared to the UPA Percent was cheap.

6) Jaitley said that whether an industrial household has benefited. The Congress party is also unaware of the offset, it is sad. Offset means that if you deal with a foreigner then you have to buy some goods in your country. It is about buying 30-50% of the goods of Rafael in India.

7) The total offset of Rs. 29 thousand crore rupees and the charge of Rs. 1.30 lakh crore is being imposed. The offset is for the aircraft manufacturer.

8) HAL was seeking 2.7 times more time. The army was seeking the aircraft soon. In this regard, in 2016, at the current government level, the agreement was reached on better terms than UPA. The Finance Minister said that the Supreme Court was satisfied with the Rafale aircraft, but the Congress’ electoral need was not satisfied.

9) The whole process was followed during Rafael’s purchase There were 74 meetings of the contract negotiation committee, price negotiation committee etc. This information was given to the Supreme Court. After this, it went to the Defense Purchase Council and then the approval of Cabinet Committee on Security was taken.

10) Arun Jaitley said that he was asked why the Rafale aircraft has not come so far, let me tell them that the UPA had a compromise that the aircraft would be supplied after 11 years of the agreement.

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Instead of Bharat Mata ki Jai Modi should say Ambani ki Jai – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi recently in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan has made a statement that “Instead of Bharat Mata ki Jai Modi should say Ambani ki Jai, Mehul Choksy ki Jai, Neerav Modi ki Jai and Lalit Modi ki Jai. Rahul Gandhi while addressing the Jhunjhunu rally said that Modi talks a lot about the betterment of Motherland but what he does is that he works for the betterment of Ambani’s and Adani’s. He added that if he can wave-off 3,50,000 crores to the top 15 businessmen then why he is not waving-off the loan of farmers.

Rahul Gandhi also said that PM Modi never mentions Rafale deal during his speech because he knows that the public will shout ‘Chaukidar Chor Hai’. He further added India’s richest Industrialist marketed Narendra modi and made him Prime Minister and now he is clearing his dues by waving-off their loans.

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Lok Sabha Polls: Gambhir & Dhoni May Be BJP Candidates in 2019 LS Polls

Party is in talks with both cricketers to contest polls from their respective states.

Rahul Gandhi Kailash Yatra: Congress President Seeks To Silence Trolls Questioning On His Visit

Many on Twitter had questioned the authenticity of photos posted by Rahul wondering if they were taken by him or just results of a Google search of Mansarovar images.

When Congress President Rahul Gandhi posted pictures from his Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, several questioned if he was actually there as none of the pictures featured him. Busting theories of him not undertaking the yatra, pictures, and videos of the Congress chief have been released.

In the video, Rahul can be seen at a camp interacting with fellow pilgrims. He can also be seen in pictures with other people who are undertaking the yatra.



The photos that Rahul had posted of his visit had prompted Twitter to question the authenticity of them being taken during his yatra. Several questioned if it was just a result of a Google search of Mansarovar images.

They had questioned why Rahul did not post any selfies if he was actually present at Kailash Mansarovar. People had been asking him for ‘selfie’ evidence to prove that he was undertaking the yatra.

Posting a picture of Kailash Mansarovar, he had said on Twitter that there is no hatred there. “The waters of lake Mansarovar are so gentle, tranquil and calm. They give everything and lose nothing. Anyone can drink from them. There is no hatred here. This is why we worship these waters in India.” He added that a man goes to Kailash when it calls him.

His visit was earlier clouded in controversy over reports that he ate non-veg food before beginning the yatra. Local websites had quoted a waiter at a restaurant where he took a halt saying that Rahul had ordered Chicken Kurkure and momos before he embarked on the yatra.

However, the restaurant later came out in defence of the Congress chief and gave a statement to clear the air. The Vootoo restaurant said: “There has been plenty of inquiry from the media regarding the food ordered by Rahul Gandhi, President of Indian National Congress during his visit at Vootoo. We would like to clarify that he ordered pure veg items from the menu.”

Prooved: More than half of PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter followers are Fake


According to the Twitter Audit analysis, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi leads with the highest percentage of fake Twitter. He is followed close behind by BJP president Amit Shah, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and PM Modi

It means more than half the followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Twitter are fake, according to a study conducted by digital platform Twiplomacy.

Rahul Gandhi with the highest percentage of fake Twitter followers: 69 percent. He is closely followed by BJP president Amit Shah (67% of his Twitter followers are fake). PM Modi, the most followed Indian leader on Twitter, stands at number three (61 percent of his Twitter followers are fake).

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump’s percentage of fake followers is much lower than our Indian leaders – at 26 percent.

Input: TOI

The audits of several Indian accounts checked on the website were updated months ago. The time they were last audited is indicated in the graphic. The total number of current followers are as seen on on March 13.

The list also features Arun Jaitley, Arvind Kejriwal, Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh.

Twitteratti’s are thanking Sonia Gandhi. Click here to know why!

Sonia Gandhi has given Rahul Gandhi the charge of Congress. While the congress members are thanking her of the things she did for the party, some people have unique ways to thank her, here are few weirdly thankful tweets.

1. That must’ve hurt –

2. Ache din for Congress –

3. Finally!

4. Harsh!

5 – Not a humble way to thank someone –

No more a crown prince; Rahul Gandhi officially named as Congress Vice President

Ending the 19-year long, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Monday officially declared as the Party President. The announcement came amidst the Gujarat election where Rahul Gandhi is proving his mettle to take on the higher post.

Congress’ Central Election Authority (CEA) chairperson Mullapally Ramachandran announced Rahul Gandhi as the party president.

The party CEA also said that Gandhi will be taking over the party reigns from December 16, following the submission certificate at the All India Congress Committee office in Delhi.

The announcement came soon after the deadline to withdraw nomination papers ended at 3 pm on Monday.

From the beginning, the internal poll was a one-horse race with Gandhi being the only one to file the nomination, which was supported by 89 signatures.

The party which has ruled the country for over half-a-century since Independence, and which has lost all grounds of the political field, the 47-year-old scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family has a daunting task to revive the lost glory to the party.

Speaking to CNN News18, Member of Parliament (MP) from Assam and Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi said, “This is a new day and a new beginning for Rahul Gandhi. He will take us away from the fractured path of Narendra Modi and BJP. Today starts another era for the Congress Party”.

Media reports quoted former union minister and senior party leader M Veerappa Moily said that outgoing Congress president Sonia Gandhi will continue to play an effective role and guide the destiny of the party.

Congress celebrates ‘ACCHE DIN’ as Rahul takes charge

Since 1885 when Congress was formed, it’s a very important day for Congress Party today as Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi files his nominations for the post of Congress President.
Paving the way for his much-awaited elevation and setting the stage for a contest against PM Narendra Modi ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Current Congress chief and his mother Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are among the proposers for his candidature.
Rahul’s big moment has been shadowed by a rebellion of sorts from Maharashtra Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla, who says the elections are “rigged”. “Congress had “o place for Shehzad, but for Shehzada (prince),” he says.

Manmohan Singh, Ahmed Patel, Sheila Dikshit, Jitin Prasada, V Narayanasamy, Mohsina Kidwai, Siddaramaiah, Ashok Gehlot, Tarun Gogoi, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Jyotiraditya Scindia are present in the room and chatting, greeting with the soon-to-be Congress President, Rahul Gandhi.

With Rahul likely to be the only candidate in the fray, he could be declared the next Congress chief today itself, after the nominations have been scrutinised. Rahul will succeed his mother Sonia, who has held the post for almost two decades in a row.

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Rahul turns emotional hugs woman teacher on listening to her plight

In a gesture that touched many hearts, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi hugged a part-time woman lecturer after listening to her plight during an interactive session with the teaching community of Gujarat. Ranjana Avasthi, a PhD holder. With a chocked voice, Ranjana Avasthi explained how several Lecturers in Gujarat like her are being “denied” their basic right, be it adequate remuneration, medical leaves or Pension. Ranjana Avasthi, a PhD holder, was among the lecturers, professors and school teachers invited to attend a session with Mr Gandhi, who is on a two-day campaign, who is on a two-day campaign tour of Gujarat ahead of the first phase of Assembly polls next month.

Moved by Ms Avasthi’s representation, Rahul Gandhi who was holding his mike and listening to her plight paused for a moment and said, “ Sometimes, you cant answer some questions with words.”
The 47-year-old-Congress vice president then puts down his mike on a dais and walked towards the lecturer, sitting on the middle row of the hall, to console her.

Rahul Gandhi spoke with Ms Avasthi for a while and hugged her before returning to the stage, surprising the audience with his impromptu gesture which must have touched many hearts.

He promised the teaching fraternity that if the Congress comes to power, it will focus on building a robust public education and healthcare system in Gujarat.
Rahul Gandhi termed the fixed-pay system of the Gujarat government as “unfair” and promised to change it. The policy was introduced by the Gujarat government in 2006, wherein such direct recruits were only entitled to get a fixed salary for a period of five years.

Bros meet-up: Rahul Gandhi, Tejashwi Yadav bond while having lunch in capital’s eatery

The meeting between Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and Lalu’s son Tejashwi Yadav took a little time, had it been earlier, they would have together saved the Bihar’s political power shift to Nitish Kumar. But today, it’s just the food for social media as Tejashwi Yadav tweeted photos of his lunch with Rahul Gandhi.

The two leaders dined at a restaurant in Delhi’s posh Khan Market area and reportedly discussed the current political scenario during the 90-minute lunch.

“Thank you @OfficeOfRG for taking me out for wonderful lunch. Feel appreciated and grateful. Again thanks for taking out time out of ur tight schedule (sic),” Yadav tweeted.

Tejashwi Yadav is in the capital to join the ongoing investigation related to the hotel deals-for-land case in which RJD leader and his mother Rabri Devi have been accused of acquiring land in exchange for awarding of IRCTC contracts during his father Lalu Yadav was Railway Minister.

The fresh allegations of corruption had led to the RJD and Congress losing power in Bihar in July when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar pulled his JD(U) out of the Mahagathbandhan and returned to the BJP-led NDA.