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No respect for farmers, Modi has divided India between Ambani and Adani – Rahul Gandhi

Addressing the farmers rally, Rahul Gandhi said that today country is suffering from two major problem – the problem of farmers and the problem of unemployment for youth. It is a fight of a farmer and youth. Modi has stabbed the people of the country on their back. Rahul Gandhi added, Modi has divided the country between Ambani and Adani. Modi works for the comfort of Ambani and Adani not for the comfort of farmers and youth. Gandhi further added that farmers and youth will ensure they get justice even if it means changing the law or the government.

Rahul said we pay tax and that money is used for the development and well-being of poor but Modi use our tax money to fund Ambani and Adani pockets. He said our farmer’s don’t need Ambani private jet but if you can give thousand of crores to Ambani and Adani. Then you’ll have to wave off the loans of our needy farmers.

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Sonia Gandhi has given Rahul Gandhi the charge of Congress. While the congress members are thanking her of the things she did for the party, some people have unique ways to thank her, here are few weirdly thankful tweets.

1. That must’ve hurt –

2. Ache din for Congress –

3. Finally!

4. Harsh!

5 – Not a humble way to thank someone –

Rahul Gandhi became the most searched Indian politician on YouTube, read here!

Rahul Gandhi has been promisingly consistent with his most whimsical statements; His speeches are rejuvenating the humor element on social media for a longtime. His disparages call him “pappu” for all the goof ups, but when this guy takes over the mic, there’s no denying that he is a perfect entertainer. You can either hate him or love him or even bang your head while listening to him but he gets thunderous applauses from the Congress members every time he opens his mouth, here are some of the instances where Rahul Gandhi has proved himself to be a ‘Humorously serious’ while talking about the issues of the country:

Some of the funniest quotes from Rahul Gandhi’s long list of Speech goof-ups.

“Poverty is a state of mind” You know what else “Is a state of mind” the Reality!

“We can stop 99% of the terrorism, but 1% might get through” Don’t look at Kasab, Osama, ISI, they all are in 1%.

“Kisaan insecticide ki bottle dekh kar sochta hai main isko pee jaaun, atmahatya karlun, kisaan ki awaaz Modiji tak nhi ja rahi hai: Rahul Gandhi”

“Politics is in your shirts, it is in your pants, it is everywhere” It’s in my pants? Ok!

“Gujrat is bigger than UK and even India is bigger than EUROPE and AMERICA”, #GeographyLesson101.

“If India is computer then Congress is its default program” You know what also comes with Windows pack, Recycle Bin!

“Narega jaise schemes, oh! Sorry Manrega jaise schemes” #Economy101.

“You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader, I can put pressure on the government, but cannot take the decision. I cannot open a potato factory for farmers”, Yup cause potatoes made in Factories, right!

“Modiji’s Fair And Lovely Yojna To Convert Black Money” Yami gautam should be a Brand Ambassador of Modi’s Government.

“This Morning I woke up at night” #English101.

“Gujarat ko agar kisine khada kiya hai, Gujarat ko Amul kisne diya hai, Gujarat ko kisne dudh diya hai toh iss taraf dekhiyein in mahilaon ne diya hai Gujarat ki mahilaon ne diya hai!”.

“Modi’s make in India logo has a ‘babbar sher’. Govt shows that babar sher when asked about how many jobs it has created” Way to criticise the Govt!

“Congressmen believe in breaking their own rules, every single second” Maybe he is right, but such statements are better within the closed corridors of 10 Janpath.

Rahul Gandhi compared India and Indians to a beehive against the traditional comparison of an elephant.

“India is 21st century Saudi Arabia” You know what else Is 21st Century Saudi Arabia?, well Saudi Arabia!

“Yahan Hindustan mein hamara jaat ka concept hai. Is mein bhi escape velocity hoti hai. Dalit community ko is dharti pe Jupiter ki escape velocity chahiye”. #Aeronautics101.

From ‘suit-boot ki sarkaar’to sharp attacks with a hint filmy dialogues, Rahul has got it all covered.

“Pradhan Mantri ji ka India me tour laga hai woh India aye hai kuch dino ke lie” Yeaaa.

“BJP wants to hurt me with his politics of revenge” #ArvindKejriwal101

“Tumhari yeh Mashaal” (I think he meant majaal!)

“We create new rules every two minutes and then dump them. Nobody knows the rules in the party” You are doing a marvellous job for BJP, Mr. RaGa!

Rahul, please hire some good speech writers.

By Jagrati Malhotra.