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OMG!! This Maharashtra MLA Accuses Hema Malini For Drinking Heavily Without Excuse

Corruption is always the reason why politicians come into the spotlight. Sometimes, politicians do something which doesn’t justify the meaning of ‘khaadi’ kurta they are wearing. They make statements and comments in the public which offends and derogates women’s character.

In the recent of the comment made by an independent MLA from Maharashtra derogates the women image in the country. In a press conference, Bacchu Kadu says, “75% of MLAs drink, journalists drink. Hema Malini drinks heavily daily, did she commit suicide?”



This is not the first time the politicians have made sexist and misogynistic remarks on women. Earlier this year, BJP senior leader, Vinay Katiyar said, “There are so many other more beautiful female campaigners. There are heroines. So many others more beautiful.” Priyanka is one of the star campaigners of Congress for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections.

Congress leader, Digvijay Singh, in a rally, said, “sau tunch maal” (totally unblemished)” referring to Meenakshi Natrajan.

Joining the ranks of the politicians who have made crass, sexist remarks, Mulayam Singh Yadav in a rally said, “Ladke hain, galti ho jaati hai” referring to a gang-rape in Mumbai’s abandoned Shakti Mills with the declaration that “boys are boys”.

In the aftermath of the Delhi 2012 gang-rape, the solution to sexual assault proposed by the Andhra Pradesh Congress chief, Botsa Satyanarayana, was simple: keep women indoors.

And the list goes on. It’s an alarming situation as these are the same people who will control the law and order in the state.

Untold Secret: Coming November 8th Amar Singh would become India’s most sought out politician, but why?

Samajwadi Party member Amar Singh’s political career may have been a roller-coaster ride so far, but if things go according to his plan, he would become the most important politician of India soon. The type of politician, whom our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would love to keep in his pocket. Yes, it may seem far-fetched dream for now, but Amar Singh is all set to make a huge comeback in Indian political fields. And, this will be possible because of Amar Singh close ties with US Democratic National Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Recent poll survey from Washington Post, suggests that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is way ahead than her rival Republican nominee Donald Trump, and if the poll numbers turned out to be a results in November 8th 2016, Hillary Clinton will become 45th US President and 1st Lady President of United States. At that point, Our Prime minister Narendra Modi would probably be looking for someone who has close ties with Hillary, like he has with current US President Barack Obama. The person, who would probably be on top of his list, is none other than Samajwadi Party member Amar Singh. Political Pundits believes that Amar Singh would probably play a bigger than expected role in India-United States relationship if Hillary Clinton became the US President.


It’s a well known fact that Amar Singh has close ties with Clintons, and we are not talking about their political relations. Bill Clinton first met Amar Singh in 2005 through Sant Singh Chatal, an Indian-American businessman who generated millions of dollars for the foundation. According to Clinton Cash, Amar Singh donated around 5 million in Clinton Foundation in 2008. Donation came as he travelled to the US to lobby then-Senator Hillary Clinton to vote for allowing US nuclear technology to be sold to India. Based on Amar Singh’s public disclosure documents, the donation was between 20 per cent of his entire net worth. Though, Amar Singh later admitted that the money wasn’t his – he merely ‘facilitated’ it – but it’s still not clear whose cash went to the Clinton Foundation. Even, Clinton rival Donald Trump questioned Singh’s close ties with Clinton Foundation and the amount of cash he donated in the organisation,

Other Indian Leaders who has close ties with Clinton’s are congress leaders like Jairam Ramesh, P Chidambaram, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and current Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. Knowing our Prime Minister, he will never contact congress leaders at any cost and this leaves current Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, So Modi would probably prefer someone from the outside than someone whom political pundits regards as ‘Hillary Clinton’ to Modi’s ‘Barack Obama’.


Amar Singh would be a safe bet for Modi, Singh need some spotlight at present and would probably have no problem working with Modi. Think of this as the time when Amar Singh was the hottest Celebrity HR for Samajwadi Party and gets a humongous media coverage out of it. Prime Minister NaMo will want him to do the same for him, but this time not for some celebs but for some Clinton’s love towards India.

Time changes for everyone, and we think that Golden times for Amar Singh will come in near future.

10 political mavens with revised two liner resumes!

Have you ever wondered if the Indian politicians would have honest resumes what would that be? Or if asked to define themselves in two lines ‘honestly’ what would they write? well, we have categorized the two politicians into two main categories:

  • The Arrogant One
  • The nonsense one

And today we proudly present you the ‘Arrogant’ ones!

1. Vasundhara Raje :

Vasundhara Raje 2

“They even raped a transgender in Ajmer,
She might have forgotten to put this up on her website.”

2. Jethmalani :

Jethmalani 2

“25 lakhs required to just look at a case,
If only one could have bought civility”

3. Amit Shah :

Amit Shah 1

“Don’t fear him upon the post he holds,
Fear him for he’s out on bail.”

4. Kapil Sibbal :


“When in a spat with the court,
You have Kapil Sibbal’s ‘Sahara’.”

5. Mayawati :


“Known by the garlands she wears,
And the elephants she spent the flowers on”

6. Sharad Pawar :


“With his every gasp of triumph,
Dawood smiles back, somewhere safe.”

7. Hema Malini :

Hema Malini 1

“Craving luxuries on her time of work,
Wonder if she still does it for the camera.”

8. Subramanian Swamy :

Subramanian Swamy 2

“As insightful as he is and as literate,
That he revealed Vajpayee being a drunkard womanizer.”

9. Smriti Irani :

Smriti Irani 1

“The idol sweeper, the idol Bahu,
The idol HRD minister with a fake degree.”

10. Meenakshi Lekhi :

Meenakshi Lekhi 2

Well, it can’t be better enough quoting Meenakshi Lekhi herself to end this thing.

“Aise badmaashi karenge ye?
Day in and day out, Nonsense!”