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Nagpur police were shocked and at the same time were confused how to handle a situation in they were. A boy wanted the police to file a complaint were he stated that a girl has stolen his heart. He wanted the police to get back the “stolen” heart.

Police officials often get complaints of stolen assets like car, bike, jewellery and many more but this bizarre case them where the station in-charge had to contact his superior for advice to dealing with the situation.

“Senior spoke to the man and made him understand that there is no section under indian law which deals with such problems and they do not have a solution to his problem”, said Mr. Upadhyay, a police official.

Hyderabad Suicide Case: Telugu TV Anchor Allegedly Commits Suicide

V6 anchor Radhika Reddy commits suicide and the police has recovered a suicide note from her handbag in which she allegedly stated that she was taking the extreme step due to depression.

An anchor with a news channel in Hyderabad allegedly committed suicide late on Sunday night. Radhika Reddy, 36, jumped off the fifth floor of her apartment building at Hyderabad’s Moosapet.

The police have found a suicide note in Ms Reddy’s bag, which said, “My brain is my enemy.” A case has been filed and an investigation is on.

The Kukatpally Police Station Sub-Inspector Majid told news agency that the V6 News anchor committed suicide shortly after coming back from work.

She died on the spot from a head injury, leg fracture and multiple blunt injuries, ANI quoted Majid as saying.

Radhika has been living with her parents after she divorced her husband about six months ago. She is survived by her 14-year-old son Banu Teja Reddy who is mentally challenged. A Hyderabad-based journalist working for national news channel said Radhika returned home from work after reading the late evening news bulletin. Radhika’s father told local media that he heard a loud noise from outside at around 10.30 pm while he was waiting for his daughter to return. He later realised that she allegedly jumped from the top floor of the building.

A case has been registered at the Kukatpally Police Station and investigation is underway.

Disappointed with Virat Kohli’s performance 63 Yr Old Man Set Himself On Fire

A shocking case has surfaced from Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam where a 63-year-old man allegedly set himself on fire after Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s poor performance on day 1 of the first test between India and South Africa in Cape Town.

Virat Kohli has a huge fan following; people from all across the country follow his matches religiously.

However, what we are going to report today is very unfortunate.

We know how Kohli wasn’t able to display a great performance against South Africa in the first test match. All his fans were disappointed but there was one who literally tried ending his life for this reason.

According to reports, a 63 year old man from Madya Pradesh tried ending his life as he was disturbed due to Kohli’s bad performance. He set himself on fire as he couldn’t take it.

The man identified as Babulal Berva was highly excited for the match, but when he saw Kohli out on 5 runs, he was shattered. He immediately took kerosene, poured it over his face and set it on fire. Luckily, he is saved but has suffered 60 percent burns.

Currently, he’s in the Critical care unit and is receiving treatment for these burns. Police officials have recorded the statement of Berva as well as his family.

We know he must be hurt as Kohli couldn’t live up to the expectations, but this step is totally wrong.  Kohli has long struggled with the moving deliveries on the ‘fourth stump’. Bits of it were seen in the forgetful England series in 2014 and then again in both of the Australia series in 2017. And on Friday, Morkel knocked in just at Kohli’s weak point.

What is your opinion in this case? Do share your views on the same in the below comment section.

Pet dogs save woman’s life from leopards in Mumbai

There’s no doubt that dogs are a man’s best friend and in this incident, dogs proved their loyality by saving a woman’s life from leopards in Mumbai.

The dogs kept the leopards at bay for 15 minutes and finally scared them away.

The pet dogs saved the two women who were attacked by two leopards on Saturday night were saved by pet dogs, said police.

The dogs kept the leopards at bay for 15 minutes and finally scared them away, saving the women. Both, however, suffered minor injuries.

According to the police, Bayaji Bhimrao Bendre, 50, a resident of unit 17, Aarey Colony, went to relieve herself 30m from her house.

Two leopards attacked Bayaji Bhimrao Bendre, 50, in the dark.

Her family was at a Navratri celebration at that time. Only her two pet dogs were home.

“It was dark and two leopards attacked her. On hearing her screams, the dogs ran out and fought the big cats. The woman fled but sustained injuries to her left leg and right hand,” said Bendre’s nephew Sunil Jaguwaghata, 35.

The leopards also attacked Asha Gavit, 55, who arrived at the spot to help Bendre. Gavit suffered injuries to her leg. “The dogs prevented the leopards from entering the settlement,” said Jaguwaghata.

A police team visited the spot and recorded the women’s statements. “We informed the forest department of the incident. They will set up cages to nab the leopards,” said senior inspector Vijayalaxmi Hiremath of Aarey colony.

A month ago, the forest department had set up cages at five places nabbed a leopard that attacked five, said a police officer.


Delhi Police throwback their first FIR which was registered 156 years ago.

We all love sharing throwback photos every now and then but Delhi Police surprised a lot of people when they marked ‘Throwback Thursday’ with a very special post on Twitter. The official Twitter handle of Delhi Police shared a photo of the first ever FIR (First Information Report) in Delhi which was filed way back in the 19th century, some 156 years ago!

The FIR, which is written in Urdu, reported the theft of a hookah, some kitchen utensils, women’s clothes and a kulfi. We know, why would someone report the theft of a kulfi? But, it was the 19th century so, you never know! Dated October 18, 1861, the FIR was filed in North Delhi’s Subzi Mandi Police Station by one resident of Katra Sheesh Mahal named Maeeuddin Wald Mohammad. Reportedly, back when the FIR was filed, Delhi had just five police stations, with the other four located in regions of Mehrauli, Mundka, Sadar Bazar, and Kotwali.

What’s even more interesting is that the stolen articles amounted to a cost of 45 aanas (some 2.81 rupees).

Here is the picture of the FIR that was shared by Delhi Police on Twitter with the hashtag ‘#KhaasHaiItiHaas’ (history is special):

The Police Station in Subzi Mandi also hangs a picture of the FIR on its walls. Meanwhile, the original document rests at Delhi Police Museum. It was framed and has been put on display.

Needless to say, everyone loved this throwback photo from the Delhi Police

One curious soul even inquired if the FIR led to an arrest or the recovery of the stolen articles:

Meet The IPS Officer From Ujjain Who Is Slaying Everyone With His Dashing Looks

Handsome, fit physique, and Indian police officers? It may seem like an oxymoron to most of us but this IPS officer from Ujjain has shattered all stereotypes and has emerged as a fitness icon to many. Meet IPS officer Sachin Atulkar, the Superintendent of Police at Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain.

Wherever he goes, Atulkar ensures he garners a massive fan following. In fact, by now, he has become an icon of sorts to the entire Madhya Pradesh Police Department, especially after becoming an IPS officer at a young age of
just 22.

Atulkar generated a loyal fan following on Facebook and there seems to be hardly anything this guy can’t do as he also played cricket on the national level in 1999 for which he won a gold medal.

The stunning cop also has an impeccable dressing sense and stands out at social gatherings.

Vikas Barala, Haryana BJP Chief Son Who Was Booked For Stalking, Arrested

The main accused in the Chandigarh stalking case, Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, was on Wednesday arrested by the Chandigarh police after questioning. After being summoned in the case, Vikas appeared before the police in the afternoon amid tight security. Vikas is accused of stalking and attempting to abduct a senior IAS officer’s daughter, Varnika Kundu. Addressing a press conference minutes before his son reached the police station, Subhash told reporters that police should take appropriate action against Vikas if he is named in the FIR.
“If my son is named in this FIR, then the law should take its course. I say that the police should take appropriate action,” he said. After speaking to the press for a few minutes, he left the conference to speak to his son.

4:05 pm: Chandigarh DGP Tajender Singh Luthra tells ANI “accused Vikas Barala’s friend Ashish also being interrogated”.

3:45 pm: Chandigarh police arrest Vikas Barala after minutes of questioning. He had appeared before the police after being summoned in the stalking case.

3.30 pm: The father of a Chandigarh-based woman, who has filed a police complaint against the Haryana BJP chief’s son for allegedly stalking her, today said there “was no instance yet” of any pressure from the family of the accused.

The woman’s father, who is an IAS officer, expressed hope that they would get justice even as he said it was going to be a “protracted battle”.
“The struggle is going to be not of just these few days, though these few days are going to be critical from the point of view of an investigation,” he told media persons here.

3.00 pm: While addressing the press, Subhash had said he had summoned his son, Vikas, to Chandigarh on learning that he had been summoned by the police in relation to the case.

2.50 pm: Addressing the press, Subhash Barala says Varnika is like a daughter to him. He adds that the police investigation into allegations against his son has not been influenced. “If my son is named in this FIR, then the law should take its course. I say that the police should take appropriate action,” he tells reporters

Watch: How A Drunk Man Runs Away With Cop’s Bike, Shouts ‘Rajnikant’

People tend to do offbeat things in a drunken state. While some of us have funny or embarrassing memories of our inebriated state, this man from Karnataka took his fun a bit too far. In what would make for a hilarious sequence in a Bollywood caper, a visibly drunk man whisked away with a cop’s motorcycle and his cap in broad daylight. The incident took place in Karnataka’s Hasan which was also recorded on a smartphone. The man riding the bike can be seen wearing the cap of the policeman and talking to fellow riders, giggling and laughing away, seemingly unaware that he had done anything wrong.

The man reportedly drove for a kilometre until he was finally stopped at a signal. Even at the signal, the cop had to run after his bike to make him stop. He even shouted “Superstar Rajinikanth!” at one point. Even after being caught the seriousness of what he’d done had obviously not struck the man as he continued to laugh and giggle.

“Drunk man attempts to run away with police bike in Karnataka’s Hassan, along with personnel’s cap. Police chased him for 1 km”, ANI tweeted along with the video.

Last month only in UP’s Shahhjahanpur, a groom was so drunk that he attempted pulling off the ‘naagin dance’ and was found crawling on the floor. It embarrassed her to be bride so much that she decided to call off the wedding just before the rituals were about to begin. The groom’s family tried to threaten her, plead her and tried almost everything, but, the woman did not move. The bride’s family also tried persuading her but she did not relent. Police was also called to the venue to avoid any violence.

(This report was published in inuth)

Horse racing on Noida expressway video throws UP police into tizzy

A horse racing on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway video went viral on social media networks thrown Uttar Pradesh police into a tizzy since Sunday. The incident reported following the day when a Lamborghini was hit by a speeding Swift Dzire killing one person, another video has emerged of what looks like horse racing on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. After scanning the video, cops suspect that gamblers riding bikes alongside the horses were involved in the racing on Saturday morning at 7.30 am.

The video, which was shot by a passerby, shows a brown stallion and a brown-white stallion racing each other on the expressway, with some bikers chasing them, hooting and bucking up the jockeys. After the video went viral on social networking sites, the Gautam Budh Nagar police swung into action and started scanning the footage of CCTV cameras installed on the expressway.

Commenting on the incident, Anil Kumar Jha, superintendent of police (traffic) said, “We had scanned the footage of CCTV cameras installed on the expressway. The event took place on Saturday morning around 7.30am near Sector 128. The two horses got on to the expressway near Jaypee Greens Wish Town in Sector 128.”

“While one horse ran up to 500 metres before getting off the road (expressway), the other horse ran for more than three kilometres before exiting the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway near Amity University in Sector 125,” he said.
The police official said it is prohibited to bring animals onto the expressway.

“We are investigating the matter and the men who were seen in the CCTV footage will also be questioned. We will take necessary action against the offenders,” said Jha.

The men who were chasing the horses on motorcycles and an autorickshaw were seen shooting videos on their cellphones and cheering on the jockeys.

This 6-Year-Old Gave Away Her Savings To Police For Speedy Proceedings Of Her Mother’s Suicide

Nowadays, injustice and corruption is so deeply rooted in our society at every step that it is shameful, and at the same time, disconcerting how even kids as young as 6-year old are learning this.

This fact is getting well-known that if you want your work done, you have to give some “gifts” under the table. Even with all the anti-corruption laws in place, bribery is still the most common and “efficient” way to get the work done.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a six-year-old in UP’s Meerut offered the contents of her piggy bank, her savings to police as a bribe to get them move faster in the suicide case of her mother.

Manvi, a 6-year-old visited Inspector General Ram Kumar at his office with his maternal grandfather. At the police station, she told the Inspector that he could have her savings. Furthermore, she had heard that unless she paid a bribe, her mother’s case would remain unsolved.

According to the family, Manvi’s mother, Seema Kaushik, was hard-pressed by her family and his relatives for dowry initially. They reportedly framed her with two fake police cases that were discarded by a local court. The couple had parted ways four years ago and Mrs. Kaushik’ complaints to the police of mental harassment and threats were allegedly ignored. Fed up at last, she committed suicide.

Although the Inspector gave back her savings and assured her that measures will be taken at a fast-pace, it is sad and a matter of concern as to how the law and jurisdiction work in our country.

By- Anamika Bhaumik