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Bullet Train parts failed quality tests: Steel scandal may draw worry line to PM’s pet project

As Japan showed its interest in developing a high-speed railway corridor between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, a major incident of corruption in Japan will draw a worry line to Prime Minister Modi’s pet project in India.

A fake data scandal by Kobe Steel Limited, the largest steel manufacturing company which provides its material to Bullet trains for making its railway line, is found to have provided the sub-standard quality parts for the same. This, in turn, will raise questions if the same company would provide the parts in India.

According to Central Japan Railway Co, which operates the high-speed trains between Tokyo and Osaka, haven’t found any safety risks, however, the aluminium components connecting wheels to train cars failed Japanese industry standards.

The latest scandal that hit Japan’s manufacturing industry will surely resonate in India. The company, Kobe Steel Ltd, the third-largest steel producer had admitted to fake data about the strength and durability of some aluminium and copper. The company has the scores of clients from aviation to four-wheelers which include Toyota Motor Corp, General Motors Co would scramble if they have used the suspected material parts and if the safety has been compromised.

According to Bloomberg, Kobe Steel Chief Executive Officer Hiroya Kawasaki said at a meeting with a senior official from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on Thursday “I deeply apologize for causing concern to many people, including all users and consumers.” He said trust in the company has fallen to “zero” and he will work to restore its reputation. “Safety is the top priority.”

After plunging down to 36 percent over previous two days, the company’s shares in the company rebounded by 1 percent on Thursday. The company has lost the market value of about $1.6 billion since the revelations were made.

Figures were systematically fabricated at all four of Kobe Steel’s local aluminium plants, with the practice dating back as long as 10 years for some products, the company said Sunday. Data was also faked for iron ore powder and target materials that are used in DVDs and LCD screens, it said three days later.

In Central Japan Railway’s bullet trains, 310 of the tested parts were found to be sub-standard and will be replaced at the next regular inspection, spokesman Haruhiko Tomikubo said. They were produced by Kobe Steel over the past five years, he said.

While there have not been any reports that Kobe Steel products posed safety risks, the company is likely to face lawsuits from investors, customers, consumers and regulators in Japan and U.S., experts say. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kotaro Nogami on Wednesday said the faked data undermined the basis of fair trade, calling it “inappropriate.”

If lenders were to take over Kobe Steel, a break-up of the company along business lines could be beneficial for shareholders and rivals, according to Thanh Ha Pham, an analyst at Jefferies Japan Ltd., who has a “Buy” rating for the company. Kobe’s steel business would fetch roughly 200 billion yen ($1.78 billion), he said.

Japan’s steel industry is dominated by JFE Holdings Inc. and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp., which accounted for about 70 percent of the country’s production in the year ended March.

“I talked with management of JFE and I think they are very happy to buy Kobe Steel’s steel businesses,” Pham said Thursday on Bloomberg TV. “That would be a very good scenario, to have further restructuring in the steel industry in Japan.”

JFE said it isn’t actively considering purchasing Kobe Steel’s steel business.

Ousted PM Nawaz Shariff convoy kills 13-year-old, tags him ‘First Martyr’

In a shocking incident on the roads of Pakistan, ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shariff convoy hit and killed a 13-year-old boy who was had come to attend a rally on Friday at which Nawaz Shariff was protesting his recent ouster.

As Nawaz Shariff makes his way down to the major road in country’s capital Islamabad, party’s stronghold in the eastern city of Lahore, the ex-leader was rallying crowds since Wednesday.

“A 13-year-old boy who had come to see the rally was hit by a car in the convoy,” Sajid Ali, head of the local Lalamusa police station, told AFP.

What shocking is the fact that the officials present in the present at the spot termed the boy “Martyr” of the “first moment for democracy” in an address to the thousands-strong crowd in nearby Gujrat

As people present at the spot says that one of the vehicles from the convoy hit the boy as he crossed a divider on the road, the minister said.

Giving condolence to the family, ousted PM says that he will personally visit the boy’s home and will help the family to their life.

At previous stops along the route, Sharif railed against the court’s decision, insisting his conscience is clean against the allegation of corruption.

Supporters present at the rally chanted “Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff” and danced on the songs praising the party as the former leader addressed the crowd from a makeshift stage behind bulletproof glass.

Thousands had turned out to catch a glimpse of Sharif as his convoy rolled down the Grand Trunk Road, a more than 2,000-year-old trade route which leads from Chittagong in Bangladesh across India and Pakistan to the Afghan capital Kabul.

As Pakistan’s SC Disqualified Nawaz Shariff; He Can Be The First PM To Complete The Term

As Pakistan’s Supreme Court held Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff guilty in Panama Paper case, Nawaz Shariff is now chaired down from his post and is barred from contesting further elections in the country. The decision came at a time when Nawaz Shariff government was sailing through the political crisis. After being left red faced in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Kulbhushan Jadhav case, finally, the Nawaz Shariff is now down from the political hot seat of the country. The opposition parties were also mounting pressure on Nawaz Shariff in Panama Paper case, a reluctant politician he is, doesn’t deter him from stepping down.

Nawaz Shariff was an inch closer to break the custom and the ritual of Pakistan of serving the whole one term, and if completed, his name would have been written in with the golden letters. Maintaining the custom and the ritual of Pakistan of not completing the term from the Independence, Nawaz Shariff failed to break practice and missed a chance to be written in the history books.

The Prime Ministers who governed Pakistan has the years in the succeeding order like Chaudhry Muhammad Ali served the nation from 12th August 1955 to 12th September 1956, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy from 12th September 1956 to 17th October 1957 and so on till 1958.

Nawaz Shariff failed to break the same ritual of Pakistan

Why PM Narendra Modi Met With Samajwadi Party Biggies Ramgopal Yadav And Naresh Agrawal?

On Wednesday evening, as the country was gripped by an intense political drama caused by Nitish Kumar’s shock resignation playing out on TV, Delhi’s Ashoka hotel was the scene of much mirth and back slapping.

The occasion: a party to celebrate Samajwadi Party biggie Ram Gopal Yadav’s 25 years in parliament and thrown by senior leader Naresh Agarwal. And present were the who’s who in the capital led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As parties go, it couldn’t have been more lustrous. Present along with PM were senior cabinet ministers, notably Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, former PM Manmohan Singh and an array of opposition luminaries.

Conspicuously absent though were members of the extended Yadav clan. While Bihar strongman Lalu Yadav was smarting from being dumped by one-time friend-turned-foe-turned –friend Kumar and predictably could not attend the party, neither did Ram Gopal Yadav’s nephew Akhilesh Yadav nor his cousin brothers Mulayam or Shivpal.

People at the party told Power Circuit that Modi, who came in around 8 pm (while the Nitish drama was being played out in full force) and was there for more than an hour amid dinner, was in great mood laughing and posing for selfies & pictures.

After why not.. Just a few hours before, he had engineered the biggest Ghar Wapsi of all times: the return of Nitish Kumar to the NDA fold that has left an already beleaguered opposition completely rudderless.

Don’t indulge in corruption, honour BJP’s promises: PM to UP ministers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly not all that happy with Uttar Pradesh government’s performance over tackling corruption. PM is believed to have told Yogi Adityanath to take strong steps to weed out the corruption taints being allegedly labelled against few BJP ministers including bureaucrats.

According to sources, Prime Minister issued a stern warning to Chief Minister about increasing corruption in the state and told Yogi that the party would follow a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on corruption and take necessary action against those who are accused of graft.

The message was conveyed during a meeting held in the national capital recently.

BJP President Amit Shah also joined with the issue which is giving bad names to party in the state. Shah reiterated party’s stand and conveyed that there is not a single charge of corruption on the Modi government that has completed three years in power. Naturally, the Yogi ministers are now being expected to follow the Modi model and any aberration will not be tolerated.

Earlier in March, Prime Minister Modi, as well as Shah, asked party legislators from UP against bullying officials in the state and to keep away from seeking transfer and postings of bureaucrats and police officials. Shah is also believed to have told the ministers not to make any recommendations for people with tainted background and help people in the state feel the difference in governance. But it seems some ministers are not following the instructions issued by party bosses.

The BJP stormed back to power in Uttar Pradesh after a gap of 15 years with a two-thirds majority in the February-March assembly elections on the planks of development and corruption. Now the situation is somewhat awkward for the party top brass to deal with corruption issue within its cadres and government.

As per reports available with News Leak Centre (NLC), after returning from national capital Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath held meetings with his Council of Ministers and conveyed the message of PM and party President on the corruption issue. Yogi also hinted that he has got clear instructions from top to take strong action against those who are found to be indulging in corruption.

Chief Minister has instructed the ministers to rein in bureaucracy and take actions against the officials who are corrupt. The message is loud and clear that follow the path of the party line or perish.

PM Modi To Meet 10-Year-Old Jewish Toddler Who Survived 26/11 Mumbai Attack

Modi’s three-day visit beginning Tuesday — the first ever of an Indian Premier to Israel — is a landmark moment for the Jewish state, a country seeking the friendship of powerful allies and customers for its advanced military equipment.

On his visit, PM Modi plans to meet with 10-year-old Moshe Holtzberg, the Jewish toddler-survivor of 26/11.

Moshe was only two when his father, Rabbi Gavriel, and mother Rivka, six months pregnant at the time, were killed by Pakistani terrorists at the Nariman House, Mumbai’s Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish centre.

Baby Moshe was in the same building during the 26/11 carnage, somehow still alive. He was sitting next to his parents’ bullet-riddled bodies, crying but uninjured when Sandra Samuel found him. Samuel, then, risked her life and fled the Nariman House with baby Moshe.

“PM Modi is expected to meet Moshe who was just a baby at the time, now he is all grown up,” says Israel’s ambassador to India Daniel Carmon. “I think it will be a very emotional meeting with a very strong message.”

PM Modi is also supposed to meet Sandra Samuel, the Indian nanny who saved Moshe’s life during the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

“It’s a huge honour and comes as a pleasant surprise. I am deeply touched. It is a clear indication that the Indian government cares for the victims of 26/11 terror attack,” said Samuel regarding the meet.

Eight years after the attack, she now works at a rehabilitation home for disabled children named Aleh Jerusalem Center. Every Saturday night she takes Bus No. 959 to Afula, 95 km away, where Moshe lives with Rivkah’s parents, she said. Samuel said while Moshe was too young at the time of the 26/11 attack but she is prepared to tell him everything when he wants to know. “But I am waiting for him to ask those questions. I remember everything, it’s like a framed picture or a movie in my head. Those hellish moments are stuck in my head,” she said. “I worked with his family as a nanny for the first three-four years, till he became six years old, and then moved to Jerusalem for full-time work as a nanny for disabled children. Those years were quite challenging because of Moshe. I had to keep all my emotions in check. I had to be very strong for him,” she added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is travelling to Israel on July 4.

By: Simran Dhingra

Pak creates history, Nawaz becomes first PM to depose panel in graft case.

In an unprecedented development, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appeared before a becoming a Supreme Court-appointed Joint Investigation Team (JIT) team probing the Panamagate graft case on Thursday. Sharif becomes Pakistan’s first sitting Prime Minister ever to depose before such panel.

“The day that creates history & sets a much required & welcome precedent for others to emulate,” Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz tweeted along with pictures of the PML-N leader and his top aides just before leaving for the JIT sums the prevailing political scenario in the country.

The JIT chief Wajid Zia had summoned the prime minister to appear before the probe team on June 15 with all documents relevant to the case.

The summons was issued to Sharif, after he returned last Saturday from Kazakhstan where he had attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit.

In its judgement of April 20 in the Panama Papers case, the Supreme Court had constituted a JIT and empowered it to summon the Prime Minister, his sons and any other person necessary, to investigate allegations of money-laundering, through which the four apartments in London’s posh Park Lane area were purchased.

Sharif has denied any wrongdoing.

Pakistan has been plagued by corruption for decades, with politicians often accusing rivals of graft.

The Supreme Court has given the panel two months to investigate the family and then deliver its findings.

The Joint Investigation Team had questioned Sharif’s sons — Hussain and Hasan — last month over the family’s alleged improper business dealings.

His eldest son Hussain was questioned five times while Hasan, the younger son, was summoned twice.

The court last year took up the case and issued a split decision over allegations of money laundering when Sharif was prime minister in 1990s.

It is for the first time that a sitting Prime Minister is appearing before a high-level probe team traditionally constituted to investigate high-profile criminal cases.

The JIT probing the offshore holdings of Prime Minister Sharif and his children has also summoned his younger brother and Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif, to appear before it on June 17.

Only this Mantra can Save NDTV

NDTV’s co-founder Mr Prannoy Roy’s houses were raided in 3 location by CBI. The case has been registered against him and her wife Radhika Roy for taking fraudulent loans and causing loss to the banks. People and politicians are expressing their anger for all these raids and are in support of NDTV and Prannoy Roy and using “#IStandWithNDTV”. The whole media community is uniting and calling it witch-hunting.

This is not the first time when NDTV was on the government‘s radar. Later last year, the government tried to a ban on NDTV for a day, but after facing backlash on social media government took their steps off.

In this time of distress, what he could have done differently to avoid the raids?

Here are some home remedies from us for NDTV and Prannoy Roy to save themselves

After wrapping Narendra Modi in good, buttery words he may have got away with all these cases. After all, BHAKTS are always taken care of.

Clap! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau took his kid to Office and it’s awwwdorable!

Canadian PM is not just famous for his killer looks, but also for his good deeds. Perhaps he knew it very well, how to get recognized as a family person. The way a person behaves with his family, indicates a lot about his personality.

During President Obama’s reign, his family pictures went viral and internet could not resist sharing and commenting. This time it’s Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who is giving us family goals. He took his son along with him to work at PM office and created some magical memories to cherish upon.

His 3 year old son Hadrien is very much like his father, he seems quite confident while posing for shutter bugs. He seems having fun observing his father working and playing with him.

After having a wonderful day with his son, PM Justin Trudeau took it to facebook, to share these cute and adorable pictures.

Interestingly, after all this, his wild craze saw no low. In fact, people reacted differently. Like this person wrote, “Prime Minister Trudeau, will you adopt America? Pretty please! Most of us (1/2) will be good,” Another added, “You can tell a lot about a person by how they raise their family. The Obamas had an incredible family, the Trudeaus as well”.

It seems like after Obamas, now Trudeaus will be also counted among the famous and loved families.

Happy Birthday BJP. It turns 37 years old party today!

BJP is one the largest political parties in the world. It was formed by Syama Prasad Mukherjee in 1951. Since then, the party has seen many ups and downs. Earlier the name of the party was Jana Sangh, later on, it merged with other parties to form the Janata Party in 1977.

It was a new era in Indian Politics when Bhartiya Janta Party was born, as in 1980 Janata Party was routed in the elections and this led to the emergence of Bhartiya Janta Party.

There was a time in BJP when there only a few people who were associated to BJP. Now, there are more than 10 crores of people who are associated to BJP.

There were many ups and down for the BJP government, Babri Masjid demolition and the Hindutva moment. The failure of Vajpayee’s moderate strategy led to a shift in the ideology of the party toward a policy of more hardline Hindu nationalism. In 1984, Advani was appointed the president of the party. Under him, it became the political voice of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. In the early 1980s, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) began a campaign for the construction of a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Rama at the site of the Babri mosque in Ayodha.

Today is the golden era of BJP, as it is a paramount in Indian Politics, having a clear majority in Loksabha elections, with 282 seats out of 543 seats.But there was time back in 1984, BJP only had 2 Loksabha seats. In 37 years, BJP which started from scratch has raised to newer heights. This is not a secret anymore, hand behind the gigantic victory of BJP in Loksabha elections or Legislative assembly elections is PM Narendra Modi and the mastermind Amit Shah.

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP also won the massive seats this shows how strong is the Modi Wave.BJP came to power in UP after 15 years.Popular face of Hindutva Yogi Adityanath who has been elected as the CM of Uttar Pradesh will take BJP to newer heights and will help BJP to work on its ideology.

On the occasion of BJP foundation day, PM Narendra Modi tweeted


BJP which is getting a huge support from the people of India and the Modi wave which is getting stronger day by day that day, then there will a time in future when India will witness Congress Mukht Bhara