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Interim Budget 2019 – Piyush Goyal said India will free from Terrorism, Communalism and Nepotism by 2022

Interim Budget 2019 – Piyush Goyal said India will free from Terrorism, Communalism and Nepotism by 2022

Today Finance Minister Piyush Goyal is presenting the last interim budget of Modi Government before 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Before initiating to present the budget goyal prayed for the speedy recovery of Arun Jetli health. And then said we moving towards realising New India by 2022, an India that is clean and healthy, where everybody will have a house with universal access to toilets, Water, Electricity. A New India where farmers income would have been doubled. Youth and Women get ample opportunity to fulfil their dreams. An India free from Terrorism, Communalism, Castism, Corruption and Nepotism.


Starting his budget presentation Piyush Goyal said we are focused towards the High Growth rate, controlling double-digit inflation and overall development. Piyush Goyal sets the tone of the budget as being committed to a 2022 New India. He promised by 2022 his government will double the rural sector income and farm income. He further added the inflation has been controlled, Fiscal Deficit has been brought down and FDI policies revised. Banking Reforms has been introduced.

An Approach towards NPA’s and Swatchchh Bharat

During his budget session at 11:15 he said reforms like GST has helped the economy of the country to grow better at an efficient cost. He further added, we are working in an effective direction to tackle the problem of NPA’s (Non-Performing Assets) and Benami Loans. He also mentioned the Modi Government world-wide project Swatchchh Bharat Abhiyan to be a milestone.

10 per cent reservation for EWS

After Swatchchh Bharat he made 10 per cent reservation bill for economically weaker section applicable from today and he also said that 10 per cent reservation bill will have no impact on SC/ST or OBC reservation system. He said, in order to accommodate every section of the society with a better opportunity more than 2 lakh seats will be added in government jobs.

PradhanMantri Awas Yojana

Piyush Goyal continued his speech and said we have delivered more than 1,53,000 houses to the homeless as per Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana. He added as per Ayushman Bharat Yojana, weaker section of the society will be held with better health treatment at the best hospitals in India at a very minimum cost.

Fixed Minimum Income support for small Farmers

In a massive push towards Rural Development, the 2019 interim budget proposes a Minimum Income support to small farmers of the country. He added, more than 12 crore farmer families will be benefitted by this scheme. The NDA government proposes an outlay of 75,000 crore for Pradhanmantri Kisan Initiative. The minimum support amount to the small farmers will be directly credited to the farmers Jan-Dhan account.

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal Interim Budget Speech brings relief to the farmers affected by the natural calamities. The farmers affected would be provided with an interest subvention of 2 per cent. Massive announcement for work sector with an increase in gratuity limit to 20 lakh.  

PradhanMantri Shram Yogi MannDhann Yojana

FM Piyush Goyal said that 42 crore small scale workers. Who plays an important role in shaping the country infrastructure and development model will be given social security coverage. NDA government will launch a mega pension yojana called Pradhanmantri Shram Yogi MannDhann Yojana. In which a worker has pay sum of rupees 100 per month to secure a pension scheme of Rs 3000 per month after his retirement.

Women empowerment:

A board shall ensure special strategies would be implemented for the development and welfare of Nomadic and semi-nomadic communities under Niti Aayog. Further talking about women empowerment he said our government is effectively in the direction of Women Lead Government. He said, in order to secure better health of women. We have distributed more than 6 crore LPG connections to the poor family. And we aim to extend this stats to 8 crores by next year.

Mudra Yojana:

15.56 crore loans amounting to 7 crore loans provided. Job seekers have now become the job creator. India is the second largest startup hub of the world. National Program on Artificial Intelligence is up next with centres of excellence to give the push. The aim is to empower the MSME sector. 

Defence Budget and Trading:

FM Goyal said that the Defense Budget in Modi Government is highest as compared to past government defence budget. He added defence budget gets a mega boost of 3 lakh crore. GEM platform is being extended. The focus is now on supporting domestic trade and services including retail trading and welfare of traders. 


FM said the Mobile data consumption is 50 per cent higher than the previous government. And this has been achieved by lowering the rate of data packs to the lowest. Increase in the number of internet user has given a boost to the sale of mobiles and employment as well. for example, during the last five years, telecom companies and mobile companies have opened more than 3 lakh service centres giving employment to 12 lakh unemployed people.

Income Tax:

Taxpayers get a reprieve. Returns to be processed in 24 hours and refunds instantaneously. All verification to be done electronically. The tax burden on the middle class is the priority of the Mod Government. Basic Exemption limit to be increased for salaried? No announcement to increase the limit yet. He further added GST burden to home buyers is expected to reduce but he didn’t make it official. Small business owners will be exempted from GST as earlier.

Employment & Clean River

FM said that unployement can be tackled by becoming the no.1 manufacturing hub in the world. The next dimension of the 10 point plan is clean rivers and exploring the blue economy. The coastal line to be capitalized by scaling of inland waterways to help the India’s development. Space program gets impetus with  the aim of putting an Indian astronaut in space by 2022. 

A 105 km/h speed Train 18 gets a green signal from Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety

A 105 km/h speed Train 18 gets a green signal from Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety

The Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) on Friday gave a green light to Train 18. He said the train can run at an speed of 105 KM/H on non-Rajdhani tracks and at 160 KM/H on Rajdhani tracks.

Electrical Inspector to the Government (EIG) gave “regular” sanction for running the train. Just two days before, EIG gave a “provisional” sanction for running the train under the subject of having certain safety conditions which had to be addressed within three months.

Sources said now that they have all approvals, the train is to debut on its first journey between Delhi and Varanasi.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal told reporters that he will fix a time with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for flagging of the train after the approval.

“It is hereby certified that Train 18 is safe and fit for commencement of commercial operation”, said EIG and principal Chief mechanical engineer.

Well, PM Modi’s Claim About Village Nagla Fatela Of Hathras Turns Out To Be False After All!

We all are glued to our television set, when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was delivering a powerful speech from Red Fort India. Narendra Modi speech was indeed a powerful one and he cover as many areas as possible in given time frame and we applaud Mr. Modi for it, but it turns out that not all part of his speech was right, though.

Modi on Monday in his Independence Day said that in Nagla Fatela (a village in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh) electricity has reached after 70 years. In his speech he said- “Nagla Phatela village is just 3 hours from Delhi, but Delhi took 70 years to send electricity to it”. But the truth is there is no power in the village. The gram pradhan of Nagla Fatela village has refuted the claim of PM that pictures tweeted from the handle of Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal were not of their village and no programme was organized in the village on Independence Day. “No programme was organized in our village. The picture with children watching the Independence Day programme does not belong to our village,” he said.


People in the village also claim that poles have been set up and electricity metres have been installed in the houses but there is no power supply. When contacted DVVNL MD SVS.Rathore Said electricity is already there from a very long time but later he refused to comment. The Nagla Fatela village comes under Sasni tehsil of Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh. Electricity is basic requirement and it should be a top most priority for every government to fulfil this need. We have contacted DM Hathras and UP Power Ministry, their reply is awaited.