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Lit the goodness of Diwali


Diwali , the festival of light, is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the victorious fete over darkness. But with changing times, it also raises new complications.The exorbitant amount of firecrackers used during the festival also brings in pollution issues. Bursting of crackers not only frightens the innocuous pets at homes and disturbs the aged, it also emits harmful and hazardous gases which also affects the human body. Diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases,lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be triggered by the rising level of air pollution.It can also affect pregnant women and newborn babies. The resultant noise pollution can also spiked ischemic heart diseases and hearing impairment.


Going earthy is a great way to usher in the festival of goodness.Instead of  using numerous bulbs which consumes exorbitant electricity, handmade oil diyas is a traditional and cost effective way to decorate for the festival of lights. Not only are the clay made diyas bio-degradable, it also beautifies the occasion. Diwalis also is a special time where gifts are exchanged.It is an appropriate and thoughtful gesture if one would give their loved ones kitchen garden essentials such as chives and culantro seeds which can be grown easily on the balcony in the urban spaces. These greens will not only purify the air around but will also help provide oxygen.

This festival also sees many eager people cleaning and whitewashing their homes.A cost effective and bio-degradable approach is to decorate the rangoli with rice grains,rice paste and colourful pulses instead of the harmful and expensive powders. Flowers such as roses and marigold and green and red leaves can also be used to adorn the rangolis.

Another important aspect of this festival is the food culture.It is essential to take care of one’s health during the festive season as one tends to gorge on food that are delicious to the tastebuds but are extremely unhealthy.Oodles of sugary desserts, ladened with calories are used during the making of sweets for Diwali. Chickpeas flour, semolina and black rice along with jaggery and honey as sweeteners is recommended.Black rice pudding aren’t only classy to look at but is highly nutritious.It is not only a good source of antioxidants but anthocyanin too which aids as anti-inflammatory,anti-viral and helps in preventing cancer.


Wow! Now Go For A Ride In These Special Cab if You Love Spending Time With Your Pet

If you are pet lover then moving around with your pet and conveyance is the main problem. Travelling in a cab is so convenient, right? You can go from one place to another in a comfortable cab ride instead of being riding an auto and bearing the harsh weather.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a new cab service in the market especially for pets. This cab service is launched for pets and can help you to take them anywhere without any hassle.

A couple in Pune was taking care of 12 puppies six months ago which they found abandoned in the office parking lot. Aditya Mahkaria has a 40 years’ experience of running a cab business and Priya Kailad has worked in animal welfare. It was Priya who took the responsibility of finding a new home for these puppies and give them for adoption. Out of twelve, eleven of them, later on, got adopted.

It was at the time of taking them from one place to another, finding them good homes and making Shure about their safety that both of them realised that how costly this process is.

Talking to a daily, Aditya explained that while taking the furry pets they have to take a cab, drop them on their location and after that have to send the cab for cleaning as due to their fur the customers might find the cab dirty. It was a long and expensive process.

It is then Priya came up with an idea of a cab, especially for pets. They have faced a lot during the process of adoption and Aditya having decades of experiencing in cab helped them create ‘Petxi’.

“It’s a no profit, no loss policy we follow for rescue services. During our tussle with adoption, we understood how tough it could be to get a vet during emergencies, which is why this became a part of the services we provide. We charge ₹12/km, which barely covers the fuel, car maintenance, and the driver’s salary. It’s a no profit, no loss policy” said Aditya.

This is the only service of this type in Pune and is mostly intra- city. Priya while talking about the management of dogs in the cars said, “Travelling long hours, huddled up in a car can make them very uncomfortable. We advise our customers not to go beyond 4-5 hours. They might feel stuffy if kept cooped up in a car for long travelling hours.”

Our pets deserve the same treatment as a family member and this pet service just make peoples worries go away. They keep a track of these pet’s rides via GPS and let us not take any more tension for them. This is a great initiative by both of them and should be praised for their work.

By – Parul Kulshrestha

#AnimalCruelty: The video of a Stray Dog being beaten up by Man is going viral on the Internet.

A stray dog was brutally beaten up by bamboo sticks in one of the housing complexes, as per the reports of The Times of India.

According to the CCTV footage installed in the building, a few men armed with bamboo sticks barged into the Jawahar Nagar residential complex. They pounded the dog ruthlessly with the sticks until the poor animal cried plaintively and died eventually.

The CCTV footage led to the arrest of the accused. The Goregaon police arrested Kishan R Bagwat who was the prime accused and booked him under the IPC section 429 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The disconcerted animal activists shared the CCTV footage widely so that people realize the violence meted out to the poor animals.

A Goregaon-based animal activist, Bhavin Gathani exclaimed:

“There were several spectators who were silently witnessing the crime taking place. I want to urge all citizens to at least call the police emergency number ‘100’ any time they witness any crime in public. This can act as a deterrent against those who feel they can get away with murder.” The incident triggered rage amongst the animal activists and animal lovers and they pleaded the people to not hurt the animals, even if they bite people.

The activists told that the municipal authorities should be informed if such an incident takes place so that sterilization drive can be arranged. The authorities have opined that they wouldn’t treat this case casually and the accused will be punished. Only if people know the repercussions, they’d not hurt animals.

Watch the video here:

This video will bring tears in your eyes; Amritsar family Performing last rites to their dearest Dog

“No one in this world can love you the way your dog does” One of the most beautiful lines ever said on the bond between a man and a dog. A dog loves his master unconditionally, more than he loves himself. They treat you like you are the most special human on this earth. They can understand when you are sad; they are always by your side in your ups and downs. If you have ever owned a pet, you can understand that pets are more than just animals, they are family. And losing a dog is one of the biggest losses one could bear. We had been sent this video from one of our readers from Amritsar, where we can feel the sadness of this family when they lost the most special member of their family. This family is performing their dog’s last rites according to the Sikh traditions. This video shows how this family was emotionally connected to their pet.
Even according to some Austrian researchers, the relationship between pet owners and their dogs is very similar to the deep connection between young children and their parents.
They examined the ‘secure base effect’, which is a key element in child/parent bonding that had not examined between dog owners and their pets.

‘Toast’ a Dog is trending on Social Media for writing a ‘Book’ Unbelievable!

People write books, college students write books but have you ever heard a ‘Dog’ writing a book?? If not then get ready to surf with us the new book that has been written by a very famous Dog celebrity of Instagram named ‘Toast’. Yes, Toast has written a book for dog’s style. A 10-year-old ruby Cavalier with marble-round eyes and an unreasonably long tongue that flops out one side of her mouth, Toast was rescued from a puppy mill half a decade ago by Sturino and her husband Josh Ostrovsky (better known as the Instagram comedian “Fat Jew”). It’s a rags-to-riches story. Toast commands a following of 355,000 on Instagram and is repped by DBA (Digital Brand Architects), an agency that specializes in internet celebrities.


Toast Hampton: How to summer style (Harper Design, 2016) consists of 120 sleek pages of photographs showing Toast posing against tony Hamptons backdrops. In some images, the dog wears sunglasses or sweaters; in others, she appears au naturel, with her trademark lolling tongue. The photos are professionally shot and are full of colorful ornaments that are similar to what you’ll find scrolling through Toast’s Instagram except bigger, fancier and, well, with a $16.99 price tag attached.


Reading the book or looking at the pictures, rather, since the text consists of one-line captions like: “As I always say: paws up kale salad!”—feels a bit like printing out a Twitter meme, putting it up on your fridge for a sense of permanence and then being confronted with the resounding meaninglessness of existence. Now that’s what we call a swag!