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Delhi Court judge Rekha Rani refused alimony to wife instead asked her to earn

Under section 36 of our constitution during divorce, both husband and wife can ask for alimony from each other. Whoever is the earning member will have to pay alimony to her better half. As per our Indian culture husband pays the alimony in most of the cases but in Delhi a unique divorce took place. Wife demanded alimony of 12 thousand rupees from her husband. What husband did is really hilarious. He said in front of high court judge that he is ready to pay the alimony but on a genuine basis. He added that my wife is more qualified than me. She is a Gold Medalist in Science and she can find a better job than. She can earn more than me then why should I pay her alimony.

Delhi Judge after hearing to the plea of the husband. She said no alimony would be granted to the wife instead she asked her to earn. After Rekha Rani advice to her to find a job, the wife added that she had never traveled the city alone. She added I had always asked him to accompany me but he always refused. Judge Rekha Rani found her excuse distasteful and bogus and she refused her plea rather asked her to earn instead of asking for alimony.

Fan Girl Kangana Ranaut Meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi

Kangana Ranaut is a fan of Narendra Modi and had the pleasure of meeting the Prime Minister at an event in New Delhi on March 17. The 30-year-old actress was invited to speak at the News 18 Rising India Summit, where she met PM Modi while pictures of them have been made available online. Kangana, resplendent in a saree, was photographed greeting PM Modi and Central Board of Film Certification Chairman Prasoon Joshi at the summit.

At the summit, Kangana confessed that she is a “fan” of PM Modi and said: “I am a big Modi fan because of his success story. As a young woman, I do believe that we need to have right role models. I mean the graph and the ambition of an ordinary man and whenever we have a PM who is a chaiwala, then I always say that it is not his victory but it is the victory of our democracy. I feel he is the right role model.”

Kangana was all for nationalism and also criticised those who whine about lack of infrastructure and cleanliness in the country.

“I meet people and it has become a cool thing to say bad things about your country…I hear the youths always complaining and whining that ‘the country does not have infrastructure and it is so dirty’… This attitude is not okay. If the country is dirty, then are you the guests? Why don’t you clean it,” she said.

Workwise, Kangana Ranaut, last seen in Simran, will feature next in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi and Mental Hai Kya.

Barack Obama to rekindle Town Hall magic once again in Delhi

“Young Indians like you aren’t just going to define the future of this nation, you’re going to shape the world”, that’s what the former US President Obama believes. With intent to design international programming committed to comprehend how young minds are making a difference in their community, the Obama Foundation is all set to host an event in Town Hall in New Delhi, India on December 1 with President Obama and hundreds of Indian leaders from across the country.

This year, the president has hosted events within Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and now, his visit is scheduled for India.

“As one of the most culturally, religiously, linguistically, and ethnically diverse nations on earth, India’s democracy shows us the collective strength of engagement within and across communities. Most of India’s 1 billion people are under 35 years old, an engaged and passionate generation that includes Members of Parliament, Village Sarpanchs, scientists, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders who are finding innovative ways to create positive change across India — change that benefits the world,” the foundation considers.

The Town Hall will expand the conversation about what it means to be an active citizen and make an impact — and how the Obama Foundation can support emerging leaders in this effort.

At the inaugural Global Summit in Chicago, the foundation convened young leaders working to create change in their communities and hosted inspiring Indians like Trisha Shetty, who started an organization called She Says with the aim to educate and empower women and men to take action against sexual abuse. Leaders like Sanchana Krishnan, who works with communities to normalize mental health issues.

Obama in the gathering to hearten the civic innovators and their change making initiatives to widen programs that will engage, empower, connect, and spotlight people that are tackling challenges in their communities.

The last time visit of Obama to India is a clear example of the historic visit. The crowds cheered his speech at Siri Fort in Delhi, “We are the strongest when we see the inherent dignity in everybody.”

To rekindle and ignite the young civic innovators, his visit is sure to be a guiding flambeau of knowledge.

So, Obama fans rush to book tickets to get a glimpse and encouragement from the former President!

Virat Kohli’s Restaurant Hosts Indian Cricket Team in Delhi

Indian cricket team is in New Delhi for the first T20 International against New Zealand. But, on the eve of the match, the team paid a visit to a special place in the national capital. Captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli, who hails from the capital, invited his team to Nueva, a chain of restaurants owned by him.

On Tuesday night, members of the Indian cricket team including Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul and MS Dhoni were seen at the restaurant along with Kohli. The players celebrated the marriage anniversary of Dhawan.

The picture shows how much the players have enjoyed being a part of that party and the way they celebrated Shikhar Dhawan’s 5th Marriage Anniversary.

Delhi’s rag-picker who sheltered stray dogs ‘razed’ by MCD officials

Dogs are a man’s best friends, they say. But unfortunately, street dogs don’t always get the kind of care and attention they deserve. But one lady has relentlessly taken care of stray dogs all her life. Pratima Devi, a 65-year-old rag picker takes care of around 400 stray dogs in South Delhi’s plush locality Saket.

Pratima Devi was taken aback on Monday night when MCD officials and the Delhi police asked her to vacate her make-shift dog shelter and threatened to run vehicles over her and her dogs if she refused to do so, ANI reported.

The Delhi High Court, in its recent order had noted that feeding or sheltering stray dogs in the common area of a private property can cause a nuisance. It had warned the residents of South Delhi to ensure that the canines do not cause fear of discomfort to others.

The order came in the backdrop of a January order of the Supreme Court which categorically said: “stray dogs have a right to live.” During that hearing, the apex court had reacted sharply when a submission was made that such canines should be completely eliminated across the country. The apex court has been hearing a batch of petitions on issues relating to orders passed by various civic bodies on the culling of stray dogs, especially in Kerala and Mumbai.

 Despite being an ordinary ragpicker with limited means, Pratima Devi is known as the ‘Dog Lady’ or Amma among those who know her or have seen her around the PVR Complex in Saket. She not only feeds them twice a day but also nurses them and makes sure that they are properly vaccinated.

Pratima, said, “The MCD officials came along with police and threatened to run over a vehicle over her and the dogs if she doesn’t vacant the place.”

“They even threw the dogs’ food, said pained Pratima Devi, the “Dog lady of Delhi”.

Video recording of driving licence to be implemented in Delhi soon

Delhi govt is ready to examine videography possibility for granting driving licence

Very soon you are tested at the wheel for a driving licence, be ready to have your performance video-recoded. The Delhi government informed the Delhi High Court on Friday that it had agreed to the court’s suggestion to record practical tests taken by licence-seekers as a step to prevent untrained or rash drivers from getting licences particularly in order to check irregularities in issuing of licences, both commercial and private, to unskilled drivers.

The government standing counsel informed a Bench headed of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal that “we are in process of informing our training schools that they should do the needful”. Thus, for this process videographers will be hired to record for both commercial and light vehicles. High Court then asked to file a status report detailing the procedure and how it intends to go about implementing it, along with the given period of time. Adding to his words he says, “CCTV cameras have already been installed for indoor tests and now videographers will be placed”.
The Bench headed by Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal asked the Delhi government if practical tests (driving test) conducted before granting of licence under the Motor Vehicles Act can be video-recorded in the last hearing in April this year. The government said it will examine the possibility of doing the same.
Hearing on the PIL filed by social activist Pawan Kumar who alleged that there was collusion and rampant corruption in the city’s transport department, and blamed its officials for a spate of accidents causing by speeding or rash driving.He also sought directions to the department and other agencies to reduce accidents by untrained drivers, who need to be identified at the very first stage when they apply for a license.

On the last date of hearing, Justice Mittal wondered why the department doesn’t videograph the tests under taken by applicants to check corruption by its staff and bring in greater transparency in the process. HC recommended that the recordings of such practical tests must be preserved for a long time to zero in on people who cause accidents due to reckless driving.

Selling Books as Cheap as 10 rs Wow!, The Book Shop in Lajpat Bhawan is The Place To Go!

what is the cheapest book you have ever bought, or correctly asked what was the price of the last book you bought?  I may help you with that, the minimum of a book costs around 250. What if you get the same book for the cheapest price available. Are you a book lover! Then this place is surely the right place for you, it offers books at the minimum price of 10, what better than that you get as the offer.

So Delhi discovered this new bookshop in town, and your pile is only about to increase. Simply called ‘Book Shop’, the bookstore is situated inside Lajpat Bhawan near the Moolchand metro station. it really has an old world charm around it, with books costing as little as Rs 10 (the old ones especially), and fresh copies of the latest bestsellers too. Decent 50 Shades of Grey copy is available for just Rs 150!

If the sheer space that you suddenly find yourself in is not a surprise reprieve, a library filled with people and books, a little bookshop almost like in children’s story books, diagnostic centres with rate lists that you thought no more exist in the city, a busy relief counter for the needy, and a women’s centre with a unit that sells only hand-pounded spices, are the other abiding features that Lajpat Bhawan can throw at you. And yes, there is a school inside it too.

Well, there we were, so many like me, who just took Lajpat Bhawan to be a building that only hosts a sale of shirts and trousers from time to time!

Its library has over 60,000 books. Many people go there every day to read newspapers, also to make use of preparatory books for competitive exams. Some students from nearby come here to study because of lack of space and silence in their home

Something that is really impressive about the store is the sheer variety of books in stock – right from really old classics to the B-novels and some new ones too, stacked side by side in an unorganised manner. The books are by the thousands and if it pleases you, you can sit here and go through all of them and come up with a bunch of your which you could read or buy.

As for the public libraries on our high streets, they’re either being closed, or their book fund is being cut, having probably been starved for years anyway Certainly, publishers are worried that books may be becoming less visible as we go about our daily business. There are fewer chances for us to catch a shop-window glimpse of the debut novel by the exciting new author they’re desperate for us to discover, or to stumble across the cult writer on the table inside.

And if we’re not seeing books as often as we did, there’s a fear that out of sight is out of mind. Meanwhile, for people who love browsing – that most traditional book lover’s pleasure – the squeeze on the high street is very unwelcome. How can you immerse yourself in the world of books – trawling shelves, leafing through volumes, thumbing pages, discovering an author you never knew you wanted to read until they fell into your hand – if a visit to a well-stocked shop becomes a rare luxury?

The most unforgettable aspect of this place is the homely and unkempt vibe of it. To top it all, their collection entails a fee manuscripts as well. Amazing! It’s like your very own bookstore. You can sit here for hours in search of the perfect book that you want or donate your books and volunteer to help them out too as they always welcome new volunteers.

the store remains open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 10.30 am and 1 pm. The store also invites contributions from your own book collection. So if you like the place, you could spread the cheer by sharing some of your own favourite books.


SHOCKING! Delhi High Court Lawyer Caught On Video Thrashing Daughter And Wife

In a yet another disturbing incident of domestic violence, a video of a Delhi High Court lawyer thrashing and abusing his wife and daughter has been submitted to the Delhi Police for investigation. The one-minute video, filmed by the lawyer’s other daughter, shows him continually hitting his daughter even after she falls to the ground.

His wife reportedly told the cops that he assaulted them because he did not have a son. She also told news outlets that she has been under similar pressure from her mother-in-law, who allegedly has the same sexist attitude towards both her daughters. According to reports, a case of domestic violence has been filed against him.

Ruining all the laws of Nature, man raped the girl corpse in New Delhi.

In a shocking incident, a man was arrested for allegedly having unnatural sex with the body of a girl, which was later found abandoned along the bank of Yamuna, near Sarai Kale Khan Bus stand, on Tuesday.

This seems to be the height of lustiness that how a man can be this much cruel that he can rape a dead body or a corpse of a girl. There are so many prostitution hubs in a city like Delhi than how come anyone can commit such insensible action instead of helping that corpse to get a valid or genuine farewell from this world of insane people.

After a pedestrian reported the incident to police, they detained the accused, who is reportedly suffering from necrophilia. He was later sent to the judicial custody.

A case has been registered against the man at the Sarai Kale Khan Police Station under relevant sections.

Hard-nosed bureaucrats breeding mosquitoes in North Block; NDMC time to take action now?

North Block, where hard-nosed bureaucrats of the powerful Union home and finance ministries decide on critical issues, has become a breeding ground for blood-sucking mosquitoes. To make matters worse, the officials are least bothered about the fact that they are sitting on a ticking health bomb.

The most interesting part here is that Delhi being the most affected area of dengue and chikungunya seems to be really cool and careless of the actually reason behind this i.e. mosquitoes! There are not even 10 cases registered against anyone for mosquito breeding. But to a contrary note, the famous Bollywood stars who are totally unaware of their surroundings maybe, are getting bundles of notices from BMC!

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) slapped a notice on former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen after some mosquito breeding spots were found at her residence.
Sen is the second bollywood star after Shahid Kapoor to receive the BMC notice this year. Three mosquito breeding spots were found at her residence.

When the New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC) inspectors walked into the building to check mosquito breeding, they faced resistance from the officials who prevented them from carrying out the checks. When they finally did manage to get access after a virtual showdown, the inspectors to their surprise found the premises to be ridden with mosquitoes.
Last year, the NDMC had issued over 125 notices to the President’s Estate after “heavy” mosquito-breeding was found at various places on its sprawling campus.

We hope the NDMC takes this matter in concern this year too, as the death toll due to mosquitoes is a frightening warning to them!