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This Hollywood actress sparks with her Bollywood inspired outfit at MTV awards.

Sunday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards after she appeared on the red carpet wearing a Bollywood-inspired outfit, complete with henna art (mehndi) on her hands and a bindi on her forehead.

Turning heads, but not for the best reason. Almost instantly, the “Teen Mom” star faced criticism from people on Twitter who called her out for cultural appropriation. As you may know, Abraham is not Indian, nor is she a Bollywood star.

Abraham didn’t seem too concerned about the backlash though, telling TooFab that she wanted to “bring culture” to the red carpet and thought her look would “inspire others to embrace new cultures and have good experiences.”

She also said her outfit, which is admittedly beautiful on its own, made her feel “freaking amazing, Bollywood and sexy.”

Still, we can all agree that adopting another culture’s traditional dress and stripping it of context diminishes it to nothing more than a costume.

Shocking! Roadies and Bigg boss fame Ashutosh Kaushik’s brother attacked by goons

The MTV roadies 5.0 and Bigg Boss season 2 winner Ashutosh Kaushik faced a shocking incident on Friday night. Ashutosh’s younger brother was attacked by some goons late at night when he returning home after closing his shop. The goons ran away soon after hitting and looting him and not a single person was there to help him.

The Kaushik family owns a jeweler shop in Saharanpur. Saharanpur is a town in Uttar Pradesh state which is presently functioning under the Akhilesh Yadav government. The violation of law and order is one of the most common instances in Uttar Pradesh. If we refer to the past incidents which include the brutal rapes and murders, looting and attack on a person seems to be really small and inconsiderable. Inconsiderable, because it took place in a state where the government does not even considers taking action on a rape incident.

Late round 10.30 pm at night, when Ashutosh’s brother Anuj Kaushik was returning home after closing the shop, he was suddenly attacked by some unidentified men who stabbed him with a rod on his head. According to Ashutosh the motive behind the attack could be loot and personal animosity.

Anuj Kaushik (age 25) is still under medical supervisions. Ashutosh exclusively talked to news leak center saying that, “The motive behind the attack was loot. The police have arrested only one of the attackers while the other attackers are still out of police custody.”

Further details on the incident are awaited. We are waiting for the SSP Saharanpur’s statement and take on the incident. Isn’t this a complete failure of law and order of our society where goons are roaming fearless in the daylight and such incidents are still taken so lightly?