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Technology to the rescue: Nitish relies on IM to remain connected to minorities

Immediately after he formed the new government in Bihar with the support of the BJP, Nitish Kumar called a meeting of the minority cell of his Janata Dal (U) party to discuss his political plans on minority issues.

The meeting, and his speech in the assembly during the trust vote where he made special reference to the works he has done for minorities in the past are seen as efforts by the chief minister to placate those Muslims who might have become suspicious of his move to join hands with the BJP. Muslims are a sizeable vote bank in Bihar and are seen as closer to Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal.

There is little doubt that RJD’s Muslim-Yadav combination has got further strengthened in the new political situation. If JD(U) rebel leader Sharad Yadav also joins them, it would hurt the BJP-Nitish combine’s efforts to woo RJD’s traditional Yadav votes as well. So, Nitish is left with no option but to send out a positive message about him to minority voters.

He already has several credentials to show. The same Nitish, with the BJP as his ally then, had paved the way for the setting up a branch of Aligarh Muslim University in Bihar

Now, it is to be seen how he deals with the BJP on such issues under the current tenure. JD(U)’s national executive meet, which is scheduled to be held on August 19, is likely to make the picture clear, a party source said. Nitish would seek to avoid any chance for minority voters to become “aggressive” in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, where the BJP and JD(U) are set to contest as allies

But the situation has changed now. His party’s Muslim face and Rajya Sabha member, Ali Anwar, who is considered to be popular among ‘Pasmanda Muslims’, has sided with Sharad Yadav over the issue of the BJP tie-up. JD(U) sources, meanwhile, don’t expect the BJP to annoy the CM on his efforts to pacify minorities. “If Nitish requires the BJP in Bihar, the BJP politically needs him as an OBC face outside Bihar.

We hope the BJP will use him in the coming Gujarat assembly polls to woo Patidar voters,” said a party leader. “So, wait for the time when the BJP requires his services for its own political growth in other parts of the country.” The statement shows the JD(U)’s focus on increasing its bargaining capacity with the BJP. The chief minister has already shown his generosity by giving a good share of ministerial berths to the BJP in his new government.

In the meantime, there are media reports about the possibility of a split in the Congress party’s MLA camp. The Congress has 27 MLAs and if some of them break away, it will be advantageous for the JD(U).

Bizarre: Meerut Mayor Orders Nagar Nigam Board To Say ‘Vande Matram’ Or Face Sanctions

On Tuesday, another incident of Intolerance has surfaced. This time the stems are connected to the city Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

For an instance, The Mayor of Meerut, Harikant Ahluwalia(BJP leader) has announced that every member of the Nagar Nigam Board will have to sing VANDE MATRAM  before every session unless they won’t be allowed to participate in any of the board meeting or proceedings.

This announcement was followed by a slight protest by the corporators of Nagar Nigam Board, who reportedly belong to the minority community. As they started quoting Hon’ble Supreme Courts orders stating that no citizen if bound to sing the National Song (Vande Matram) against his will or forcibly. This will lead to no criminal charges against the accused.

Eventually, this was the first meeting after BJP came into rule. Singing Vande Matram before the proceedings had been a tradition to Nagar Nigam for so long. But, before BJP govt. those who don’t will to sing the song were allowed to leave the hall and return after its over.

On Tuesday as well, the same routine was supposed to be followed but when a muslim Municipal Counsellor began to leave the hall BJP members began yelling “ Hindustan me rahoge to Vande Matram kahoge”

All this lead to an aggressive argument between the members. This was supposively controlled by Mr. Ahluwalia, as he passed the resolution by voice vote which makes singing Vande Matram mendatoy.

From the facts, it is known that in a house of 80 members, BJP holds the majority with 45 members belonging, while on the other hand the minority community holds only 25 members.

Reports says that the atmosphere of the Nagar Nigam Hall was charged up to a chaos, but the Muslims somehow managed to make their exit secure, escaping the so called Nationalists.