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To Encourage children to read more, Mc Donald’s come up with Roald Dahl’s book

To Encourage children to read more, Mc Donald’s come up with Roald Dahl’s book

A unique initiative by McDonalds UK might just change your opinion and make you wonder why it’s not adopted by India as well. McDonald’s has teamed up with the estate of Roald Dahl to give millions of books along with Happy Meals, according to a report. The initiative is a part of McDonalds’ Happy Readers project.

The Happy Readers project was officially launched in early 2013 and since then McDonalds have given more than 22.8 million books. Previously, they have given books by Enid Blyton and from Dorling Kindersley’s Amazing World series. The initiative is also supported by National Literacy Trust in UK.

The fast food giant is making 800,000 of the children’s books available in happy meals across New Zealand, as part of its Happy Meal Readers programme. The books will feature extracts from Roald Dahl’s beloved books alongside illustrations by Quentin Blake. The special books will be available in Happy Meals across New Zealand for the next six week.

“The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading,” Jo Mitchell, director of marketing at McDonald’s New Zealand, announced. “The Roald Dahl characters are ones that many parents will have enjoyed growing up, and it’s great to play a part in introducing them to a new generation.”

43 Of 55 McDonald’s Outlets To Shut Down Today, More Than 1700 Will Lose Jobs.

The Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL) board took an unprecedented move, to shut down 43 out of 55 outlets of McDonalds in Delhi from Thursday.

The closure is because of the decision by the board of directors of the Connaught Plaza Restaurants Ltd, the 50:50 local joint venture between former managing director of CPRL Vikram Bakshi and McDonald’s, following a dispute between the two parties.

“It’s unfortunate, but operation of 43 restaurants operated by CPRL has been temporarily suspended,” said Vikram Bakshi. The decision to shut down the restaurants was taken during a board meeting on Skype on Wednesday.

The sources reported that CPRL board failed to get the mandatory regulatory health licences renewed because of the infighting between Bakshi and McDonald’s, resulting 1,700 to lose job.

Marketing and branding experts feel that the closure of 43 restaurants will hurt McDonald’s, which was overtaken by pizza chain Domino’s in 2013 as the largest quick service restaurant chain in the country. Ashita Aggarwal, head of marketing at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research said, “It’s a body blow for the brand” . Brand strategist Harish Bijoor said that unless McDonald’s sorts out its legal problems, its brand will decline further.

By: Simran Dhingra.

McDonald’s Canada Is Giving All The Good Feels One Can Have By Offering Free Books

Canada never fails to impress us, whether it’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s friendly nature or the Indian’s strength in the country. And adding to the list comes the next big thing which will give you all the good reasons to give more respect for the country.

McDonald’s Canada has suddenly claimed the spot of most awesome place to eat and hangout by offering free books with purchase of every Happy Meal.

In a deal, McDonald’s has partnered with a children’s publisher kids can press to bring this into action. Thus, the interminable happiness comes with the idea of eating McDonald’s and reading books.

Indubitably, one of the safest ways to gift your child the ability to widen their perspective, enlarge their knowledge, and facilitate a world beyond reality is via books, and Mcdonald’s has somehow nailed it here.

All the featured books will be Canadian, including Franklin the Turtle by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark, Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt, the beloved Life in the Wild series by Nicholas Oldland and the Dragon Safety Series from Jean E. Pendziwol and Martine Gourbault.

Other than this, they’ve some additional offers for readers, who can participate in literacy initiatives to make book donations to Canadian children.

All they need to do is upload a “selfie” – a photo with a bookshelf – and share it with the hashtag #OwnaBookGiveaBook. Up to 20,000 books will be donated via the hashtag online.

Meanwhile, this is their first such initiative in Canada where an estimated million books will be offered. McDonald’s has been running this drive in the United States for a number of years and it has garnered tremendous success.

First Book Canada is the organisation striving to combat literacy issues by offering access to the literary world to kids, and this drive is one of their many initiatives.

 Furthermore, McDonald’s will install Little Free Libraries at Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada.

“Books are an important piece of building a better future, and can inspire children to learn, create, and better understand the world around them,” said McDonald’s Canada CMO Anoinette Benoit in a release.

 (This report was first published in Indiatimes)

McDonald’s has launched ‘Nutella Burger’, and that’s all we wanted from them.

A Mcdonald’s Nutella Burger, Yes it’s real!

Nuetlla is love! You can have it everyday with everything. But did you ever think that you’ll be able to have it in a burger? Well, thanks to the good folks at McDonald’s, now you can!
The new burger called ‘Sweety Con Nutella’ Sweety with Nutella has Mcdonald’s soft buns with generous amount of mouth-watering Nutella filled in the centre!

Right now, the extravagant dessert is only available in Italy but we hope that it makes its way to India very soon.

“A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist,” McDonald’s wrote on Facebook.



If the Chinese knew about ‘Manchurian’ and ‘Schezwan’ they might instantly request a divorce!

Indian’s have a long history of adding their own flavour to any other cusine.  Around 75km (47 miles) northeast of Mumbai, along India’s first access-controlled expressway, there is a slightly grubby food court that offers a combo of continental and south Indian food like Mexican dosa, a Russian-salad dosa and a Schezwan dosa. It doesnot sounds so different?

Yes! Packed with families from a middle class that has, roughly after the turn of the century, fallen in love with the automobile and the open road, the expressway food plaza hints at the restless energy of emerging India – a constant search for new destinations and experiences.

The dosa, a popular rice pancake, usually crispy brown on one side, white on the otherside. In Delhi, you will get a dosa prepared with punjabi flavour, which is generally diffrent from its original taste. Dosa originated in south India but with growing internal migration, is now known nationwide. India’s great restlessness has forced the birth of hundreds of dosa varieties, more than this article can record. Have a look at the Indi-dosa cusine.

Relations between the world’s two most populour countries are scrappy at the best of times. It seems like there is so much influence of chinese flaovour in indian food. We pre assume that the food is Chinese if the word “Schezwan” is present in the menu.
“Schezwan” is a corruption of “Sichuan”, a Chinese province that lends its name to a style of cooking known for the use of hot peppers – or chillies, as we call them. Indian-Chinese can take many forms depending on what part of the country you are in.

The fun part is that no one really knows how Schezwan sauce and the dosa got combination, but of that meeting there are myriad manifestations such as the Schezwan butter dosa, the Schezwan masala dosa, and the Schezwan noodle dosa

So, Indians are latching on to Thai, Mexican, Indonesian, Malay and Italian food. But Indian people are so addicted to Indian flavours that they want the flavour of Indian food everytime. So, McDonald’s has a best-selling, spiced vegetarian Mac Aloo Tikki (potato patty) burger, Pizza Hut offers a “curry crust” flavoured with coriander, cardamom and fenugreek and Dominos has a “southern chilly chicken” topping.
The rich may enjoy those fancy tortillas and baos, but the middle classes are still content with the wonders of Schezwan!

Newer, wilder interpretations of foreign fusions include spiced chicken tikkas wrapped in tortillas (with tandoori salad and garlic aioli), samosas – savoury puffs – stuffed with pizza, and Punjabi butter chicken gravy stuffed into a bao, a Chinese steamed bun.
The rich may enjoy those fancy tortillas and baos, but the middle-classes are still content with the wonders of the Schezwan dosa.

The poor may appear to have few choices, but street carts with cheap “gobhi (cauliflower) manchurian” small town. If middle class people want to have food from the outside, the first thing they will do is ride out for a Schezwan dosa.

US has got more ‘Gun Shops’ than Starbucks & McDonald’s put together!

The Orlando shooting took the lives of 50 people and scarred the entire United States in what is the worst mass shooting in generations. Not only are this Accidental Gun Deaths Involving Children also Major Problem in US. Now just understand why shooting is so common?
Gun child

It’s not difficult to buy a gun in America. Buying a gun is as easy as buying a Frappuccino. You will be surprised to know that there are almost 65,000 gun dealerships in the US, which is more than supermarkets, McDonald’s and Starbucks put is as easy to buy a gun in US as a toy .Hundreds of stores sell guns, from big chains like Walmart to family-run shops .you can attend one of the dozens of gun shows that take place almost every weekend nationwide .this father’s day too lot of gun shows are being organised. People also regularly buy guns from neighbours or family members. Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and injuries annually .President Barack Obama tried to nudge the conversation towards stricter gun control, much of country remains involved in a love affair with firearms. There are children dying due to unintentional shootings, more can always be done to promote healthy gun ownership to Americans. Americans teach their kids for fire safety, poison safety, stranger safety, driving and many more acts so why they don’t teach them firearm safety?