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Nagpur police were shocked and at the same time were confused how to handle a situation in they were. A boy wanted the police to file a complaint were he stated that a girl has stolen his heart. He wanted the police to get back the “stolen” heart.

Police officials often get complaints of stolen assets like car, bike, jewellery and many more but this bizarre case them where the station in-charge had to contact his superior for advice to dealing with the situation.

“Senior spoke to the man and made him understand that there is no section under indian law which deals with such problems and they do not have a solution to his problem”, said Mr. Upadhyay, a police official.

Internet Goes Viral By Kendall Jenner’s Love Making With Anwar Hadid

It seems like love in the air! Recently, Gigi Hadid was spotted locking lips with her former beau Zayn Malik on the streets of New York after their breaks up. It was really heartbreaking for all of their fans but naturally, they were relieved to know the possibility of a rekindled romance. Although the lovebirds still haven’t clear about it, fans have eagerly been waiting for the official announcement. A few months later, we spotted Gigi’s younger sibling, Bella Hadid going on date nights with her former beau in Paris and just now, early on Tuesday morning, TMZ captured representatives from two hot and powerful families bravely locking lips at a CFDA Fashion Award after-party: Kendall Jenner and the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, Anwar.

In such season of love, it becomes quite normal to know that their younger sibling Anwar Hadid is also willing to fall in love. Earlier yesterday, a blurred image of Anwar locking lips with a lady went viral. It has been shown that the two apparently started cuddling and making out around 2 a.m. at Socialista New York, though Hadid probably should not have been. After all, the couple clearly showed restraint.

Though, TMZ later revealed that Anwar’s lady love was none other than Kendall Jenner at CFDA Awards after-party in New York City. Check the photos out below.

TMZ reported that “Eyewitnesses tell us Kendall was hangin’ with Anwar at Socialista New York for about 2 hours — kissing, cuddling and drinking with the youngest Hadid sibling the whole time. She ended up heading back to her hotel by herself around 4 AM or so … no Anwar in sight.” As per a report in E News, Kendall and Anwar have known each other for many years, “

Fit To Fight Awards 2017: Kangana Ranaut Stuns On The Red Carpet



Reebok’s initiative that was introduced in 2016 featuring Kangana Ranaut, ‘Girls Don’t Fight’ campaign, puts the ordinary Indian woman at its core and shows how fitness helps tackle the varied challenges imposed on them. Reebok aims to break the most perpetuated stereotype faced by every woman and tell the world that girls, in fact, can and do fight. Each year they hold an award ceremony honoring women who have stood up for themselves. This year, they had the entire shenanigans of the red carpet too, it was one sizzling red carpet.



The face of the Reebok #FitToFight campaign looked absolutely stunning in a maroon gown with a ruffled cape by Tony Ward. With matching lips and hair tied back into a bun, she looks like a 50’s diva. We’re officially in love.

She is looking absolutely Gorgeous in her Red Outfit. Afterall Girl bosses all the way. More Power to her

9 Secrets elder Sisters Will Never Tell You, And 9 They Want You To Know.

Life is a journey, people walk in and out of our lives due to one reason or the other, but sisters are for life.

1.OK, first things first. You should know that some things are always ours just because we’re older than you. This includes the TV remote….

2. The front seat of the Car…

When my sister tried to make the front seat there was one mature response. My mom drove us back like this

3. And the right to shower first…

4.But if anyone else tells you-you can’t have something, we’ll defend your right to have it without a moment’s hesitation.

5.You should know how much we hated being dressed in the same clothes as you. And I’m sorry but it was worse for us because we’re older.

6. That said, those pictures are kinda cute to look back on now.

We’ll never admit it, but we might even make our own kids dress the same one day.

7.And, even though we won’t ever tell you, you were really adorable back then.

Looking back at old photos makes us realize how cute you were.

8.You should know that whenever you left the house, we went through all your personal belongings and read your diary.

9.But even though it sounds messed up, we only did it because we cared.

In our own weird way, we just wanted to make sure everything was OK with you.

10.And we were really mean to everyone you b**CHED about in your diary.

If you hated someone, we automatically hated them too.

11. You should know that we still borrow your stuff all the time.

Nine out of ten times, when you lose something it’s because we have it.

12. And even though we won’t say it out loud we’re happy to return the favour. You may borrow whatever you like.

AS Long as you actually return it.

13.We’ll never apologise for covering your apologies for covering your eyes during the rude of movies.





14. We know it spoils the film, but we only did it because we cared.

In a weird way, we felt responsible for you.

15. I guess it’s time to say sorry for all the times we pretended not to be related.

It must have hurt your feelings.

16.The main reason was that we hated our friends calling you “cute”, or worse “hot”

17.And it’s definitely time to say sorry for fighting you so often.

we were bigger than you, which meant we always won.

18. But most of all, we’ll never be able to express just how much we love you.

And how we’d do literally anything in the world for you.

9 Lovely Situations every couple can relate


How about you meet someone who says, “Hey, I was on a date, and – wow – we had incredible chemistry.” In a nutshell, chemistry means feeling an intense attraction towards each other. You’d probably feel moments like your knees are trembling, heart in your mouth and butterflies in your bellies. And you’re just waiting for the right time to get so, like more private, right?

Here are some of the lovely situations you can relate from:

  1. In the middle of the bantering…

All of a sudden, in between of an absolute silence, the laughter trails off, there is something, your eyes are sparkling, and there is a cunning smile on your face.

2. Middle of hugging…

In the middle of hugging you take extra seconds to hold each other, you do not pull away from each other, feel the bones through clothes without moving.

3. When you’re simply talking

…and stand so close that you feel your bodies are magnetized.
You wouldn’t allow someone else to steal your space and just feel that touch on your body.

4. When the voice changes:

When your conversation adumbrates you that there is something sexual.
Your voice changes, and it becomes lighter, airier and authentic.

5. Stay longer at a Party or Home:

You give excuses to stay a little longer at their party or home. And of course, they have the same idea.


6. Spare moments for walking:

When you wink at each other, and it doesn’t look creepy or cheesy.


 7. When you’re looking into each other’s eyes


8. When you’re distracted by the beauty of the person and couldn’t remember what you were saying.


 9. When you touch each other unnecessarily.

If you can really realte this story with that of yours then do share your views on the same in the below comment section.

Watch: P V Sindhu’s Teacher’s Day Video Gives a Glimpse of Her Love-Hate Relationship With Her Coach!

On Teacher’s Day 2017, the Rio Olympic Silver medalist PV Sindhu has come up with her own unique way to pay gratitude to her coach and mentor Pullela Gopichand. The Indian badminton star has unveiled an ad spot which has been co-produced by her especially on Teacher’s Day to shed light on how motivating her coach has been ever since their successful partnership started right from the early days. Sindhu has won an Olympic medal and three World Championships medals under Gopichand

In the video ‘I Hate My Teacher feat P V Sindhu’, she reveals how she hated her coach for giving her scars, shouting at her, pushing her hard and never giving up. But she also thanks him for believing in her and to mould her into a world beater in badminton.

Sindhu could not help but feel indebted to coach for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Turning a producer for the Gatorade digital film was a heartfelt gesture that she made for her coach. And the video is an ode to Gopichand for his motivation, guidance and efforts.

Through the video I Hate My Teacher, the brand ambassador of Gatorade, Sindhu portrayed the love-hate relationship between any student and the mentor. The video also gives us a glimpse of Sindhu’s journey and her equation with Gopichand.

In an interview P V Sindhu said, “This Teacher’s Day, I dedicate all my success to him and urge everyone else to also honour the driving force in their lives. Let’s hate our teachers for pushing us further and believing in us more than we believe in ourselves.”

In fact, Pullela Gopichand is also very proud of the Indian badminton poster girl Sindhu and believes that considering Sindhu is only 22,year-old, she will have a lot of gold medals by the time she retires.

Daughter Of Billionaire Father Who Gave-Up Inheritence For Love, Now Shamed Online

The daughter of Malaysian tycoon Khoo Kay Peng, Ms Angeline Francis Khoo, has hit back at her critics following news that she gave up her inheritance to marry the man her father had disapproved of.

Ms Khoo, 34, is the daughter of Mr Khoo and former Malaysian beauty queen Pauline Chai, who have since divorced.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail’s You Magazine last week, Ms Khoo said she is currently not on talking terms with her father because she married someone he did not approve of.

The fashion designer married her Caribbean-born data scientist Jedidiah Francis while studying at Oxford University in 2008.

In response to some of the 200 over comments over the story on The Star Online’s Facebook page on Wednesday (Aug 2), Ms Khoo clarified some facts.

To a question on why she had defended her mother during the divorce proceedings and whether some sort of deal for money was struck, she said she was disowned by her father nine years ago when she got married, and that her parents only started divorce proceedings four years later.

Unfortunately, in circumstances involving the family court, children are sometimes compelled to testify by the court,” she wrote.

“It was interesting that your first thought was that perhaps a ‘deal was struck’; that doesn’t seem like a very normal parent-children relationship to me, but perhaps we’ve had different life experiences which have shaped our world view,” she added.

To a comment by a Facebook user that criticised her for not knowing her father’s net worth, she said that it would be “rather odd” for any child to know their parents’ net worth.

“Surely, on a scale of things you should care about where your parents are concerned, how much money they have is not relevant,” she said.

The news article also garnered a number of racist comments, with some netizens making fun of her husband’s darker skin tone and looks. Many netizens, however, came to Angeline’s defence and hit back at the naysayers

Months After Her Husband Death, This Woman Finds Love In His Brother

Love these days has got the new definition. A woman, whose husband died on the sofa after she told him he could not sleep in their bed, has now found love with his brother.

Ashley Murrell, Mum of three, 33, said she had argued with her deceased husband, Mikey, about his long hours at work.

After trying hard to fix things up with her husband, she told him to sleep on the sofa. The following morning, she discovered that her husband had died. But the post-mortem report states that Mr Murrell was choked while he was asleep, but the exact cause of death has yet not conclusive.

The beauty therapist from Somerset, Ms Murrell, discovered later that her husband, who worked as a carpet cleaner, had been putting in the extra work so the couple can go on a trip to Prague for their anniversary.

A few months on and Ms Murrell has now reportedly started a relationship with her brother-in-law, Chirs Murrell after the pair apparently helped each other through the grieving process.

“Chris and Ashley have been through so much but they have really been there for each other,” an unnamed friend told The Sun. “It’s strange how from something so awful, something good can happen. They are really happy together.

“They’ve had so much hate and negativity because of their relationship but them being together doesn’t change how Ashley felt about Mikey.

They added: “Chris has been a huge support for Ashley and he’s great with the kids. It’s funny how these things work out.”

Ms Murrell shared a picture of the couple surrounded in pink hearts on social media and Chris commented three red hearts on the image

Speaking out about her husband’s death, Ms Murrell urged others to spend “every moment” with their families.

“I felt so guilty,” she said. “I was so angry with myself for making him sleep on the sofa. I still find it so hard to think that my last words to him were out of anger.

“When I found out he’d been saving to take us on an anniversary holiday it was awful – Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to cover it.”

She added: “Losing Mikey has changed my entire perspective on life. Life is too short to go to bed angry and not to spend every moment you can with your family.”

6 Ways Sex Is Different When It’s With Someone You Love.

In films and TV shows, the hottest sex is usually shown as the preserve of one night stands and friends finally revealing that they fancy each other after months of secretive stares and flirty chat.

Being in love with someone – as in, loving them after getting to know them, having a relationship that’s come from time and care and commitment instead of raw, animalistic desire – isn’t often portrayed as the perfect situation for, well, good loving.

And that’s a shame, really. Because while loved up sex is different from ‘we both find each other physically attractive and shall rub our genitals together now’ sex, it’s definitely not less hot.

Not to get mushy, or anything, but in a lot of ways, sex with someone you love is way better than sex with someone you just fancy.

Here are just a few ways sex with someone you love differs from casual stuff.

1. They know what you like

When you’ve had sex more than a few times, they tend to develop a real sense of the very specific things that get you off.

They’ll kiss your neck with exactly the right pressure, grab your bum, and do all the other things you always used to wish people would do without having to be directed to do so. It’s great.


2. And they know the stuff you don’t like, too

Unlike a casual hookup, someone you love will not waste time fumbling around with a technique that’s worked on other people but does nothing for you.

They’ve tried it, you loved them enough to say you hated it, and they won’t try it again.

3. They manage to keep it surprising

Even though you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s not predictable. They’re always coming up with new ways to make you feel good and discovering little parts to touch that you didn’t know would feel so incredible.

4. You can float ideas without feeling like they’re going to judge you

So you want some spanking, a finger up the bum, a session in which you pretend to be a stern archeologist while they’re the upstart thinking they’ve found a rare bone in the desert?

Whatever. They’re not going to back away slowly or call you a freak. They love you, and if they’re not into an idea they’ll gently turn it down.

If they are up for trying it, though, even better…

5. You actually find yourself caring more about their pleasure than your own

Getting them off gets you off.


6. But they won’t be offended if you’d rather just go to sleep immediately after coming

No awkward cuddling afterwards just because you feel like you should.

If you want to roll over and sleep, fine.

If you want to watch TV, that’s all good.

They’re even cool with getting you a cup of tea. And that may be the sexiest thing of all.


Lesbian Marriage Causes A Stir In Bengaluru, Leaves Local Police In Fix.

In the first lesbian “wedding” in Bengaluru, a 25-year-old woman tied the knot with a 21-year-old at a temple in Koramangala. The parents of the younger woman have filed a complaint with the police, who are now “counselling” the couple and hope to “make them aware” of the negative fallout of their decision.

Same-sex marriages are not legal in India. The Supreme Court re-criminalised Section 377 in 2013 after the Delhi High Court struck it down in 2009.

As a matter of fact, the women are distant relatives. Shilpa (name changed) is studying B.Com in a private college in Bengaluru and her father officiates weddings; the older one (let’s call her Sahana) works in a call center and her father runs a business.

In her statement to the police, Sahana said that she was attracted to Shilpa when she was in her teens. But since Shilpa belonged to a very orthodox family, Sahana decided to make her comfortable in the modern world, hence took her out for shopping at malls and bought western clothes for her. But when Sahana expressed her love for Shilpa, it was met with rejection. But over the course of time, she won her over.

In May 2017, the two decided to run away from their homes as their relationship would never be accepted. The younger one started living in a PG accommodation while the older woman looked for a place. Finally, she struck gold and soon moved together to a place in Koramangala.

Sahana and Shilpa then contacted an advocate and an NGO and informed the police that they do not wish to go back to their families and that they were very happy together and very much in love.

Both the families informed the police about the “wedding” and their active sexual relations. The police, however, have turned a blind eye towards this and has said they will interfere in this only if either of the girls lodges a complaint against this. The police then referred this case to Vanitha Sahayavani in police commissioner’s office. Senior counsellor BS Saraswathi said that both of the women were “under counselling”.

The parents are even thinking of availing “psychiatric counselling” for the women.

Section 377, which criminalises homosexual sex states: Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Now there is an ongoing debate whether both of the women should be criminally prosecuted or not. Gowthaman Ranga, of the Alternative Law Forum, said that since both are adults and have discovered love, nobody should persecute and prosecute them under Section 377. “The 2013 judgement categorically says that one cannot be booked under Section 377 based on identity {gays or lesbians}. However, it varies from case to case.”

Whereas, former public prosecutor S Doreraju said: “Lesbian marriage is not recognised and is a punishable offence under Section 377, provided one of them becomes a complainant. Parents of both the women can also lodge a complaint but not under IPC section 377. They can give other reasons such as ‘psychological imbalance’ or ‘negatively influencing’ the other woman.”

While all this mess is brimming, Shilpa has decided not to go back to her family and instead stay with an NGO till the issue is resolved.