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BJP on fresh trouble; Smriti Irani’s photo with the man who called Gauri Lankesh ‘Bitch’ goes viral

Prime Minister Narendra is under constant attack after one of his supporter, who he follows on Twitter, tweeted celebrating the gruesome murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh. In his infamous tweet against the deceased Gauri Lankesh, Nikhil Dadhich, referred the deceased Journalist as ‘bitch’, who died a ‘dog’s death.’

His tweet, which was originally posted in Hindi, translates to “A bitch died a dog’s death and every puppy is whining in pain.”

Amid the backlash from the internet for his derogatory tweet on the slain Journalist, Union Minister IT and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad expressed his disgust. He tweeted:

A day later, the central government is now facing a fresh round of embarrassment after the photo of Dadhich with Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani went viral. In the photo, Dadhich is seen standing with the minister.

Though, the minister had condemned the murder of Lankesh on Twitter. She had written, “Condemn killing of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh. Hope speedy investigation is conducted & justice delivered. Condolences to the family.”

Since being widely criticised, Dadhich has removed the reference to PM Modi from his Twitter bio. Contrary to his earlier bio, which said he was proud to be ‘followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi,’ it now merely read ‘Hindu Nationalist.’

Before and after pics of Nikhil Dadhich profile on twitter

Nikhil Dadhich Twitter profile before he commented on slain journalist, Gauri Lankesh
Nikhil Dadhich Twitter profile after he commented on slain journalist, Gauri Lankesh

Meanwhile, being true to himself, Prime Minister Modi continues to follow him on Twitter. It will be nothing less than a shock if Modi dissociates himself from the vile elements he’s chosen to follow on Twitter.

Gauri Lankesh’s Murder; Brother demands CBI investigation

A day after 55-year-old journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered at her Bengaluru residence on Tuesday, her brother has demanded a CBI probe into the killing.

“I do not know how to react,” Gauri’s brother Indrajit Lankesh told journalists. “The assailants should be brought to the book. The case should be handed over to CBI.”

Lankesh was found at the verandah of her Rajarajeshwari Naga residence after she was shot at close range. She died of multiple bullet injuries.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar told media that Lankesh did not complain of any threats.

“She didn’t complain of anything,” Kumar told journalists on Tuesday night. “If she anywhere expressed about threats, it will be thoroughly investigated.”

According to police, Lankesh was found lying in a pool of blood. Four empty cartridges were recovered from the scene of the crime.

“Out of four, how many entered Gauri’s body, only the post mortem report will tell,’ Kumar said.

The cops have retrieved the CCTV footage from Lankesh’s residence from the two cameras near her house, according to Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy. Three teams have been formed to scan the footage and track the assailants.

Unidentified gunmen opened fire at Lankesh at around 8-8:30 pm on Tuesday night. Her body was later sent to Victoria hospital for a post-mortem. She will be cremated today.

Lankesh was the editor of the Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a magazine described as an ‘anti-establishment’ publication.

Delhi Based Journalist Slut Shamed By 10-Year-Old Boys. Where Are We Heading?

Women have been told what to do and what to wear since forever now. It is only recently that women from different spheres of life have come forward to speak about the issues they have to face as an independent woman living in the country. But what do you do when children who apparently are the future of the country start moral policing you?

A Delhi journalist identified as Tanya Dubey claimed that she was left shocked when children who were believed to be below 10 years of age went on to pass lewd comments on her only because her legs were visible. Tanya was in a cafe in the Meherchand market with her friend when a couple of kids came knocking at the glass door that they were facing. The kids soon joined by some more kids allegedly started staring at her legs that were visible because she was wearing a dress.

They allegedly verbally harassing her and told her that they could see “everything”. The children even entered the cafe and started abusing because the woman did not buy them food or give them money forcing her to call the manager of the cafe. The kids laughed at Tanya when she threatened them to call the police.

“We proceeded to ignore the young beggars as we usually do on the street. Things got worrisome when I found more kids joining them and then proceeding to look at my legs that were visible in a dress,” she said in a Facebook post.

“What happened next was unbelievable and they started commenting on my dressing, how they could see ‘everything’ even as I was sitting on a chair with my legs crossed,” Tanya added.

Tanya and her friend chose to walk away and proceeded towards metro station. However, they decided to follow them and even allegedly threw stones at them that did not hit them. “When they saw us ignoring them, they threw stones that didn’t hit us. I can’t believe I was scared of kids today,” she said.

Tanya took to Facebook to narrate the entire incident. Read her post here.

‘Are You On Twitter’: Noted journalist Megyn Kelly asks PM Modi and gets trolled on Twitter.

Former Fox News host and current NBC’s anchor Megyn Kelly gets mocked on twitter over her lack of knowledge about PM Modi’s twitter profile.

Kelly who recently launched her new show for NBC had interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia.

After this, America journalist Megyn Kelly started facing the wrath of Indian social media users, after the question she posed to PM Modi: ‘Are you on Twitter’?

A teaser video released earlier by NBC showed Kelly greeting the two world leaders at the Konstantin Palace. Modi tells her that he saw a picture she had posted on Twitter of her posing with an umbrella in St Petersburg.

“I saw your tweet…..with the umbrella” says PM Modi to which Megyn replied, “Oh…really, Are you on twitter”?

What followed was a massive backlash against reporter with tweets criticising her for ‘not doing her homework’ and for perpetuating the stereotype of a ‘clueless American’.

BBC journalist thrashed after accidentally touching women’s breast during live broadcast

No one can deny this fact, electronic media is a powerful medium and journalist have the power to raise questions to anyone.

But this time a shocking incident was reported where a BBC presenter Ben Brown was slapped after  touching a woman’s breast as he pushed her away when she interrupted an interview live on air.

Ben Brown, who has worked with the BBC for nearly three decades, was interviewing the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith about the reaction to Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford when the incident took place.

During the interview a random female passerby wearing sunglasses walked directly into the view of the camera and said “absolutely fantastic”, cracked a smile and gave a thumbs up.

Displeased about the interruption, the BBC news presenter pushed her away by the breast and proceeded to continue with the interview as if nothing had happened. Mr Smith also asked her to leave them alone, saying: “Yes, just give us one second, alright?”

The unnamed woman then stepped backwards looking surprised and landing a firm slap on Mr Brown’s shoulder before walking away from the pair.

Later on Brown, said  that the incident had been “completely unintentional”.

The BBC would not confirm if there had been any complaints about Brown’s actions but said that no further action would be taken against Brown as it was “clearly an accident”.

Here is the full video

SHOCKING: Zaheerabad MP slapped photographer publically

In a shocking incident, Zaheerabad Lok Sabha member B.B. Patil slapped Sakshi photojournalist Shiva while he was taking a photo of Deputy Speaker M. Padma Devender Reddy at Jarasangam Ketaki Sangameswara temple on Friday.

Media personnel from Sangareddy had arrived there to cover the programme. Mr Shiva tried to click the camera when Ms Padma was offering prayers in the temple. At this time, to the reasons best known to him, Mr Patil got irritated and slapped the photojournalist.

Ms Padma offered an apology but journalists demanded it from Mr Patil. Protesting against the incident, the journalists squatted before the vehicle of the Lok Sabha member. He refused to do so and tried to go away in the vehicle of the Deputy Speaker.Mr. Patil offered an apology and left the place.

Watch the video here:

Watch how Virat Kohli shuts the journo, with a funny reply.

Virat Kohli had the reputation of a short temper when he first came on to the scene, but over the time he has matured into a calmer individual. Now as a captain, in all three formats, Virat is quick to use his wit and humor when the situation demands it.

A brilliant example for fans is his post-match presentation after India won the third T20I match and series against England in Bengaluru.

A journalist asked Kohli if he was struggling as an opener. The 28-year-old’s reply was epic.
“I am much more happy about that (series) and not worried about my opening slot. If I had made 70 runs in two matches, would you have asked me this question? No, right? So just enjoy the series. It is a nice win for us,” the skipper said with a smile. 9873522744

Though, Virat made just 52 runs in 3 innings but, it is not something to worry about Virat clearly said it.

The witty reply certainly put the journo down to his place. The best part is, that Virat’s respond has no rudeness, no anger, just a casual tone and it was brilliant the way he handled it.

Kohli also points out that he scored four century as an opener in IPL 2016 for his team RCB, and no one raises any questions then, but a single series failure raises so many eye brows.

Watch the video here:

BJP Leader Brajesh Pathak Slapped Journalist During An Interview!

Looks like Ex- BSP leader and current BJP member Brajesh Pathak has sudden change in his attitude since joining the new party. The Uttar Pradesh leader was apparently in scuffle fight with ‘National Dastak’ Reporter Shambhu Kumar Singh on Wednesday. Brajesh Pathak slapped Shambhu Kumar Singh, after the news reporter asked about Mayawati allegations against Pathak’s familism.


According to Shambhu Kumar Singh, The interview was scheduled on Brajesh Pathak’s Vitthal Bhai House, Room no. 23 govt. allotted room and after some initial general questions, Brajesh Phatak lost his mind completely when he asked about Mayawati’s familism allegations, and slapped him hard across his face, Pathak supporters even broke National Dastak camera and take away the memory chip. Shambhu Kumar Singh later registered a FIR on Sansad Marg Police Station. Shambhu Kumar Singh has also said that Brajesh Pathak not attacked him but he actually attacked the media industry not him alone. Pathak joined the saffron organisation in the presence of its president Amit Shah and Union minister Mahesh Sharma and was described as a pillar in the Hardoi-Unnao region of the state. But, recent news was not at all what BJP would have hoped for this Uttar Pradesh leader.

To know more about Pathak-Media war, watch this video