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Disgusting: UP cousins fed human excreta for having a friendship with Boys

Disgusting: UP cousins fed human excreta for having a friendship with Boys

Two minor cousins in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur area were fed human excreta and burnt with tongsby their family members for having friendship with two boys who studied with them in the same school.

The cousins were brought back from Nepal, where they had fled to escape torture. The children told the whole story to the police and the Child Welfare Committee after they were brought back on Tuesday night.

They were presented before the Child Welfare Committee who saw burnt marks on their hands. The duo refused to go back home to their family members.

According to some sources, Gorakhpur Police sent their family members to Nepal to bring the girls back, but a call from Nepali non-governmental organisation to city-based NGO Manav Seva Sansthan saved the life of those girls from being again handed over to the family.

“One SI with the team of NGO brought the girls back from Nepal. After coming back, the duo narrated their ordeal where they said they were burnt with tongs and were forcefully made to eat human excreta for having friendship with two boys of their school”, said Pipiganj’s station house officer Dinesh Mishra.

This four legged flower girl stole the show in a wedding

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” 

For Briana Schaefer, including her beloved dog Norah in her wedding was a no-brainer. The Bride said her golden retriever, Norah, is “part of the fabric of your family,” so not including her was never an option.

Schaefer and her now-husband Kevin, 30, wed on Nov. 4 at Stan Mansion in Chicago surrounded by friends and family. Norah, a 4-year-old golden retriever, walked down the aisle with another little flower girl. The pooch wore a necklace of flowers around her neck.

“Norah is just part of the family. A lot of people include their kids or their relatives and, to me, it’s the same thing,” Schaefer, 30, tells People. “She’s my family and if I was lucky enough to find a venue that allowed animals, I was going to find a way to include her.”

Many of the wedding guests expected Norah to make an appearance at the wedding, as she and Schaefer are inseparable. The newlywed says she’s had Norah since she was just a puppy.

She adds: “And for those that didn’t know, it was just a cute surprise.”
As for her husband, Schaefer says Kevin expected nothing less from his dog-loving wife and was happy to include Norah in their nuptials.
it’s a deep friendship.


Forget Tinder, These Two Apps Will Get Your Soul Mate Faster

Best just got better!

Yeah, that’s right lovely people, things are getting better with time.

People are getting tired of chatting and back-and- forth messaging sessions on existing dating apps. Creepy talks & sexting in the current dating apps are too daunting.

Youngsters had high expectations from these dating apps. However, these dating apps have been hijacked by common issues faced on any social media platforms — fake profiles. Sharing mobile numbers & revealing your identity to meet someone can be too troublesome. With all that India is all set to experience a new era of dating. Any guesses?

“Blind Dating”

We’ve got a new app in town naming “GOJIVE”. It’s creating all the buzz it can.

GOJIVE intends to solve these issues and create an exciting and memorable experience for their users. Actual Dating, a blind date is their product. It function very easy too.!

How does it work?

  • Users create their profiles and set up their preferences — Date, Time and Place
  • They can browse profiles — ‘’Make’’ the ones they want to meet and ‘’Break’’ they don’t want to
  • As soon as two people have expressed interest in each other by ‘’Make’’ ing each other, GOJIVE will set up a date for them based on their preferences
  • Venues are the registered and renowned chain of cafe’s
  • Users do not need to share their mobile numbers as GOJIVE customer care will help you meet
  • They have an efficient tracking mechanism and on call customer support for any inquires

With this, blind dating seems to be really easy and secured as well.

That’s not all we have have for you today. There is another app on playstore which can help you kick your boredom.


Apart from blind dating concept, this app allows you to make new friends through activities. Question?

Well here are your answers, u can log in to this app through your fb account, and all you need is just to create a new “TODO” event like basketball game, fun trip, Sunday morning yoga etc. and the interested people will ask or comment on your event post to join you.

This apps works on your location basis, showing the interested people and event around you. So that they can join the activity easily.

Same you can do if you think you are interested in some event, just send a join request to the event and enjoy the activity with your new friends.

Well it seems like apps are really taking care “Forever Alone” thing.

You are not alone, Google Apps are there for you.

take care folks.!

Brian and Dom Forever and Always!

By: Rishav Pandey

Vin Diesel, who portray’s Dominic Toretto (Dom) in the Fast and Furious franchise never fails to bring men to tears over his words on Paul Walker, who used to portray Brian O’Conner in the franchise.

Paul Walker’s death in November,2013 was a shock to the entire Hollywood and the star cast of the F&F series had it the hardest to digest.

vin diseal

Vin Diesel has been speaking words and posting images that shows his belief. Recently, he posted a picture of himself smiling while holding his daughter Pauline – named after Paul – up in the air. The shot has been altered to include the late actor smiling on the pair, and Diesel captioned the shot “Always”.

Time and again, the bonding of these two people in real life was a reason for their outstanding performances on screen. And the departure of Paul is like an unfathomable chasm to Diesel.

“I don’t have friends, I’ve got a family” is what he says and believes. With the approach of the F8 release, the times call for listening “See you again” on a loop mode.

We all know that the absence of Paul can’t be neglected in F8 but all we can hope is that it gives them the strength to be what they are, A Family Always!