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Priyanka Chopra to be Honoured with Doctorate Degree at Bareilly University

Priyanka Chopra will be felicitated with the degree on Sunday by the University chancellor Keshav Kumar Agrawal in a ceremony to be attended by Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan and Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal.

Actor Priyanka Chopra will be honoured with a doctorate degree by the Bareilly International University.

Finance Minister

The chancellor will also present Chopra a memento as she revisits her hometown after almost 5 years. The Desi girl actor’s mother, Madhu Chopra said, “It gives me immense joy and satisfaction, that Priyanka’s work for various social causes is being appreciated and felicitated. “She justifiably deserves it. May God bless her and give her the strength to do good for those who are less fortunate,” she added.

The 35-year-old actor’s mother, Madhu Chopra said, “It gives me immense joy and satisfaction, that Priyanka’s work for various social causes is being appreciated and felicitated.

“She justifiably deserves it. May God bless her and give her the strength to do good for those who are less fortunate,” she added.

Ahead of Gujarat polls, GST cut on Khakhara raises question on BJP’s desperate attempt to win elections

Taking the cognizance of the matter over growing disharmony among the small traders and enterprises, the government of India and the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, held the GST meet and helped bring down the strife among them.

The government was facing sharp criticism over the poor implementation of GST and announced the slew of measures of which the reducing the tax on Khakhra, famous dish in Gujarat, from current 12 percent to 5 percent remains the hot topic of discussion among the masses. The tax, many on the internet went to rename it to ‘Gujarat and Service Tax’, was implemented in the wake of the Gujarat Assembly Election.

The step sharply critcised by the online netizens and garnered a lot of traction and became a hot topic of meme on twitter:

Other than these products, a group of ministers will also relook the current GST rate of 18 percent on air-conditioned restaurants to bring it down to 12 percent. They will present their recommendations in two weeks.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may hike service tax rate to 16-18%, as per reports.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may hike service tax rate to 16-18 per cent from the current 15 per cent in the Budget, due on Wednesday, as a precursor to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout.

The move, that will make flying, eating out, phone bills and a host of other services expensive, would be an attempt to take the rates closer to the proposed tax slabs for GST.

GST, which will subsume central and state levies like excise duty, service tax and VAT, is scheduled to be rolled out from July 1.

The tax slabs decided for the GST are 5, 12, 18 and 28 per cent and taking service tax closer to one of the slabs is a logical move in the Budget, tax experts said.

Tax experts say, Jaitley, who had in his previous budget hiked service tax rate by 0.5 per cent to 15 per cent, may raise the levy by at least one percentage point to 16 per cent.

Some others feel there could be different service tax rates with a lower 12 per cent for basic services and a higher 18 per cent for the rest.

Also, a higher service tax for April-June will help the government garner more revenue to meet expenses on schemes and programmes it may be planning to contain the impact of demonetisation.

A service tax rate closer to the GST rate will also help consumers avoid a greater price shock when the new national sales tax is rolled out.

While service tax until now is a central levy, it will be equally split between the Centre and states under the new GST regime. Most services, except essential ones like primary healthcare and basic education, will be covered by GST.

Service tax was budgeted to provide Rs 2.31 lakh crore in 2016-17, more than 14 per cent of the Centre’s total tax revenues of Rs 16.30 lakh crore.

This will be the third time that Jaitley will raise service tax rate. Service tax from June 1, 2015 was hiked from 12.36 per cent to 14 per cent. A 0.5 per cent Swachh Bharat Cess was levied on all services, taking the total incidence of service tax to 14.5 per cent from November 15, 2015.

In the last Budget, he imposed a Krishi Kalyan Cess at the rate of 0.5 per cent on all taxable services to take the levy to 15 per cent.

The Clash of the FMs- Jaitley Hits out at Chidambaram over Demonitisation Remarks

Shortly after former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram tore into the Modi government’s demonetisation drive, PC’s bete noire and present Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hit back at the Congress.

Reeling off example after example of how the drive has supposedly benefited the economy- for instance, huge amounts of black money have been unearthed, rogue banks and individuals have come under the scanner- Jaitley accused the Congress of obstructing the implementation of the government’s noble intentions.

A decade of UPA rule had made the economy a den of corruption and hoarding of illegal wealth, Jaitley said.
Repeatedly asserting that the sufferings being borne by the people are only temporary, Jaitley accused the Congress of inflating the tales of woe in order to score political brownie points.

When questioned why it was taking so long for the government to infuse fresh currency to abate people’s woes, Jaitley hinted that hitherto unprecedented schemes such as the demonitisation one cannot be fully implemented in a jiffy.
It’s worthwhile to note that the government till now has desisted from taking any proactive step to defend it’s demonetisation move, whether in Parliament or outside. It’s ministers have only made semi-conciliatory noises, which haven’t gone down too well with the Opposition parties. Modi, despite a plethora of barbs and agitated taunts being hurled against him, has refused to address Parliament on this issue and take questions from the Opposition.
Jaitley’s speech to the media might just be the first instance of the government coming out of its reluctance to answer hard-hitting and pressing questions on its historical move.

Hard-nosed bureaucrats breeding mosquitoes in North Block; NDMC time to take action now?

North Block, where hard-nosed bureaucrats of the powerful Union home and finance ministries decide on critical issues, has become a breeding ground for blood-sucking mosquitoes. To make matters worse, the officials are least bothered about the fact that they are sitting on a ticking health bomb.

The most interesting part here is that Delhi being the most affected area of dengue and chikungunya seems to be really cool and careless of the actually reason behind this i.e. mosquitoes! There are not even 10 cases registered against anyone for mosquito breeding. But to a contrary note, the famous Bollywood stars who are totally unaware of their surroundings maybe, are getting bundles of notices from BMC!

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) slapped a notice on former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen after some mosquito breeding spots were found at her residence.
Sen is the second bollywood star after Shahid Kapoor to receive the BMC notice this year. Three mosquito breeding spots were found at her residence.

When the New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC) inspectors walked into the building to check mosquito breeding, they faced resistance from the officials who prevented them from carrying out the checks. When they finally did manage to get access after a virtual showdown, the inspectors to their surprise found the premises to be ridden with mosquitoes.
Last year, the NDMC had issued over 125 notices to the President’s Estate after “heavy” mosquito-breeding was found at various places on its sprawling campus.

We hope the NDMC takes this matter in concern this year too, as the death toll due to mosquitoes is a frightening warning to them!