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Ex-Trump Tower Doorman Reveals President’s Alleged New Affair, Love Child

A former Trump World Tower doorman has said that he knows of an alleged affair between President Donald Trump and a former housekeeper which resulted in a child out of wedlock, according to his attorney.

On Friday, Marc Held — the attorney for Dino Sajudin, the former doorman — said his client had been released from a contract that he entered with American Media Inc that had prohibited him from discussing the matter with anyone, “recently” after back-and-forth discussions with AMI

The contract appears to have been signed on November 15, 2015, and states that AMI has exclusive rights to Mr Sajudin’s story but does not mention the details of the story itself beyond saying, “Source shall provide AMI with information regarding Donald Trump”s illegitimate child…”

The contract states that “AMI will not owe source any compensation if AMI does not publish the exclusive…” and the top of the agreement shows that Sajudin could receive a sum of $30,000 “payable upon publication as set forth below”.

But the third page of the agreement shows that about a month later, the parties signed an amendment that states that Mr Sajudin would be paid $30,000 within five days of receiving the amendment.

It says the “exclusivity period” laid out in the agreement “is extended in perpetuity and shall not expire”.

The amendment also establishes a $1 million payment that Mr Sajudin would be responsible for making to AMI “in the event source breaches this provision”.

“Sajudin has been unable to discuss the circumstances regarding his deal with American Media Inc. and the story that he sold to them, due to a significant financial penalty,”

“Just recently, AMI released Sajudin from the terms of his agreement and he is now able to speak about his personal experience with them, as well as his story, which is now known to be one of the ”catch and kill” pieces. Sajudin hopes the truth will come out in the very near future.”

In April, Mr Sajudin  claims to have knowledge of a relationship Donald Trump had with his former housekeeper that resulted in a child.

At the time, AMI called Mr Sajudin’s story “not credible” and denied any connection between the story and Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Everything You Get To Read On Social Media Is Not True. Think Before You Believe.

There is no denying the fact that social media has revolutionalized the world of Internet. Thanks to the Social Media Moghuls like Mark Zuckerberg and others. It has transformed the ways of gathering news and information. The world is at your fingertips now.

But while counting on the pros, we shouldn’t forget the cons. While the access to news and information has become easier with the emergence of social media, the authenticity of these news sources is being questioned since long. How do you validate every information you get from social networking sites? And how do you decide what to believe and what to not? Remain the concerns.

Every other day we find something outrageous going viral on the Internet and people are being misguided with fake data and numbers packaged to draw attention. We have ample examples of how the Internet and social media can create a wave of reactions for or against a person or incident based purely on unapproved and fake information.

The JNU rout that became a point of the national debate centred around a doctored video, UNESCO declaring Jana Gana Mana as the best National Anthem was also a fake piece of news. Unesco never even declared Narendra Modi, the best Prime Minister In the world. Its not their job. We have a series of such news pieces that circulated for days and sometimes for weeks on various social platforms but turned out be a sham when probed.

Recently a WhatsApp forward created tensions among the Chennai locals. The hoax said ‘“Tamilnadu government has issued ‘Red Alert’ for 3 days.  The mean temperature will be between 45.1 to 48.5 Celsius. Please drink 6-7 litres of water a day. Avoid going out in the open sun from 11 am to 4 pm.”

The news was so much circulated that Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had to clear the air itself by issuing an official statement denying any such Red Alert being issued earlier.

In the end, we will only say, On one hand, The Internet serves you with immediate news and gossip, and it is full of rumour and crap on the other. So, think before you believe and Examine before you decide what is true.


By Abhishek Dey