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‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ urges PM Modi to get Dawood Ibrahim nabbed.

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is the much-needed dose of entertainment we all need atleast once a week. Needless to say, he show is incomplete without Sunil Grover aka ‘Gutthi’ aka ‘Santosh Bhabhi’ aka ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ and what not. The man deserves all the applauds for coming up with a new character every time and the best part, he is always successful in that.

However, this time Sunil has done something really different from what he does on-screen. Comedian-actor Sunil Grover who became popular after performing the role of Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati writes an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting him to get an interview with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Sunil Grover is gearing up for the release of his next, ‘Coffee with D’, where he plays a journalist wanting to interview Dawood.

Anyways, the letter which starts with an elaborate praise of Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign and initiative of demonetization goes on to demand a sit-down with Dawood, who the Indian government has been trying to bring back to India for a long time now.

“While we bask in the positive aftermath of your thoughtful initiatives, there is a small grouse that we continue to harbour. An unresolved issue that still invokes a sense of fear, anger and morbid anxiety into a population which is otherwise ready to move on and make good on their dreams in India 2.0,” Sunil writes.

“It is about a man. A man who is the sole blemish on the history of a proud nation known for producing patriots. A man who is in hiding in our neighbouring country, a country is best known for producing and exporting terror. A shallow and cowardly man who has forever eluded trial for his heinous acts. A man who Mumbai has never forgotten after 1993 and never would. For this treacherous man, who goes by the name of Dawood Ibrahim, is the symbol of everything that is wrong with this world and India 2.0 cannot afford to forget him until they bury him. For good.”

He further says in the letter, “We understand that asking for the government to bring him back overnight is amateurish in expectation. We understand that a lot of factors are involved and diplomatic interventions take sizeable time. However, while the government works towards that goal, all we want is an audience with him. All we want is to be able to sit across him and hear him defend himself. All we want is to be able to ask a thousand questions, answers to which make him own up to his despicable deeds and serve as an iota of justice to the families of the 93 blast victims.”

“An extensive interview with the most wanted man in the world is what we desire, a small chat over a cup of coffee is what we will settle for. Thanks again sir, we urge you to look into this request. All we ask for is a Coffee with D,” Sunil concludes.

WATCH: Your favourite ‘Sunil Grover aka Gutthi’ as Arnab in Coffee with D

Sunil Grover is all set to play India’s ‘most controversial journalist’ Arnab and while he is at it, meet D for Dawood Ibrahim too. And this is not happening on the next show of The Kapil Sharma Show but in his big screen debut as a lead actor, Coffee with D. The popular TV actor and stand-up comedian Sunil will be seen playing the role of journalist Arnab Ghosh, which is loosely based on Arnab Goswami. The film’s trailer launched on Saturday and as expected, it was a laughter fest.

The film is a comedy which revolves around a controversial journalist whose next move to make it big in the media business is get D – Dawood Ibrahim for an interview. The film is filled with political satire.

We have seen Sunil aka the ‘Mashoor’ doctor of The Kapil Sharma show in various avatars on the small screen but this big screen appearance of him seems to be equally interesting. Actor Zakir Hussain plays the role of Dawood in the movie and the journalist is bent on interviewing him to save his flailing channel. He comes up with a novel plan to make Dawood sit for the interview too, he will shame him into doing it.

Explaining about his role, Sunil said in a report, “Arnab Goswami is an entertaining journalist, but I am not trying to imitate him. It was the director’s call to name the character Arnab. Subconsciously I might have picked up a few characteristics of Arnab, but it is a fictional film.”

On being asked about the preparation for the movie, actor Zakir Hussain said he prepared for the role by researching archives and news articles, which helped Zakir understand and pick up Dawood’s behavior and mannerisms.

The film also stars Dipannita Sharma and Anjana Sukhani.

Check out trailer here: