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Mumbai On A Shoestring Budget


Mumbai is known for being the expensive city in India but there are so many good places where you can stay comfortably at a tight budget. If you are not from the financial capital and wish to visit Mumbai on a shoestring budget, you should definitely read this.

The Backpackers Panda in Colaba is located at a 5 minutes walk from the exuberant Gateway of India.It is not only reasonably priced but clean too. All the dormitories and rooms are air-conditioned and have digital doors and thus are extremely safe.There is also a kitchen available so you can even cook.

Another good hostel to look out for is Zostel.It is located in the suburb of Mumbai in Andheri and is funky, clean, air-conditioned and the staff are friendly. Not only are the doors digitally locked, it also has a kitchen and a cafeteria and organises daily tour to all parts of the city including the slums of Dharavi.

If you are going on a group, the cost effective alternative is the apartments listed on AirBnB. The best part of it is that you and your folks will get the entire apartment to yourself and can even cook dishes of your choice in the kitchen provided. Not only will you experience a feel of home away from home but it is also extremely cheap when clubbed in thus making it affordable for all.

Talking about food, don’t forget to try out at the Yazdani Bakery in Fort which  caters to some really delicious and inexpensive snacks. From bun maskas, fruit cakes and the famous shrewsbury biscuits, this place is an must for some lip-smacking breakfast and afternoon snacks.

The Sassanian Restaurant and Kyani Bakery at Marine Lines will also provide some wholesome snacks including the famous berrypulao.

Taste of Kerala and Hotel Deluxe at Fort also serves some reasonbly priced authentic south Indian thalis including the famous Kerala Parotha.

Also, apart from the famous street food such as vada pav and pav bhaji that are  available everywhere, don’t forget to go to Baghdadi and Bademiya Restaurant at Apollo Bunder in Colaba for some superb non-vegetarian food. A little higher end restaurants are Food Inn, Cafe Mondegar and Leopold Cafe at Colaba Causeway which also serves up some really good food at a better ambience.

And most importantly, don’t forget to take the local trains but not at rush hours (8.30 am -10.30 am and 5pm-8pm).It is not only a cheap mode of transport but you will also get to experience the other side of Mumbai better.

All the addresses of the places mentioned are available online.And instead of booking the hostel from their respective websites, you will find it cheaper to book from the other travel app such as Make My Trip, Agoda and Goibibo. For the apartments available on Airbnb, you have to book through their website.


Padmaavat to cross 200 bucks upto next movie release

Bhansali’s film Padmaavat saw a huge rise in box office collections on day two. It has been observed that the public holiday on Republic Day would have worked for it.

Earlier it was estimated that Padmaavat has managed to rake in a staggering sum of Rs 32 crore approx on day two of its release. The movie had collected Rs 19 crore on Thursday and Rs 5 crore from the paid previews that took place on Wednesday. This makes the total collections to stand at Rs 56 crore so far.

Despite the fact that the film has not been released in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Gujarat, else the collection would have reached to 70 Crore in two days, given on the present circumstances the film is doing great on Box office.

Padmaavat have been appreciated by the audience and the critics alike. Considering the appreciation received by the audience the film is expected to cross 100 Crore easily over the long period.

Although there is no release on the next week as well, this should give 12 days run for the film to earn more bucks the at box office. The film is made on the budget of  180 Crore, 20 crores have been spent additionally to convert it to 3D and IMAX formats.

Valentine’s Day 2017: How to make it special on a Budget.

A popular saying is It’s not the money that counts, but the feelings that matter, which is true of course but when it comes to Valentines Day it always cost little more to our pocket. In the pressure to give a perfect gift for him or her, we often spend more money and end up drilling a huge hole in our pocket, don’t we?

We actually forget that remnant of our happy moments are never on the price tag but it’s actually the sentiments attached to it. Money does buy everything but not love. So, why spend some hefty money on special presents for your loved ones? Being romantic can also be quite emotional too, all you need to do is think hard and come up with a creative idea and later put some effort to make it true as well.

If you’re one of those lovers who ends up losing a huge chunk of their money to prove your love to your partner in every Valentine’s day, fret not! We are here to help you out, all you have to do is to scroll down and read about the coolest and cheapest and creative ideas to make sure your Valentines Day will be a happy and memorable moment for you.

Here’s the list that sums up all you need:


Not everyone likes flower, but you know what everyone likes sweet treats, chocolate bars, cake and handmade cookies can light up everyone’s day. If you know how to cook bake some cookies for your loved one. Hey, you can even gift a handmade cake, cookies and tarts box.


What is the one thing that creates a stir between you and your partner? what is the one thing that he/she wants you to do but you are too lazy to get it done? Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for you to put a checklist on your unfinished pile of work. Do the things that will make her/him so happy and get it done like he/she always wants you to do it. Even if you are single, you should do it for your family or Friend, it’s a day to celebrate Love after all.

Sweet Message In A Bottle gift.

The best thing to gift someone is your emotions, so write your whole emotion, your feelings in a note and give it your lover. Valentines Day is a perfect occasion to spill all your secrets, so get down on your knees and say it out loud or if you are a shy person, just jot it down and give out your hand-written letter to him or her. If you are in a relationship, it’s better to write one for her as well. Valentines Day is the perfect day to shoo away all the bitter moments and say/write it all. cork your letter down in a bottle and decorate it with colourful stars, red bow and some sparkles as well.


Go out and have fun with your partner, who says you always have to go for lavish restaurants. Just plan a picnic in a park. Play badminton with him/her, if you are a man, just go with your girlfriend to her favourite Chaat shop, she’ll surely be super happy. Spend some quality time with him/her in this Valentines Day.


In a box, put a different type of products, which your partner likes. For ex. if he/she is an avid reader buy one of his/her favourite books, the chocolate or sweet he/she like, his/her favourite movie, one greeting card and put all these things in a small box, it will surely make him/her happy. Also, decorate the box with some sparkles and gift wrap it as well.


Use some pictures of you two together and write about the precious moment you spent together in a journal or diary. Gift it and see the new joyful, loving moment forming in front of your eyes.


Time is money. Take this advice seriously and give your partner your time instead of money. You both have goals to meet, and just for one day forget about your goals and dreams and enjoy the particular moment with each other. Devout this day to celebrate togetherness, relax at home in each other arms and take a trip down to your memory lane and remember all the good and bad moments you two spends together. Go to your terrace for stargazing, have tea there (Or Red Wine, if you and your partner drinks).

So here are some of our ideas about Valentine’s day, tell us about your ideas in the comment section below.

BY: Saket Sharma

Elections, Budget, Holi and Exams, This next two months are going to make Indians dizzy.

As new year had arrived, like me, you would’ve surely read your horoscope as how interesting this year would be for you. Before you start speculating, let us assure you we are not any pundits who have infinite knowledge of stars, the moon, the sun and what not. Though, we can predict the future of as how coming months will have an impact on you, your family members and on to your child.

As Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the dates of the election in 5 states (Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Manipur, Punjab and Uttrakhand), which will take place next month followed by board exams and election results. We have speculated what will be the situation of the country in coming months.

Before going any further, let’s break down the polling dates and result
Goa and Punjab: 4th of February
Uttarakhand: 15th of February
Manipur (2 Phases): 4th and 8th March
Uttar Pradesh (7 Phases):
1st Phase: Feb 11,
2nd Phase: Feb 15,
3rd Phase: Feb 19,
4th Phase: Feb 23,
5th Phase: Feb 27,
6th Phase: March 4 and
Last phase: March 8

Result: 11th of March

Now, let’s break down the scenario in months.

February: Action Begins Here

As ECI has announced the polling dates for 5 states, the temperature is sure to rise. As it’s also the time when students will be busy with their preparations for their board exams, ‘Papa’ and ‘dadaji’ will be having a hard time controlling the volume of TV set, and your ‘mumma’ will keep a check as you don’t have any kind of problems between your studies. Those prime time debates will surely be clashed with your child studying time and the volume would not be going much high.

The other thing which will impact people, mostly mom, is the budget. As budget is around the corner, your mom and dad are equally tensed as you are with that chapter of mathematics that you haven’t prepared yet. What will come out from that box by our very own Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is the mystery for now, but whatever will come, just hope it’s good for the people of the country.

March: The Crucial Phase

In India, board exams are not less than any kind of a battle which is fought on two fronts, one by the family, and the other, by the child itself. Everything during the board exam changes and elections falling in March will surely have an impact in the house. This is the month where all the action of the year is shifted to. Heavy tension is brewing everywhere, from the nation to the inside world, which we call home. Elections result will be announced on 11th of March, which will have an impact on our day-to-day lives as well. As this will be the month where board exams of students will be commenced, the situation in the houses will be none less than a cold-war.
As March is also witnessing holi festival, just between the boards, this will surely add another distraction to your ward who is excited with his/her water filled ‘pichkaari’ to get released, and you, as a mother, will be terrified that your child won’t fell ill during this crucial time.

So, this can be the scenario during the month of February and March. And to all the students who will be sitting for the board exam, NLC team wishes you all the best for your exams.