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Britain gives a clean chit to India for fugitive Vijay Mallya extradition

Britain gives a clean chit to India for fugitive Vijay Mallya extradition

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid yesterday ordered the extradition of Vijay Mallya to India, in a major blow to the embattled liquor baron. The 63-year-old businessman had lost a legal challenge against his extradition in a British court in December. In case of fraud and money laundering, Indian banks have about 9,000 crore of dues on the Mallya. His was arrested in Britain in April last year. Right now he is on bail.

Mallya had several arguments in his defense in court, but the court did not listen to him. The court said that this billionaire businessman living a life of snuff has given a “wrong description of his financial transactions” and used to lend the bank’s debt to other works. The court dismissed the allegations made by Mallya about the situation of prison in India and the conduct of investigating agencies and the courts. Although Mallya can appeal to the UK government within 14 days after approval. The UK government gives 14 days to appeal in such cases. This decision is being considered as a major achievement of India.

Hearing, after the London court’s decision, fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya said that the court’s decision has not surprised me. My lawyers are studying this decision. Only after their study I  will move forward.

Mallya, tweeted  and  attacked politicians and media for ‘constantly talking loudly’ about him “being a defaulter who has run away with PSU bank money”. “All this is false. Why don’t I get fair treatment and the same loud noise about my comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court? Sad,” he added.

The decision of the British court is being considered as a big success for the Modi government. After extradition of Michelle from UAE to India, Mallya has also achieved great success in bringing the country into the country. Referring to Michelle’s extradition Narendra Modi also did in an election meeting. It is believed, therefore, that Mallya’s extradition will be a major issue of BJP’s campaign in the promotion of Lok Sabha elections. The news of the resignation of Governor of  Urjit Patel was being seen as a major setback for the BJP. But the news of extradition of Mallya shortly after this has definitely given him relief.

Union Minister Arun Jaitley has blamed the Opposition after getting the Mallya extradition approval from the British government. Jaitley tweeted that the Modi government has taken another step further in the way of bringing Mallya to India. On the other side, the Opposition is uniting to save the scamsters of the Saradha chitfund.

Queen Elizabeth II Is Getting 78% Raise In Salary By British Government.

The 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II income is set to almost double this year in part to pay for upgrades at Buckingham Palace. The annual so-called Sovereign Grant is ballooning to £82 million (or $105 million), A huge pay boost by 78 % refurbish Buckingham Palace. Payouts from the state are expected to remain at elevated levels for 10 years as Buckingham Palace undergoes an extensive facelift.

According to a source, we get to know that the Keeper of the Privy Purse Alan Reid, who manages the royal family’s finances told: “Consider that against what the queen does and represents for this country, I believe it represents excellent value for money”. Sir Alan Reid, the official Keeper of the Privy Purse, said the £42.8 million state grant given to the Queen in the last fiscal year equaled out to 65 pence ($0.83) per person in the U.K. The Queen uses this money as her expense account, covering the costs of travel, security, staff and the upkeep of the royal palaces. A portion of the profit is eventually given back to the Queen and her family each year in the sovereign grant.

The Crown Estate, which owns much of London’s West End, made £328.8 million ($418.6 million) in profit in the year to the end of March 2017 which is an increase of 8 percent when compared to the year previous. Payouts from the state are expected to remain at elevated levels for 10 years as Buckingham Palace undergoes an extensive facelift.

By: Priyanka Chauhan.

Pay Extra Money To Drive in Peak Hours What? Yes, London Just Did It

Delhi government had come up with ‘Odd – Even’ formula where cars with the odd and even number can be driven on their allotted day. Though, it was a good initiative but not sufficient and was very controversial.

While Delhi government is still making plans for the better environment, the British government has come up with a new formula to put a check on the rising problem of pollution. ‘Toxin taxes’, as what the British government is calling, are going to be imposed 20 pounds a day on diesel cars which will be implemented in more than 30 cities. It is an attempt by the government to curb the growing pollution in the city caused by the diesel vehicles.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London has said, “The air in London is lethal, and I will not stand by and do nothing. One of the reasons that the air in London is lethal is because of the pollutions coming out of the vehicles,”

“We’ve estimated that more than half of the air pollution is caused by transport. It’s really important to recognise that poor quality air is one of the reasons why there are 9,000 premature deaths in London each year, more than 40,000 premature deaths across the U.K. and children having defective lungs, plus adults suffering poor health.” Sadiq Khan says.

According to one of the newspapers in London, diesel vehicles could actually be banned during the peak hours inside the city in around 9 or 10 worst affected regions. Charges may also be doubled in those regions just to discourage the use of vehicles. Areas believed to be under this scrutiny will be London, Southampton, Birmingham, Nottingham and Derby.

After the implementation of the law, around 10 million vehicles will be affected. London mayor is also expected to introduce a 12.50 pounds’ daily charge from 2019, on the most polluting vehicle in Greater London (which is inside the North Circular and South Circular).  This would be on top of the £10 ‘T-charge’ Congestion Charge premium for pre-2006 diesel and petrol cars that goes live on October 23.

These measures are being taken by the government after it has been taken to the court by a green group Client Earth over its 2015 air quality plan. Time will tell about its success but the steps taken should be appreciated and even India should learn from it.

By – Parul Kulshrestha