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Do you know your child is addicted to blue whale game?

A class 10th boy was rescued in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district after he wrote on his answer sheet during an examination that he had reached the last level of Blue Whale Challenge, a lethal online game that has already claimed over a dozen lives in India and many more across the world and he was being encouraged to commit suicide.

This young boy from Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, became terrified of the final task of committing suicide so he revealed his distress in his answer-sheet. According to the Amid reports, he was trapped completely in the game and was being warned that his parents would be killed if he failed to finish the game.

“I am trapped in the game which I have been playing for the last two months. I am now in the final stage and they are telling me to commit suicide otherwise they will kill my parents,” the young boy wrote in his answer sheet.

An alarmed Sanskrit teacher, Hemlata Sringi, checking the answer-sheet brought the matter to the notice of the school and the local administration, after which counselling of the child was being done.

The case was further investigated by Praveen Prajapati of Khilchipur, Sub-Divisional Magistrate who later said, “The boy is still in a state of shock but was counselled along with his parents with the help of trained counsellors from the women and child welfare department.

It has also issued that an advisory and police teams across are working with schools to counsel teenagers and wean them away from the online game.

By: Aviral Nigam

7-Year-old boy who killed in Ryan International School, arrested conductor confessed the ‘Sexual Assault’ bid

Vinod Chand Thakur didn’t have a clue that he would be seeing Pradyuman for the last time. He didn’t have a clue that this would be the last time he will be packing his 7-year-old son bag for the last time. He didn’t knew that he will be dropping his son for the last time outside the gates of Ryan International School. Fifteen minutes passed, he received a frantic call from his wife, and half an hour later, Vinod saw his son’s body at Artemis hospital.

“They cut my poor boy. The doctors told me the killer stabbed him twice. There was a big scar starting from his ear to the throat. His ear had been cut, and two flaps of skin exposed the insides of his throat. I never thought I would see my son in such a condition,” Vinod said as he broke into a loud wail, which he muffled.

The police, who said they had detained ten people, said that they zeroed in on the accused after two students saw him walking down a corridor.

Soon the boy entered the toilet, Kumar held him. But the boy resisted the attempts. Upon failing the sexual assault bid, he slit his throat and cut his right ear,” a senior police officer said.

School bus conductor who is an accused in the case.

The police also revealed that to look innocent and divert his hand in the murder, the accused walked out of the washroom, leaving the knife behind, and later joined the teachers in taking the boy to the school.

The police, in their investigation, had detained and questioned 10 people, including a gardener, conductors and drivers.

“We have been investigating their role since the morning,” the DCP said.

“The child was in a pool of blood. We did not wait for a second and put the child in my vehicle and I sent them to the hospital,” said school head Neerja Batra who saw said that she comes out of the morning assembly prayers after seeing teacher running, followed by two more teachers.

The school said in a statement it was “deeply saddened by the tragic incident”.

In 2016, the body of a six-year-old student of the school’s Vasant Kunj branch in south Delhi was found in a water tank. The principal and a teacher were booked for negligence in May this year.

The apex body for child rights recommended that a case of negligence be registered against the management of the school.

“We have told the police that a case of negligence be registered against the school management as we have found that the school did not undertake police verification of teaching and non-teaching staff,” said Priyank Kanoongo, Member RTE & Education, NCPCR

A police team, including forensic experts, had earlier collected blood samples and fingerprints from the washroom and tested the blood stained knife that had been recovered from the spot.

Dead body of a class 2 student found inside a toilet in Ryan International School

In a shocking incident, a class 2 boy was found dead in the washroom of Ryan International School in Gurugram’s Bhondsi on Friday morning.

According to the media reports, a seven-year-old Pradhuman was found in a pool blood with his throat slit. A knife was discovered from the spot.

The boy was soon rushed to the Artemis Hospital by the school authorities but was pronounced brought dead by the doctors.

Relative of the boy told the media that Pradhuman’s father, Varun Thakur, received a call from the school officials on Friday morning informing about his son’s critical state and asked him to reach the school soon.

Police team had reached the spot and investigation is underway.

However, this is not the first such incident of negligence by Ryan International School. In January last year, a Class 1 student, Divyansh, was found dead in the water tank of the school’s Vasant Kunj branch.

Based on the CCTV footage of the incident, where the child was seen playing a few minutes before the tragedy, school principal, and four other staff members were arrested for causing death due to negligence.

Sceptical about boyfriend cheating her; Woman asked on Quora and people are dubious

A woman has turned to the internet for help after her boyfriend allegedly claimed he “accidentally” slept with her roommate.

She asked users on the website Quora:

“My boyfriend claims he accidentally penetrated my roommate while sleeping, thinking it was me. How can I know if he’s telling the truth?”

She claims her friend was asleep on her bed when it happened, for reasons she doesn’t know – and said the two of them do “look identical” and her boyfriend was a bit drunk.

She added that her boyfriend often penetrates her while she’s sleeping, but that it’s “an agreed-upon thing”, and that she and her friend are of an identical height, weight and hair type.

The boyfriend allegedly said he realised something was wrong three or four minutes in, “jumped off, said sorry and walked out”.

Naturally, such a worrying story has divided the internet.

Some users say he’s lying, with one commenting:

You don’t accidentally penetrate someone. Sleeping or not.

Another added:

Honey, there is no bloody way your beau unintentionally penetrated your roommate It is impossible. There are steps to this. In order for a young lady to be penetrated, she must be lubricated if not it will hurt.

And another:

I really don’t get what your boyfriend means by ‘accidental’ here, not to mention both parties will have to have their pants removed for the encounter to happen.

One user says it could have been “sexsomnia,” which is where a person’s conscious brain is disengaged, like sleepwalking, and they engage in sexual acts.

But, she writes:

Sexsomnia is rare, and engaging in full intercourse without waking is even more unusual.

Claiming that you were asleep is obviously a very convenient excuse if you are accused of assault or cheating, so I would be sceptical of your boyfriend’s claim.

One user put it this way:

What was the roommate’s reaction? There can be two possibilities:

She’s calm like she had consented the act.
She is devastated because she was just raped.
You don’t wanna be with either one of these guys. Accident? I don’t think so, Mr Shady.

Plus you can tell if a girl if your girlfriend or not by touching her, after being with her for many weeks or months or years. And if he did forget your touch, he’s not someone you should have by your side.

Other users advised the woman to get away from her boyfriend as fast as possible.

Watch: 12-year-old Chinese boy steals bus for a 40-minute joyride.

It seems like passion can motivate a man to do anything anytime, irrespective of the fact how far it can go! A 12-year boy in China went for a joyous ride in the Guangzhou city without any hiccups. This young boy drove himself for good 40-minutes around in a bus that he allegedly stole!

This incident happened on Friday which has now gone viral on the Internet. The footage shows the boy driving the mighty bus all on his own. Equally shocked and astonished onlookers reported him to the police who only managed to catch him after the kid had enjoyed a 40-minute joyride across the busy city.

The boy thankfully didn’t hit any pedestrian. He boarded the driverless bus at the terminus in Zengcheng District and drove around for almost 10 km before the police managed to catch the mischief-monger. The bus company tracked down the bus and the boy down through the inbuilt GPS.

He was taken to the police station but no charges were filed against him given his age. The boy had no history of theft or violence. Hence it remains shrouded in mystery as to why the boy stole the bus.

Well, maybe he got bewitched. After all, who wouldn’t want to do something of this sort once in their life!

Watch the video here:

This Boy From Tamil Nadu’s Innovation Is Acknowledged By NASA

This is a notable moment for India after the former President APJ Abdul Kalam, an 18-year-old boy built the world’s smallest satellite launched by NASA. The teenager, Rifath Sharook and his team created history again after the nuclear scientist. The class 12 boy resides in Tamil Nadu’s Pallapatti town.

It’s the first time that an Indian demonstration carried out by NASA, the satellite named as KALAMSAT weighing just 64 grammes which is lighter than a smartphone and made of reinforced carbon fibre polymer, operated for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space after its flight.

“The main role of the satellite will be to demonstrate the performance of 3D-printed carbon fibre”, Sharook said as saying by ANI. He also told ‘It’s a 3-D printed satellite. “It is for the first time that 3-D printing technology is being used in space. We have made history. The world’s smallest satellite has been launched into space. It was not possible without my team”

The US agency has successfully launched the world’s smallest and lightest satellite by the teenager and his six team members. The satellite was flown into space in a NASA sounding rocket from a NASA facility in Wallop’s islands.

Kalyug !! Boy married friend’s fiancee as friend was upset for not serving meat in the marriage

It is very righty said that a match is made in heaven.

People calls off their dream wedding for various reasons which are often their bizarre first world problems. In the latest, a groom’s family called off the wedding after they found out that meat was not served in the function.

The incident took place in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh where Rizvan was going to marry Nagma on Wednesday. However, his family objected when Nagma’s family did not serve non-vegetarian food in the function and called off the wedding after an argument.

Later, a community panchayat was called to resolve the dispute and Rizwan’s family agreed to go ahead with the ceremony but Nagma refused to marry at the last moment and instead tied the knot with another man, police said.

The man had himself proposed to marry her and the two were allowed to do so by the panchayat also.