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Pakistan never fails to entertain people


Pakistan has been claiming the ownership of Jinnah House in Mumbai, they want that property to be handed over to them. On Thursday, the government declared that the house belongs to India.

“Pakistan has no locus standing over the property because it belongs to India and we are in the process of renovating the Delhi house so that we can use it in the same way as we are using the Hyderabad house.” MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.

He further added his thoughts that the house belongs to India and if someone wants to fake claim over it, then it is a matter to fight upon. The comments came on Pakistan started claiming the property as of their own. They are demanding this property for housing their Mumbai consulate.

“We have a claim over it(Jinnah House) and we would not accept anyone else taking over it. They (India) have already accepted it to be our property. We have a record of it,” Pakistan foreign office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said.

Jinnah’s daughter Dina Wadia approached the Bombay High Court in August 2007 claiming the house should get to her as she is the sole legal heir of Jinnah. After her death, her son Nusli Neville Wadia is carrying on the litigation.

Bombay High Court Asks Government To Consider Making Maths Optional For Class 10.

On hearing the PIL filed by the psychiatrist Harish Shetty, Bombay High Court on Monday urged educational boards to consider making Maths an optional subject for Class 10 students. The two-judge bench observed that this will help more students pass school-leaving exams and take up higher education, especially because many undergraduate degrees do not require knowledge of the subject.

On hearing the PIL, Justice Kanade and Justice AM Badar made the suggestions after being informed about the subjects that can be dropped in special schools.

“Subjects like mathematics are not required in degree courses such as Arts and other vocational courses,” Justice Kanade pointed out. “If an option is given to students to not study maths, then it will help them complete graduation.”

The bench noted that most students drop out of school after Class 10 after failing to clear maths and language papers. “Till about a few years ago, Sanskrit was an option to mathematics in state boards, and students were allowed to apply for degree courses even if they had passed other subjects without considering mathematics,” Justice Kanade said.

Once Accused In A Hit-And-Run Case, Salman Khan Gave Others An Advice Of Safe Driving!

Salman Khan, who was acquitted in a 2002 hit-and-run case, where one man sleeping on the pavement at Bandra’s Hill Road was killed and four others injured, recently launched electric bicycles. (Bhaicycles?)

In what was a momentously ironic talk, Khan spoke about the dangers of driving rashly, even mentioning a friend who he lost due to the same.

“I think cycles are okay but motorcycles are really dangerous for them (youth) and for other people around. We shoot in Film City, so I see on the highway people racing and recklessly. Back in the time, there used to be races at the reclamation, I lost a friend of mine. I am against that. If you want to race, do that on the racing tracks. Don’t use main roads and out yourself and others, who are traveling with you, in danger.”

While a sessions court in Mumbai had convicted the actor in the hit-and-run case, the Mumbai High Court, in December 2015, acquitted him of all charges. In its verdict, the court said, “There wasn’t enough evidence to prove actor Salman Khan was inebriated and driving the Toyota Land Cruiser.”

Maharashtra Chief Minister said that the government will decide how to move forward with the case after going through the HC verdict.

As of now, Khan stands acquitted as the case is yet to be challenged in a higher court.

Shocking! Convict’s Absurd Argument Convinced The Court to Reduce Sentence

Bombay High Court has given a surprising judgment recently by reducing the life sentence of a man to 10 years and you will be shocked to know the reason. The man was convicted on charges of burning his wife but the HC reduces the sentence by giving the reason that he “only wanted to inflict burns and not kill her but unfortunately the situation slipped out of control to a fatal extent.”

The court said that the man immediately poured water on his wife immediately after setting her ablaze. He also rushed her to the hospital after so the court convicted him for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

“After the wife caught fire, the accused extinguished the fire and took his wife to the hospital. This conduct cannot be seen divorced from the totality of the circumstances,” said Justice Tahilramani.

Justice Tahilramani also referred to a similar Supreme Court’s judgement in support of it. “It was obvious that the accused realised his folly and was filled with remorse, therefore, he extinguished the fire and took his wife to the hospital. In view of the evidence on record, we are inclined to think that all that the appellant thought of was to inflict burns and not to kill her but unfortunately the situation slipped out of control to a fatal extent,” Justice Tahilramani noted.

This order actually left people fuming and many people on twitter has expressed their anger –

BY – Parul Kulshrestha