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Taking this challenge is triggering suicide among people!

Following the horrific blue whale challenge, that spread on social media like wildfire, and consumed lives of more than 100 children, an unsettling new “game” called the Momo Whats App challenge has been reported in some parts of Latin America. The so-called game is feared to be linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. The suicide challenge, which started on Facebook, is now being spread via Whats app, and hence the name.

The challenge has been linked with a bizarre and disturbing image of a girl’s face, which seems to be distorted. This image is reportedly a creation of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who is not associated with the game in any way.The picture is being used by people on Whats App to trick young people into extreme behavior including taking their own lives.


Children are made to contact with random strangers, who apparently forward them the instruction of the game, which eventually lead to suicide, similar to the Blue Whale Challenge.

The local police and cyber-crime authorities have been warning parents about the challenge and how parents needs to step in and have a conversation about this with their kids.

While there are no reports of the challenge affecting anyone in India yet, but social media is an open platform and things don’t really take time to spread there.

SC cracks whip against killer Blue Whale game, orders daily shows on TV

Supreme Court has ordered the national broadcaster Doordarshan and other Television channels to telecast programme on the evil game Blue Whale.

Spreading awareness about the hazardous impact of the vice game, the highest judicial forum attempted to educate masses about the ill-effects of the online game.

The directed aired programme should be a compulsion of one-hour duration. The rule goes same for the private news channels as well.

The apex court comes up with this decision after hearing a petition filed by a 73-year-old Chennai advocate NS Ponnaiah who has blamed the game for 100 suicides throughout the country.

Ensuring the effective functioning of the implementation, the centre has further updated the apex court of setting up an expert committee to look into the ruthless issue. The filing of the updated information is confirmed by the court within a time-bound period of three weeks.

Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra reportedly said, “Lonely and frustrated children were trapped by the game BlueWhale.”

Initiated in Russia, the ‘suicide game’ energizes its online gamers to compete for the daily tasks over a period of 50 days.
What does the game demand you to do?
Cutting lips and poking the participant’s hands are the usual dares, one needs to qualify to stick engaged to the game.

Accelerating it to another level, the game further asks you to share the captured picture so that a proof-image can be recorded.

And the final round demands the participants to kill themselves.
The social media sites including the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the places where the online player can partake.

The government has demanded the internet giants, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo and Whatsapp for an immediate removal of the related links.

Do you know your child is addicted to blue whale game?

A class 10th boy was rescued in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district after he wrote on his answer sheet during an examination that he had reached the last level of Blue Whale Challenge, a lethal online game that has already claimed over a dozen lives in India and many more across the world and he was being encouraged to commit suicide.

This young boy from Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, became terrified of the final task of committing suicide so he revealed his distress in his answer-sheet. According to the Amid reports, he was trapped completely in the game and was being warned that his parents would be killed if he failed to finish the game.

“I am trapped in the game which I have been playing for the last two months. I am now in the final stage and they are telling me to commit suicide otherwise they will kill my parents,” the young boy wrote in his answer sheet.

An alarmed Sanskrit teacher, Hemlata Sringi, checking the answer-sheet brought the matter to the notice of the school and the local administration, after which counselling of the child was being done.

The case was further investigated by Praveen Prajapati of Khilchipur, Sub-Divisional Magistrate who later said, “The boy is still in a state of shock but was counselled along with his parents with the help of trained counsellors from the women and child welfare department.

It has also issued that an advisory and police teams across are working with schools to counsel teenagers and wean them away from the online game.

By: Aviral Nigam