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Interim Budget 2019 – Piyush Goyal said India will free from Terrorism, Communalism and Nepotism by 2022

Interim Budget 2019 – Piyush Goyal said India will free from Terrorism, Communalism and Nepotism by 2022

Today Finance Minister Piyush Goyal is presenting the last interim budget of Modi Government before 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Before initiating to present the budget goyal prayed for the speedy recovery of Arun Jetli health. And then said we moving towards realising New India by 2022, an India that is clean and healthy, where everybody will have a house with universal access to toilets, Water, Electricity. A New India where farmers income would have been doubled. Youth and Women get ample opportunity to fulfil their dreams. An India free from Terrorism, Communalism, Castism, Corruption and Nepotism.


Starting his budget presentation Piyush Goyal said we are focused towards the High Growth rate, controlling double-digit inflation and overall development. Piyush Goyal sets the tone of the budget as being committed to a 2022 New India. He promised by 2022 his government will double the rural sector income and farm income. He further added the inflation has been controlled, Fiscal Deficit has been brought down and FDI policies revised. Banking Reforms has been introduced.

An Approach towards NPA’s and Swatchchh Bharat

During his budget session at 11:15 he said reforms like GST has helped the economy of the country to grow better at an efficient cost. He further added, we are working in an effective direction to tackle the problem of NPA’s (Non-Performing Assets) and Benami Loans. He also mentioned the Modi Government world-wide project Swatchchh Bharat Abhiyan to be a milestone.

10 per cent reservation for EWS

After Swatchchh Bharat he made 10 per cent reservation bill for economically weaker section applicable from today and he also said that 10 per cent reservation bill will have no impact on SC/ST or OBC reservation system. He said, in order to accommodate every section of the society with a better opportunity more than 2 lakh seats will be added in government jobs.

PradhanMantri Awas Yojana

Piyush Goyal continued his speech and said we have delivered more than 1,53,000 houses to the homeless as per Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana. He added as per Ayushman Bharat Yojana, weaker section of the society will be held with better health treatment at the best hospitals in India at a very minimum cost.

Fixed Minimum Income support for small Farmers

In a massive push towards Rural Development, the 2019 interim budget proposes a Minimum Income support to small farmers of the country. He added, more than 12 crore farmer families will be benefitted by this scheme. The NDA government proposes an outlay of 75,000 crore for Pradhanmantri Kisan Initiative. The minimum support amount to the small farmers will be directly credited to the farmers Jan-Dhan account.

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal Interim Budget Speech brings relief to the farmers affected by the natural calamities. The farmers affected would be provided with an interest subvention of 2 per cent. Massive announcement for work sector with an increase in gratuity limit to 20 lakh.  

PradhanMantri Shram Yogi MannDhann Yojana

FM Piyush Goyal said that 42 crore small scale workers. Who plays an important role in shaping the country infrastructure and development model will be given social security coverage. NDA government will launch a mega pension yojana called Pradhanmantri Shram Yogi MannDhann Yojana. In which a worker has pay sum of rupees 100 per month to secure a pension scheme of Rs 3000 per month after his retirement.

Women empowerment:

A board shall ensure special strategies would be implemented for the development and welfare of Nomadic and semi-nomadic communities under Niti Aayog. Further talking about women empowerment he said our government is effectively in the direction of Women Lead Government. He said, in order to secure better health of women. We have distributed more than 6 crore LPG connections to the poor family. And we aim to extend this stats to 8 crores by next year.

Mudra Yojana:

15.56 crore loans amounting to 7 crore loans provided. Job seekers have now become the job creator. India is the second largest startup hub of the world. National Program on Artificial Intelligence is up next with centres of excellence to give the push. The aim is to empower the MSME sector. 

Defence Budget and Trading:

FM Goyal said that the Defense Budget in Modi Government is highest as compared to past government defence budget. He added defence budget gets a mega boost of 3 lakh crore. GEM platform is being extended. The focus is now on supporting domestic trade and services including retail trading and welfare of traders. 


FM said the Mobile data consumption is 50 per cent higher than the previous government. And this has been achieved by lowering the rate of data packs to the lowest. Increase in the number of internet user has given a boost to the sale of mobiles and employment as well. for example, during the last five years, telecom companies and mobile companies have opened more than 3 lakh service centres giving employment to 12 lakh unemployed people.

Income Tax:

Taxpayers get a reprieve. Returns to be processed in 24 hours and refunds instantaneously. All verification to be done electronically. The tax burden on the middle class is the priority of the Mod Government. Basic Exemption limit to be increased for salaried? No announcement to increase the limit yet. He further added GST burden to home buyers is expected to reduce but he didn’t make it official. Small business owners will be exempted from GST as earlier.

Employment & Clean River

FM said that unployement can be tackled by becoming the no.1 manufacturing hub in the world. The next dimension of the 10 point plan is clean rivers and exploring the blue economy. The coastal line to be capitalized by scaling of inland waterways to help the India’s development. Space program gets impetus with  the aim of putting an Indian astronaut in space by 2022. 

MP’s in Rajya Sabha are hustling over 10 per cent bill for EWS – Bill on hold

MP’s in Rajya Sabha are only hustling, 10 per cent bill for EWS not passed yet

After 12 o’clock, the proceedings of the state board started again. The Constitution Amendment Bill providing ten per cent reservation to economically backward sections (EWS) in the General category has been tabled in the Rajya Sabha amidst. The legislation, namely the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, 2019 facilitates reservation for EWS people in the upper caste in the direct government recruitments and admission in higher educational institutions.  The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Moving the bill, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot said it will uplift the poor of the nation and the decision has been taken after thorough consideration. He said it aims at economic and educational upliftment of weaker sections among the Upper Castes. He rejected the allegation that the bill has been brought in a hurry, saying it was a long pending demand and government wants to deliver justice to the weaker section of society.

 Right after the Mr Gehlot introduced the bill, Kanimohzi of DMK objected it, demanding the legislation to be authenticated by the Select Committee. While the Minister was making introductory statements on the bill, Congress and some other Opposition members were against the 10 per cent (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Amid the chaos, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said Home Minister Rajnath Singh will make a statement on the bill at 2pm. He accused the Congress of stalling the Reservation bill indirectly due to technical grounds.

To this, Anand Sharma of Congress clarified that his party is in favour of the bill, but the government should state the reason behind its introduction after 4 and a half years of being in power. He alleged that the intention is to gain political profit to grab votes.

Initiating the discussion on the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said, the party understands the sentiments of crores of people to benefit from the legislation unlike the Congress. He accused the Congress of trying to stall the bill even as it supported its passing in the Lok Sabha.

As noisy scenes continued, Deputy Chairman Harivansh adjourned the House till 2 PM.

The proceedings of the House began at 2:00 PM. While debating the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said that people close to the general category often talk about when reservation will be received. I want to congratulate Narendra Modi who comes from a backward society & a tea seller family. who brought this bill. He challenged Rahul Gandhi and challenged why Rahul, who speaks on Rafal, does not speak on this bill.

Anand Sharma objected to Prabhat Jha for taking Rahul Gandhi’s name in the Rajya Sabha. He said that the criticisms of the members of the second house cannot be permitted in the Rajya Sabha. Whatever Prabhat Jha said about Rahul Gandhi, he should be removed from the proceedings of the House with an immediate effect. The deputy speaker responded to Anand Sharma plea and said that if there is such a rule then we will see.

Speaking on the bill, BJP MP Prabhat Jha said that Bill will benefit from 95% people of the country, does PM Modi not listen to the voice of 95% people. Only 5% of the families will be kept out of the priviledge of extracting the advantage from 10 per cent Reservation Bill. This bill is not the voice of youth. Congress will present liberal politics today. Congress will raise heart.

After that, Anand Sharma of Congress said that the country was shown to be fairly happy & healthy till 2014. He asked BJP, When will the good days come? The country is waiting for a good day. It is said that after the high tide there is low tide Our faith is in democracy. We support reservations. What happened was the bill that was immediately brought to the house. What has happening for 4 years and seven months. Why did the government bring a bill in the last session? From 5-0, they lost the series.  In a few months the government is going to go. After which CPM MP demanded postponement of discussion on reservation bill under rule 117. Deputy Speaker said that the Chairman has rejected this demand of MP and the discussion can not be terminated.

 Anand Sharma said that the Constitution will not fill the belly of the poor with the amendment, he will not get justice. He said that the promises made for the farmer, the promises made for the young man, what is happening to them? He said that when the government was to show up quickly, women would show it on the reservation bill, why the government did not come by this bill even after four years. For politics you have got three divorce bill (Teen Talak) but when will the rest women get justice? He said, “this government only seek for his personal profit. They have a better technique of deluding people with fake promises. He said that the Congress favoured this bill because we raised the voice of justice for social equality and especially the upper castes. We support this bill.

Samajwadi Party’s Ram Gopal Yadav also questioned the timings of the government bringing the bill. He said that the target of this bill is 2019 elections. If you had honesty in your heart then this bill could have come two to four years ago. This gives people the benefit. Yadav said that this bill is against the big bench of the Supreme Court and the court can also uphold it. He said that there are no jobs in this, and after this, a few later reservations will also become meaningless. Yadav said that the government should also arrange reservations in the private sector as the government is working on contracts in the sector, jobs are continuously decreasing.

AIADMK MP Navnitakrishnan opposed the 10 per cent reservation bill. He said that Tamil Nadu will be the biggest loss from this bill. He said that there is no constitutional assembly of Parliament and neither does it have such power, I am not saying that the Supreme Court has said. He said that his humble request is just that and which is also clear from the decisions of the Supreme Court that Parliament or any law can not change the basic structure of the Constitution. He further said that on this basis, this bill will also be challenged in the Supreme Court and it will be released from the Supreme Court. The Constitution is always above the Parliament and its high position should be maintained. 69 per cent reservation is applicable in Tamil Nadu and this extra 10 per cent reservation will be violated. In addition, it will also challenge the basic structure of the Constitution. Applying 10 per cent reservation without data will be a violation of the basic rights of the people. After presenting his view, he walked out of the house.

Modi is behaving like Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and Yogi as Aurangazeb – Randeep Surjewala

Today during the press conference of Indian National Congress, Randeep Surjewala said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Behaving like Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and Ajay Pratap Singh (Yogi Adityanath) is behaving like Aurangzeb. He added Modi government is not functioning in a Democratic system. It is functioning like a Talibani system. He said BJP has not let Lord Hanuman. They had dragged Lord Hanuman in this dirty game of Politics by asking Lord Hanuman’s caste.

Before Surjewala congress MLA Mallikarjun Khadge had also pulled the name of PM Modi. He said “The kind of language being used in today’s politics is encouraged by PM Modi. After being the head of the state these politicians are fighting like a low-class people.

Gauti to start his 2nd innings in Politics by joining BJP

Yesterday, Gautam Gambhir shocked the nation by announcing his retirement from all formats of cricket. After his retirement, people are eager to know about his 2nd innings of his life. Sources close to NLC on the bet of their anonymity told us that Gautam Gambhir is all set to join BJP to contest 2019 elections. According to earlier speculation, Gauti can contest the election on Delhi Meenakshi Lekhi Lok Sabha Seat. Gauti’s close relations with finance minister Arun Jetli is in the known phenomenon.

Gautam has slammed Delhi government for not taking protective measures to control Air Pollution. He said in a tweet that “Who will pay this fine? Of course me, the taxpayer. I wish I had an option of saying that my tax is not for Delhi CM’s Callouseness”. He said this in a tweet as NGT slaps fine of 25 croreon Delhi Government. Before this tweet Gautam had slammed Delhi Government so many time for not controlling Air Pollution. Gautam’s anti-AAP behaviour shows that he has an active interest in Politics.

India Mourns Poet Prime Minister Vajpayee, Funeral Today

The 93-year-old BJP patriarch died on Thursday evening at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS, where he had been admitted in June after his health worsened. In 2009 the former Prime Minister had a stroke that severely affected his ability to speak and confined him to his home.

Mortal remains of Vajpayee has been brought to the BJP Headquarters in New Delhi. Scores of leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Yogi Adityanath, Devendra Fadnavis and LK Advani paid tribute to the former PM.

The final rites will be performed at the Smriti Sthal on the banks of the Yamuna. The government has announced seven days of state mourning. The Ministry of Home Affairs said the national flag would be flown at half-mast from Thursday for seven days across the country.

Over 5 lakh people, including VVIPs, politicians and dignitaries, are expected to be present at the BJP party office as well as the Rashtriya Smriti Sthal near Rajghat Friday. More than 2,000 Delhi Armed Police (DAP) and paramilitary police, along with force from three districts — Central, North, and New Delhi — will be on the ground to make sure that the funeral is conducted smoothly. As many as 20 companies of the DAP and hundreds of paramilitary personnel will be guarding the cremation ground. Delhi traffic police have closed 25 arterial roads, starting 8 am.

Calling Vajpayee’s death a “personal loss”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it marks the end of an era. He said the BJP patriarch lived for the nation and served it assiduously for decades while noting that it was Vajpayee’s exemplary leadership that set the foundations for a strong, prosperous and inclusive India in the 21st century. “Atal Ji’s passing away is a personal and irreplaceable loss for me. I have countless fond memories of him. He was an inspiration to Karyakartas like me. I will particularly remember his sharp intellect and outstanding wit. It was Atal Ji’s exemplary leadership that set the foundations for a strong, prosperous and inclusive India in the 21st century. His futuristic policies across various sectors touched the lives of each and every citizen of India,” Modi tweeted. He said it was due to Vajpayee’s perseverance and struggles that the BJP was built brick by brick.

Vajpayee was awarded India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in March 2015. During his second term as prime minister, Vajpayee ordered nuclear tests in May 1998 in a strategic masterstroke to blunt Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions. He followed this up with peace overtures to Pakistan, riding on the first direct bus from India to Pakistan in February 1999.

Former Prime Minister Vajpayee, who ruled the country thrice in the 1990s, had retreated from politics over the last few years because of his health.

Vajpayee was the first non-Congress leader since India’s independence in 1947 to complete an entire term in office as head of a BJP-led ruling alliance between March 1998 and May 2004.

A former journalist, his rich oratory and poetic jibes directed at opponents were popular on both sides of the political divide.

Heaven Has Got A Prime Minister now!!!

The demise of Atal Bihari Vaajpayee has left the nation in tears and it is indeed the end of the golden era. After the British Colonial Rule, he was the stepping stone of development and laid foundation to major change in the country.
Twitter was flooded with politicians, celebrities and the nation expressing grief on his death.
Here’s how the nation felt after the loss of this irreplaceable Leader.

Hindus Must Have At Least 5 Children Or They’ll Be Minority: BJP Lawmaker

Surendra Singh had earlier said, “Those who don’t say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ are Pakistanis”.

Days after saying that even Lord Ram would not have been able to put an end to the rising rape incidents, BJP lawmaker Surendra Singh, infamous for his loose and controversial statements, has done it again. This time, Mr Singh has said Hindu couples must have at least five children to keep Hindutva intact. He also said that giving birth to a child is ‘prasad’ (gift) from God.

Mr Singh, in an interview to ANI, said this step is necessary to increase the population of Hindus in India.

“It is the desire of every spiritual leader (mahant) for every couple to have a minimum of five children. This way the population will be under control, and Hindutva would remain intact,” he told news agency ANI.

“Hindus should have at least five children. Two for the man, two for the woman and one surplus. Giving birth to a child is ‘prasad’ (gift) from God. India can become strong, when Hindus are strong. When Hindu is weak, India is weak…,” Mr Singh was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

According to him, the Hindu community should be concerned that they will become a minority if there is “no balance in population control”. “Hindus will be a minority, not due to terrorists but due to themselves,” he said.

Earlier, the BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia had triggered a controversy by saying that “Those who don’t say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ are Pakistanis”.

The leader has also been under fire for his brazen remarks like “Prostitutes better than government officials”, “PM Narendra Modi is reincarnation of Lord Ram”, “Mobiles responsible for rapes” among many other

Virendra Sehwag To Open Up For BJP From New Delhi Seat In 2019, What?

39-year-old Virendra Sehwag will soon be seen as a part of BJP from New Delhi seat. He will be taking over MP Meenakshi Lekhi’s seat from New Delhi and will be appointed as the new member of Parliament before 2019 elections.

A source close to Virendra Sehwag revealed NLC, “There is a discussion going on and Sehwag is in a constant touch with the members of BJP and at any moment he will officially join BJP from New Delhi Seat in 2019 elections.”

Now this is not a surprising one as Sehwag many a time before has tweeted in support of BJP. Remember Gurmehar Kaur’s incident. Here is a tweet which proves that he supported BJP since way back:

Sources also revealed that party people are not happy with the sitting MP of BJP Meenakshi Lekhi and she can be removed from her post anytime. People are not satisfied with her work performance and thus, she has to quit BJP anytime. Some tweets prove why this step has been taken regarding BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi. Have a look:

Many people of political world trolled her and tweeted back the Delhi MP. Look here:


So, it is quite obvious that BJP has set all plans to remove Meenakshi Lekhi from the party and giving their New Delhi seat to Virendra Sehwag.

The time will tell everything and for more such interesting leaks stay connected to NLC.

Amit Shah slams Congress leaders during Debut Speech in Upper house

 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah, who recently entered the Rajya Sabha as a first-time Member of Parliament, on Monday delivered his maiden speech in the upper house.

Speaking in the House with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in attendance, Shah said most of the NDA government’s time in power has got wasted in undoing the wrongs committed by the previous Congress-led UPA government.

“Sarkaar ne jab kaam-kaaj sambhala, tab sarkaar ke paas virasat me kya tha? Jis prakaar ka gaddha tha, wo gaddha bharne mein hi sarkaar ka bahut saara samay gaya hai aur gaddha bharne ke baad in uplabhdhiyon ko ek alag najariye se dekhein (When the government took charge, what did it get in legacy? The kind of ditch it was, most of the government’s time went in filling that ditch. So, government’s achievements should be looked at in that context),” Shah said in Rajya Sabha.

He also sought to reject the claim that the Modi government was arrogant. “For the first time after Independence, a non-Congress party was given mandate by the public and it was BJP government led by PM Modi. In spite of getting the absolute majority, we formed the government with NDA members,” the BJP president said.

Hitting out at Congress leader and former finance minister P Chidambaram’s Pakoda jibe, Shah said: “Abhi mai Chidambaram sahab ka tweet padh raha tha ki ‘mudra bank ke saath kisi ne pakode ka thela laga diya, isko rozgari kehte hain?’ Haan main maanta hu ki bheekh maangne se to accha hai ki koi mazdoori kar raha hai. Uski dusri pidhi aage aayegi to udyogpati banegi (I was reading Chidambaram’s tweet in which he said ‘somebody put up a pakoda stall near Mudra bank, is this called employment?’ I agree it is better to run a stall than beg on the streets. Their coming generation will become industrialist).”

Lauding PM Modi’s achievements, Shah said, “Chai waale ka beta aaj Pradhan Mantri bankar is sadan me baitha hai (A tea-seller’s son is sitting in Parliament as prime minister).”

The BJP president further described the Modi government’s move to provide free health insurance to around 50 crore people as unprecedented and courageous.

“Nowhere in the world has any government shown the courage to provide Rs 5 lakh health insurance to 50 crore people free of cost. That is why, ‘Ayushman Bharat’ will be known by the name of ‘Namo healthcare’,” Shah said.

On Goods and Services Tax (GST), he refuted claims that the BJP had opposed it. “BJP never opposed GST, it had only opposed its implementation. UPA had conceptualised GST. States suffered due to lowering of cess. UPA was supposed to compensate but it was NDA which compensated Rs 37,000 crores,” Shah stated.

He also hit out at Rahul Gandhi for calling GST, Gabbar Singh Tax. “The decision to introduce GST was unanimous. And what was it called? Gabbar Singh Tax! Who is Gabbar Singh? He was a dacoit in ‘Sholay’ film. Does a tax brought in legally called dacoity?” he asked.

Counting surgical strikes in PoK as a “historic moment”, the BJP president said “the world started seeing India differently afterwards. They realised that after America and Israel, India is the only country which can protect its soldiers and Army.”


Inputs: TimesNow

BJP MLA miffed with Virat for not having wedding in India

A BJP MLA Pannalal declared Virushka as not patriotic nor nationalist for marrying outside India in Skill India programme.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s love story prove that fairytale love stories do exist. They got married in a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy. Virat and Anushka tweeted out pictures from their wedding ceremony, making it official for their fans on social media. It was a hush-hush affair and seems like their decision of getting married in Italy is not going down well with some of the politicians.
Here is the Video:

Video Courtesy: Times Now

BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya has lashed out at Kohli questioning his decision to get married on a foreign land and not in India. “Ram, Krishna, Yudhishthira married in India. All you people have either been married or will be married in India. No one goes to a foreign land to get married like they did. He earned his money and fame in India and took it abroad,” the BJP MLA said.

The couple will be hosting a reception in New Delhi for their relatives on December 21 which will be followed by a reception for industry friends and cricketers in Mumbai on December 26. Post their wedding the newlywed couple will be shifting to their new residence in Worli, Mumbai in December once they return from Delhi. Their spokesperson said, “We are extremely grateful to the media for their support and understanding in making this special occasion a memorable one and thank them for their continued love and support.”

So, guys, do you think that what MLA said is right or wrong? Share your views in the below comment section.