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Shocking: Bigg Boss 11’s Vikas Gupta Loses 14 kg Weight

Vikas Gupta becomes popular in name of ‘mastermind’ in the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and won a million hearts with his amazing performance in the reality show. it has been heard that Vikas Gupta has been working round the clock keeping himself engaged with a lot of things; from making public appearances, partying with BB friends, to working on his next project with Priyank Sharma.

Recently, a video post went viral where Vikas can be seen shirtless and panning the camera all over his body. The affluent TV producer has been sweating it out in the gym from past few months and in a word such transformation is mesmerizing.

So I have been really working hard in the gym, have controlled what I eat . I have never done that before . I have always been the guy in debates or quizzes never on the sports field . Except a bit of badminton and than work happened which was always behind the screen . Well a lot changed since big boss . I was 92 kgs when I entered and today I am 78 . It’s not just the weight but a lot more changed . I want to take this moment and thank A few people here .. First of All My #Lostlouls ❤️ Your love and expectations really drive me to do better. @ektaravikapoor your talk at Indigo just after Big Boss 🙏 @siddharthhgupta @priyanksharmaaa for being around me which kinda forced me to up my game a bit 😉 Poorna all your gym clothes finally came to help and lastly but most importantly my friend and trainer @sam.fitt . Thankyou brother #Evolution #healthy #love #Gratitude #body #Gym #Transformation Ps. So this is what I was upto in the gym @kkundrra @siddharthhsharmaa 😝✌️Do lemme know what do you guys think 💫

A post shared by Vikas Gupta Rosewoodian (@lostboyjourney) on Jun 8, 2018 at 8:31am PDT

Vikas bared his upper body confidently with his fans. His weight loss journey will surely motivate a lot of his fans to hit the gym.

IPL 2018: Dhinchak Pooja New Song ‘CSK will win’ Hits the Internet By Storm

Big Boss 11 contestant and also a famous Rap singer on social media Dhinchak Pooja has made her come back with a 40 seconds long video dedicated to the Chennai Super Kings team.

The ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’ singer has come up with her support for the 2nd top most team of this IPL CSK dedicating a Video song in which she praises CSK batting lineup while referring to them as Lions. (The official logo of CSK is a Lion)

Chennai Super Kings are making a comeback in the IPL after being suspended for two years and already have a strong fanbase. In the 11th edition of the Indian Premier League, while being termed as a team of “seniors” CSK have made a powerful start and look comfortable to qualify for the playoffs. MS Dhoni led-side have won seven games out of 10 they have played.

Here is Dhinchak Pooja’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK Will Win) IPL2018 song:


Dhinchak Pooja has become an Internet sensation after posting various viral songs on YouTube such as Dilon ka Shooter, Swag Wali Topi among others. She was also the contestant on Bigg Boss season 11.

Arshi Khan Blocked Her Bigg Boss BFF Vikas Gupta!! Here Is Why?

Despite the termination of Big Boss 11, we can’t see enough chance of winding up the rivalry among the participants. A few days ago we noticed the two most discussed participants Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde who took Twitter to blame each other for a viral video.

Recently the other two participants Aarshi Khan and Vikas Gupta have made the news line. These two persons were good friends in the Big Boss house but, now it looks like their friendship has gone sour. They blocked each other on social media and even in Vikash’s birthday, Arshi didn’t turn her up the profile for him.

Vikas opined that Arshi is disappointed with him and this is the reason she blocked him along with his mother from the social media.

Shilpa Shinde wished Vikas on his birthday and in reply he demanded a treat also for winning over the Big Boss. The whole scenario might not be well for Arshi Khan who has not good relation with Shilpa too.

Vikas Gupta took the Twitter to pen down his thoughts,”For all the Arshian and Virshi fans, who continue to troll and bash. Arshi was invited to the party, she chose not to come. She was upset that I replied to a few birthday wishes. So she blocked me, my mom as well. Yes I have returned the favour. Continue with negativity”.

Arshi even denied the contacts of Times Of India saying that “First of all, this is a very silly issue. Yes, I was upset with Vikas for not acknowledging birthday wishes from Virshians who love us both and they wished him at sharp 12. I was live on Facebook when we all wished him. So obviously it hurt them and me when he thanked all the other fandoms and categorically left us out. As his friend, I have supported him always and it has never mattered to me if he has supported me in return but I love my fans and they were upset about him leaving them out. It upset me too so I didn’t go for his party.”

“I even asked my fans not to abuse him but I can’t help it if they still trolled him. Secondly, I didn’t unfollow his mom. I love her dearly and we are still in touch. I love my friends but if there is no respect for that friendship I move on. I was hurt, still am but I don’t understand why this silly fight went public. And I also request media to keep Shilpa out of the picture because she was never in it. I’m sure we’ll sort it out and get on with our lives so I have no more comments,” Arshi replied.

Shilpa Shinde Hits Back at Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal Over Adult Video Clip Row

Bigg Boss 11 might have terminated but the sparkling rivalry between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan in the Bigg Boss house is still enacted. These two once again become successful in making a storm in the social media over a Twitter post that Shilpa had shared on 21st April.

Shilpa Shinde was entangled in controversy last year when a viral video featured a person looking like her in a compromising position with a boy. Recently, again a video posted on social media turns the matter worse and serious. It seems like that the controversy between Hina and Shilpa is far from over.

Shilpa took Twitter on 21st April in order to absolve herself from the most discussed video of the last year and shared a pornographic video link writing this, “Thank u Jo Mujhe support, Kar Rahe Hain. Those who think am wrong, where were u, when such wrong videos made viral. अपने defense मैं कुछ नहीं बोल सकती क्या? Media took no time in making it viral that time, where r they today? Thanks, SM for giving me a platform to speak the truth.”

Meanwhile, audiences are divided. Some of them took to Twitter to react to Shilpa’s tweet. While some fans are praising Shilpa for her such courageous initiatives using hashtags like #IamwithShilpaShinde, ex-contestant Hina Khan doesn’t seem too impressed. Hina and Shilpa were always at loggerheads in the Bigg Boss 11 house too.
People are familiar with the name of Rocky Jaiswal and Hina Khan who had criticized Shilpa Shinde when she had tweeted the link to the adult video featuring her lookalike. Now, Shilpa again took a serious action for making the buzz false what was viral in the last year. She gave a befitting response to the duo also.

Rocky was one of the first celebrities who jumped in to share his views. He wrote, “@ShindeShilpaS whatever happened with u is unfortunate n u have a right to Spk abt it but I ask u, do u have a proof of consent of the woman in this video that u can post it? If she’s the imposter u claim why don’t u go Legal instead of promoting porn on Sm being a responsible celeb?”

Hina also came quickly to rescue Rocky by tweeting: “Sad..anyone’s fans or regular trolls may get away by saying anything on SM but as a public figure we get a power to be able to reach to millions with just one tweet and at least we should be very careful n responsible. Especially in these times, real life is not a reality show!”

Luv Tyagi’s fans lash out after rumours coming out of his eviction

The recent live voting in Bigg Boss 11 has left the fans of commoner Luv Tyagi furious. The hater’s comments have started pouring on social media with the hashtag #UnfairDecisionForLuv

With the finale just a week away, tensions have never been higher in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Saturday and Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episodes will reveal the last contestant to be evicted from the house and according to readers, it should be Luv Tyagi.

Fans feel that the latest eviction twist has been introduced by the makers to wipe out Luv Tyagi from the race.

NLC team started a poll earlier this week, asking Bigg Boss fans to vote for their least favourite contestant on the show, the one they want evicted. Of the 6,700 votes counted, 44% voted against Luv while Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta tied with 23% votes each. Shilpa Shinde, the final nominated contestant, got only 10% votes.

Luv started his journey on the show as one of the most active among the five ‘padosis’ or neighbours on Bigg Boss 11. However, when the neighbours entered the house, Luv seemed to fade into the background and often used others to shield himself from tough tasks as well as nominations. But he made it so far on the show due to his great fan following among his people in his hometown of Muzaffarnagar.

All was going well for Luv, till the latest eviction twist was introduced by the makers. Luv was among the four nominated contestants this time and he was the only commoner out of the four. Keeping this in mind for the same there were high chances for him to survive in the show.

Here are some fans reaction on Luvs’s eviction:

Today’s BB11 episode will get telecast at 9:00 PM. So guys, whom you think will get evicted from BB house tonight? Share your views in the below comment section.