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This little boy is friends with fearsome monkeys

India is truly a land of miracles! Every now and then, incidents that are hard to believe are reported from various parts of the country. In one of its kind incident, a one-and-a-half-year-old boy has befriended monkeys and feeds them regularly in Hubli. Yes, this 18-month old kid has not only befriended these monkeys but is also woken up by them every morning. The incident was reported from Karnataka’s Hubli. The family of this boy said that he is woken up by monkeys every day at 6 in the morning who return after playing and are fed by him. The family added that this boy has never been bitten them. Few images of this boy playing with the monkeys were also shared on social media platforms and have gone viral since then.

This is not the first time when an incident like this has been reported. Earlier this year, in a strange event, it was reported that a monkey in Southern India has ‘adopted’ a homeless dog. The rhesus macaque has taken the abandoned dog under its wing – and now the pair is inseparable. As per the reports, the monkey is so close to the dog that their bond is unbreakable. The duo goes everywhere together and are the talk of Erode, Tamil Nadu in southern India.


Their bond was shared in a series of touching photographs, viewed 170,000 times on Facebook. These pictures show the rhesus macaque feeding, cleaning and protecting the tiny puppy as though it were its own baby. Another shot shows the monkey picking dirt and fleas off the little dog, in a cleaning session in the middle of the street. Bizarrely, he even clutches the puppy to its chest as it leaps from a tree – as the dog holds on!
The monkey also shows its aggressive side, bearing its teeth to frighten off a stray dog. People who have seen them all spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world,
The bond is so strong that when a bowl was put out for the pair, the monkey reportedly stepped back and let the little puppy eat its fill first. As it ate, the monkey stood over the puppy, sheltering it from danger. Now, that is one big mothering soul.

After woman beating her daughter video goes viral; Shikhar Dhawan and Robin Uthappa call for patience by parents

Reaching out to all the parents of the country who pressurise their children to study, Cricketers Shikhar Dhawan and Robin Uthappa have reacted strongly on the same. A video going viral on the internet and on Whatsapp which shows a child trying to narrate the numbers and being beaten if makes a mistake.

Dhawan wrote, “I request parents to be patient with ur kids at all times. Every child learns at his own pace. Pls, refrain from beating/degrading them.” alongside the video. Uthappa tweeted, “This is heart-wrenching. Children shouldn’t be raised this way. This needs to stop. I pray we can raise our kids with love instead of fear.”

The video in question shows a little girl reciting numbers from 1 to 5 which was written in a notebook. The girl pleads to be given a break while claiming she is having a headache and in tears but the women in the video, possibly the parent, continues to get the child to repeat the counting. In the end, the child gets frustrated and tears up even further. The video has been going viral on Whatsapp and getting plenty of attention.

Shikhar has one son – Zoravar – who frequents his father on multiple tours. Meanwhile, Uthappa married his longtime girlfriend and former tennis player Sheethal Goutham in a private ceremony in March last year and they don’t have any kids.

This Doctor Delivered Another Woman’s Baby While She Was In Labor Herself? Amazing

How often you witness other people helping you, despite the person is busy with their own mess? None, right? Well, there’s a person who helped a lady despite being herself in a situation like her. A god’s sent angel on earth for the lady.

Dr Amanda Hess, a Kentucky based doctor, paused her own delivery to help a patient in labour after realizing the baby is in distress. The Doctor is being applauded on the internet for her selfless deed. Dr Hess was in her own room on July 23 when woman’s wailing in pain caught her attention. The lady, Leah Halliday-Johnson, who was in labour with her umbilical cord wrapped around her baby’s neck, needed the immediate help. As her doctor wasn’t there, and being an OB/GYN herself, Dr Hess knew that the baby needs attention, so she jumped into action.

“I just put on another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room,” Dr Hess says.

On social media, her actions have earned her a lot of goodwill and respect. Former patients have also commented to say how much Dr Hess helped them with their deliveries:

For India It Was On The 1st Of July, For This Couple GST Was Born On 2nd

India, famous for it’s incredible and out of the box thinking, has once again come under the same spotlight. Just a few days ago, on July 1, GST, the most awaited, revolutionary and uniform tax system was introduced in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and coincidently the day is also celebrated as CA(Chartered Accountancy) day as well.

As history repeats, this was the first time in 70 years that a special midnight session was held in the Parliament to officially roll out the tax reform.

When people of the country were awake to witness the history that was being made in the country; at the same time the couple was excitedly waiting for the night. As for them, it does mark the new beginning, not by the tax reform, but by the new life they were about to witness. The parents go through sleepless nights post the birth of a child, with the mind occupied to decide the name to be given to the baby, GST came out as a solution to the problem for this couple for obvious reasons.

The twins born in Bangad Hospital at 12.06 AM, didn’t know what was coming their way but their father did. The father of the twins, Jasraj Sen, was so excited by the GST proceedings on TV that he chose to name one of his twins GST.

What else can be the best way to celebrate the major tax reform in the country.

For those unaware, GST will replace the previous tax regime and will bring uniformity in the state in the tax.

By: Drishti Gupta

The video of baby walking immediately after being born is breaking the Internet!

According to what we have been taught, told and seen, newborn babies are barely able to keep their eyes open, let alone walking or even balancing on their own two feet.

But a video floating on social media platforms is absolutely unbelievable and has managed to stump and overwhelm the world at the same time.

The video that went viral as soon as it was posted, shows a newborn baby – just fresh out of its mother’s womb – draped over a nurse’s arm and actually balancing on its feet and walking on the bed as if it’s the most common thing ever!

This baby has totally defied everything we have ever learned. It’s really a sight to behold.

Check out the video below!

Watch: A Miracle Baby Survived A Fall From The Building.

Every child needs special care, whether at home or outside they need a special and protective environment. A scratch on a child’s body would make deep scar to everybody associated. And being a mother and father, they wouldn’t even imagine their child going in any suffering. They would go to any extent to protect their child. But a video from China reveals something else.

 A video, that is going viral on the internet shows that the baby fell down from a building on the road. At the first, the by-passers won’t able to think what’s happening, but suddenly, a college girl run instantly towards the falling baby in an attempt to catch that unlucky child but fails to do the same. The child, however, was reported safe and nothing happens to him.

Watch the video here:

Watch: How This ‘Om’ Mantra Helped This Dad To Put Her Crying Baby To Sound Sleep.

Pacifying a baby is the hardest thing to do. People had tried many different things to calm down their little buddy but fail miserably.  Your toddler would sleep the longest of the hours and wake up just when you wanted them to be asleep desperately. What if we were to tell you that there is a super efficient way to get your child to stop crying?

A Facebook user Daniel Eisenman shares a video of how he managed to pacify his daughter with one simple trick- by chanting ‘Om’. Yes! You read that right. He not only calm down her daughter but also managed to made her asleep just by chanting ‘Om’.

 The video went viral and now has over 35 million views. Facebook users can’t help but wonder how this infant just magically stopped crying. “Kid was a Buddhist monk in a past life,” wrote one Facebook user. Another, gave a more scientific reasoning, saying, “My paediatrician told me that humming noises, such as a vacuum, imitate the mothers pulsing heartbeat when in utero, therefore babies love it.” (sic)

Watch the video here:

Check out this quick clip from my live Facebook video earlier to learn #HowToStopACryingBaby 😂🤣🤗👼😍🙏🏻#OMBaby #DanielEisenman #BreakingNormal #TheFreedomCatalyst

Posted by Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst on Friday, 21 April 2017


Also, read the comments on the post:


A ‘Life’ Inside Her Brought A Mother Back To Life From Coma.

They say kids are god’s gift to parents. And this gift is considered to be the most precious of the gifts given to any parents. Parents forget their every tension after looking at child’s innocent activities and smile.

It’s true, that children bring liveliness to the home and to parents life. But have you ever heard that a mother comes to life because of her very own child? Yes, it did happen.

A woman police officer in Argentina, Amelia Bannan, gave birth to her son while in a coma. The 34-year-old police officer was involved in a road accident while on duty last year. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors informed the family that Bannan was pregnant and there were no chances of her giving birth to the child.



However, after 54 days of being in a coma, Bannan gave birth to her son, Santiano. While the mother was still in a coma, the child was looked after Bannan’s sister.

She would bring Santiano to Bannan every day in the hospital. The family believes that it was due to Santiano that Bannan came out of the coma. Earlier this year, Bannan announced her wish to start walking and resume a normal life with her son, Santiano.

Is it back to the Game Time for Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Even in the simplest of outfits, Kareena Kapoor Khan never ceases to be a head-turner. Recently, she was clicked while stepping out of yoga class and not to mention, she looked gorgeous. Here’s a gorgeous and super fit Bebo. Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to have knocked off post-pregnancy flab. Bebo was spotted exiting her yoga class in Bandra, Mumbai. Take a look…

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most good-looking actresses we have in Bollywood and her recent pictures further prove it. Kareena was recently snapped by the shutterbugs post a yoga session.

She was seen getting into her car but not before flashing a dazzling smile at the media. Bebo was seen sporting a grey graphic tank top, black track pants and flats and her hair was left open in wavy curls.

Kareena and Saif Ali Khan welcomed baby Taimur on December 20, 2016, and now the actress is on her way to get back in shape so as to gear up for her upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding, the shooting of which may start from June. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, the movie stars Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania.

Bebo recently stunned everyone with her charismatic performance at an award show where she paid tribute to the 4 Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena shut down haters who criticised the actress for making public appearances days after giving birth to Taimur, She said, “Yes, I was on my feet a few days after the delivery, but it’s upsetting to have people judge you for it. No one has the right to comment on how I conduct myself or what sort of a mother I am. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Postpartum depression is not a must, right? It’s whimsical to generalise that every woman goes through that phase, almost making it sound like a norm.

Every pregnancy and every mother’s journey with her child during those nine months and afterwards is different. You can’t draw parallels. No one out there really knows me or what I am feeling at a given time. How can anyone decide on my behalf whether I am supposed to feel depressed or if I can step out before 45 days? If I’m spoken about like that, what would it be like for other women?”

This is called eternal, babies named Romeo and Juliet born in same hospital

Two newborn babies delivered just hours apart at a South Carolina hospital may have romance or at least a good story to tell, in their futures. The baby boy is named Romeo and the little girl as you guessed it,  Juliet.

The two sets of parents found out about the striking coincidence, The babies were born on Sunday and Monday in neighbouring rooms at the hospital in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

“It was just a coincidence. They were both actually scheduled to be induced on March 26, but they both came early which is so neat, It just shows even more that it’s fate they just happened to be in the room next to each other.

On Sunday afternoon, Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their son Romeo into the world. Eighteen hours later, Christiana and Allan Shifflett welcomed their baby girl named Juliet.

Both parents had picked the names out early on in their pregnancies, and neither couple knew each other until they met that day,

Romeo’s parents about doing a possible photo shoot when something clicked. Quickly, the photographer ran to the nurses’ station to double check another patient’s name, and realized it was true, a baby girl who was born earlier that day was named Juliet, to see if they would consider allowing Romeo to be photographed with the infant girl, as long as Juliet’s parents agreed, of course.


Juliet’s mum, Christiana, just had a C-section so she wasn’t able to leave the room, but said her mother would be happy to wheel Juliet into the strangers’ room for a picture. As soon as Juliet entered in Romeo’s room, the jokes began to flow. The internet loved them too. Clayshulte posted the photos of the “star-crossed babies” on her facebook page and they quickly received thousands of likes. “It was meant to be,” one Facebook user wrote.

The Shiffletts also chose to name their child based off a popular culture reference rather than the classical inspiration of the name. We wanted a J name to go with our son’s name, Jonas. We picked Juliet because we were watching the TV show ‘Psych’ and the character’s name is Jules. The couples have already joked about an arranged marriage for the two children, and plan to get together for a joint Shakespeare-themed first birthday party. destined meeting of “star-crossed” babies in South Carolina would have influenced William Shakespeare to rewrite his widely celebrated romantic tragedy.