WATCH: Virat Kohli’s reunion with Dhoni’s daughter Ziva is the cutest thing on internet today

Virat Kohli has always recieved immense love all across the nation. Right after he stepped on the feild and glittered as a star of team India, the man has been a heartthrob for all the ladies. The hunk has broken a lot of hearts after disclosing his relationship with Anushka. Be it the younger generation who look upto the man as an inspiration or be it the gen X who admire him for him tremendous performance on the feild, Virat never fails to make us fall for him.

The one-day series against Australia which took place recently would definitely be a benchmark for our team and even T-20 international has been kicked in by our team quite well.

Soon after the win, Captian Kohli posted a reunion video with Dhoni’s daughter Ziva and the whole internet is awwwwing over their cuteness. Take a look:

Virat Kohli is not only making our nation proud but is also emerging as the most beloved celebrity all over the world.

While nowadays our internet is full of negativity and filthy hate comments based on communal differences, it’s rare to find love between two countries. It’s just Kohli as well as cricket which could blossom love between the countries. Virat Kohli recently posted a selfie on Facebook and all he received was just love not only from India as well as Pakistan. On the comment section of his photograph, a Pakistani fan posted a beautiful comment which is quite rare.

In this world full of negativity and hatered where people are just letting each other down all over social media, the power of talent and cricket is enough to spread the message of love and brotherhood.

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