Sehwag Tweeted The Sketch Of Dhoni Made By His Son And It Is Simply Adorable

Undoubtedly, both Sehwag and Dhoni are among the finest cricketers of this generation. They have an amazing camaraderie both on and off the field and publicly, they have spoken the best words for each other. Just as Dhoni is famous for his helicopter shots, the same way Sehwag’s witty Twitter shots give us gales of laughter and entertainment.

The same thing happened yesterday but this time, all credit goes to Sehwag’s son. Wondering why?

Well, it won’t be surprising to know that Sehwag’s elder son Aaryavir is also a huge admirer of Dhoni and he made a funny sketch of him which almost resembled Dhoni’s classic shot. Sehwag’s shared the sketch:

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