Big Blow To Pakistan Cricket Team: Former Player Accuses Team Of Match Fixing

In cricket, match fixing is believed as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result. Fixing has happened in both international – including Test matches and One Day Internationals – and domestic cricket.

When every single cricket lover whether Pakistani or Indian is high for the big India versus Pakistan final in the Champions Trophy, former Pakistan skipper Aamer Sohail has indirectly accused Pakistan of fixing matches in the tournament. Being on a Pakistani news channel, Sohail has taken a brave step and said that the team and skipper Sarfraz Ahmed have no reasons of merrymaking and it is some other outside factors that have helped the team reach the final where they will play against India for the title.

Sohail said: “Sarfraz needs to be told that you have not done anything great. Someone has helped you win the game. There is no reason for you (Sarfraz) to be so happy. We all know what happens behind the scenes. Don’t wish to get into the details on who won them the games. If asked, I will say that the prayers of the fans and God have won them the games. They have been brought to the final due to external factors and not based on on-field performance. The boys now need to be level-headed and focus on playing good cricket.”

By: Drishti Gupta

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