Watch: This Minister Threatens To Suspends School Principal Just Because His Name Was On 3rd On The List

The power that politicians enjoy after becoming a ‘neta’ was often forgotten. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address himself as “Jan Sevak” and “Chaukidaar”, but some minister forgets the same. As what exposes the high-handedness of the politicians, Punjab Cabinet Minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsod, who on Thursday attended a school building inauguration, fumed at the lady principal and threatened to suspend her for putting his name at the third place on the inauguration stone in the school.

 The incident took place at a government secondary school for girls where Dharmsod was invited as a special guest. After being pointed put that his name should have been at the top, he started shouting at the principal.

 While talking to the media, Dharmasood scolded one of his associated for interfering in between and attempted to deny his threatening remarks.

 He said, “He had accidentally come for the inauguration from community side.”

 When pointed by the media that he had been videographer while he was threatening to suspend the principal, Dharamsod said, “I have not said anything on record. What I am saying now before the press is on record. Scores of things take place inside.”

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