Jairam Ramesh admits ‘existential crisis’ in Congress, calls for ‘collective effort’ from leaders

In a major statement depicting the downfall of Congress, senior party leader Jairam Ramesh today admitted that the Rahul Gandhi led party is facing existential crisis and called for a collective effort by all party leaders to overcome the situation. Stressing on the major challenges faced by the grand old party from senior BJP leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, Jairam Ramesh stated that business as usual approach won’t be enough to deal with the crisis-like situation in the party and asked leaders to be more flexible.

Stating that the party had earlier faced electoral crisis from 1996 to 2004 when the party was out of power and a similar situation in 1977 during the emergency, Jairam, in an exclusive interview to the Press Trust of India, said, “But today, I would say that the Congress is facing an existential crisis. It is not an electoral crisis. The party really is in deep crisis. We have to understand we are up against Mr Modi, Mr Shah. And they think differently, they act differently, and if we are not flexible in our approach, we will become irrelevant, frankly.”

Citing that BJP had earlier ‘horse-traded’ Congress MLAs in the past, Jairam justified Congress’ move to send its 44 MLAs to a resort in Karnataka on July 29 in an attempt to prevent alleged ‘poaching’ attempts.

Speaking to PTI he stressed on the party’s need to change its strategy and said, “Old slogans don’t work, old formulas don’t work, old mantras don’t work. India has changed, the Congress party has to change.”

On Rahul Gandhi’s chances to take over as the party President, the veteran leader said, “I have only expectation. That’s all. In 2018 and 2019 you will be busy with elections. State elections, national elections…and this type of thing…uncertainty is not good.”

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