Exclusive! CM is almost final. We bring you to the list of Ministers and IAS for whom Modi is agreed for

News leak centre had FB live session with Vivek Awasthi, who is the senior  journalist  and well-known expert on elections and has been covering UP elections for more than twenty years, where he shared his views on UP elections  as well as told who can be the CM of Uttar Pradesh as per Vivek,  Manoj Sinha is going to be the CM of UP.

Though, he also said CM will only be decided by PM and Amit Shah, the meeting of MLA’s in which the name of CM is going to be discussed it’s just a formality. As no one will go against the decision taken by PM, as they have won the UP elections with a massive majority.

He also added RSS is also going to play the vital role in the selection of CM, Manoj Sinha also gets support from RSS as he has been the member of ABVP since his college days.

If we talk about the minister portfolio, He said 30- 40 MLA’s can get the same.

Awasthi also said bureaucrats have started lobbying to senior BJP leaders for their favourite postings. This time BJP govt has come to power after a long time so there will be the new set of officers running the Up Govt.It will interesting to see how the new govt. deal with tainted bureaucrats

He also raised what Narendra Modi said in his speech during election campaigning if BJP comes to power it will take strict action against those who are involved in Lucknow-Agra highway scam where the costing of the highway is double than the actual costing.

For complete FB session, follow the link :-

Posted by News Leak Centre on Saturday, 18 March 2017

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