BJP MP, Nayab Saini, calls Rahul Gandhi “Highly Stupid”

After the amendment of the CAA and NRC bill in India, the debates have been going between the opposition. And now the MP, Nayab Saini has said a controversial statement on Former Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi, stating that Rahul has no knowledge about CAA law.

PWD rest-house of Kaithal has was addressing the public problem attacked Rahul Gandhi in front of the Media, saying “Congress is making a fuss out CAA amendment, even though Rahul Gandhi himself doesn’t know anything about CAA.”

Nayab Saini did not stop his taunting Rahul Gandhi right there, he continued by calling Rahul Gandhi, “In the category of being stupid, he is highly stupid”.

Saini added that ‘even Supreme Court had approved the NRC bill, and it will be first implemented in Assam and later to the entire nation.”

MP further added that CM Manohar Lal agreed for the implementation of NRC in the state of Haryana.

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