Why The Top Brass Of Chefs Are All Men’, While Women Are Confined To Cooking ‘Dal-Chawal’ At Home. Read Why.

If you Google search “Top Chefs In India,” you will find 3 women out of 10 on the list. It came as a surprise to me as I had grown in a country where a woman should know how to cook. This ‘cooking mentality’ had also made its way to the marriage. In the first meeting of the couple, the first question the girl strikes is “Khaana tow bana leti ho na, beti?”



So, there is something wrong in India, and the Indian altogether. A female is supposed to know how to cook, and the male who boss around in the office. And to contradict it further, most of the Indian top chefs are male. Living and growing in a male chauvinist country, and seeing the list of top chefs of the country is rather shocking. This is not only the case with India but at the world level also. The top chefs’ result throws back the same answer; Sprinkled with more disappointment, as no female chef had made it to the list.



The data is rather serious as women, from the ages, were considered to be material to feed the people of the house. There should be a reason as for why in the country who looks upon their female counterpart to cook, but actually isn’t. So, NLC digs the matter a litter further and analyse as what went wrong.


  • The history is to be blamed:


Having a look back in the history, we find that this gender has been suppressed from the starting as well. A statement by Aeschylus in 467 B.C said: “A woman’s place is in the kitchen.” This in itself proves that how patriarchal were societies were.


In the past, women were not allowed to work, far fewer boss men around. A chef must need to do both. So, in the professional world, whether they did the actual cooking or not, men were the chefs of the world.


  • The progressive era:



Moving a closer to a point in time, now women are allowed to work and perhaps even boss men around. The culinary world is dominated by men. The kitchens are run by men who are often rough, vulgar, bigoted and uncaring for a woman’s sensibilities.


So, the women who were hardnosed and have skins as thick as a rhino, who could take the sexual harassment or could dish out as good as they got, moved up in kitchens. Most of them quit and didn’t make a sound name in the culinary world.



  • The present mindset:



Fast forwarding to present day, the graph of women in the culinary sector is seeing a steep rise. The women in culinary school are seeing horrendous working conditions of a kitchen. They are getting better, opening their own restaurants.

Not only this, they’re women who aren’t celebrity chefs and had never actually worked as a head chef in a restaurant or even owned one.

So, this might bring you the enough idea as for why most of the chefs in the world (or in India) are men.



While not many female chefs are recognised, I’d say some of the best in the world are women, but the only way you’ll know is to see or rather taste for yourself.

By: Ananya  Pandit

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