This Quora user has a spot-on answer for “what if Allah, Jesus and Krishna have a discussion”

Let’s admit that we all have questioned ourselves “What would gods of other religion be talking to each other?” hundred of times in our mind when we were young. Would they be fighting, like humans, which religion is best? Or, they would be thinking ways to eliminate people disgracing the society?

No one have an actual idea what are they up-to and what would their be actual plans for the betterment of the society. The increasing disharmony around the world would, sometimes, let the gods of all religion would force them to have a meeting to discuss the ways for solution on the same. And following the suite, NLC digs out the conversation between the gods Allah, Jesus, and Krishna on the same.

While answering the question on the topic “How would be a discussion between Lord Jesus, Lord Allah and Lord Krishna? Answer Request” a Quora user Poulomi Hari give a beautiful description as how it would look like if gods starts to talk with each other.

Poulomi Hari, beautifully describes the situation considering the today’s growing unrest in the world.

Here it is what she writes:

Jesus: Oh, there is so much evil in the world….

Allaha (stern face): I have sent my messengers. All those wicked souls shall be vanquished soon, my followers will slay them all and free the world from evil!

Krishna: ….. *_* (looks at both, smirks, takes his flute and starts playing a tune).

Jesus: Aren’t you worried? How can you be so calm seeing evil? Wont you help your followers?

Krishna: Define evil.

Jesus: Wrongs, immorality, unjust actions, rash deeds…

Krishna: And who does that?

Jesus: The humans, under the deception of the Satan!

Krishna: But why humans follow the Satan?

Allah: That wretch who questioned my command! Satan deceives innocent humans and tricks them away from righteousness.

Krishna: But don’t these innocent humans hate Satan? Then how can they fall for him?

Jesus: Satan creates circumstances like that. People lose their mind!

Krishna: Aha… So you are saying their mind is weak!

Allah and Jesus: o_o (blank)

Krishna: Its not the Satan who deceives them, its their own mind. They choose wrong for they lose control over their mind. Thus, there is absolutely nothing that Satan can do, if the man has a strong control over his mind. The poor Satan is helpless before my true followers. Thus there is absolutely no evil, as long as the human mind is strong…

Jesus and Allah: (pondering)

Allah: Then what about those who don’t have strong mind? What about those who lose control over their mind, affected by Satan?

Krishna: We will help them. We will test them in difficult circumstances. If their mind becomes strong, there is no worry. If they lose, they will be tested even more. No matter what, their mind shall be continuously sharpened by the difficulties they go through. Those weak ones, who choose the ‘wrong turn’ will automatically meet their end in the hands of the strong ones.

Krishna plays his flute again.

Source: Quora

Disclaimer: News Leak Centre doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion. The report present is here totally based on hypothetical situation and should be taken on a lighter note.

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