This Is How Girls Feel When They Step Outside From Their Native Place

Noida is one of the coolest place in India, no one can deny this fact.There are several places to hangout from shopping malls to markets and restaurants to clubs.

Not only this, Noida is also famous for girls who love to party hard and have broken the stereotype image.

As Noida is a opportunity hub for students and professionals.From different parts of India, youth come to Noida for their further studies or for their jobs.

But there are some people who think, how girls change their lifestyle after going to Noida.

So here we are sharing some images, and what people think about Noida vali “ladki”

When girls are not allowed to go out from the PG

How do girls spend their morning ?

When there is 50 % sale in the mall

The girls spend their weekends by partying


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