Watch PM Narendra Modi on “Man vs Wild” today at 9 pm

Man vs Wild
Watch PM Narendra Modi on “Man vs Wild” today at 9 pm

PM Narendra Modi has tweeted asking followers to keep him watching into the show that airs tonight on the discovery channel. “What is better than the lush green jungles of India, in the midst of mother nature to throw light on environmental conservation and climate change”
PM Narendra Modi has tweeted, watch his journey with Bear Grylls host of the show “Man vs Wild” tonight at 9 pm. The show is shown in 12 different channel of Discovery network and the special episode will be podcasted in around 180 countries.

Bear Grylls earlier on an interview in ANI say that PM Modi was “calm in a crisis and he was very enthusiastic and humble. He was a great companion in the fields of Jim Corbett National park, Uttrakhand where the show is shot. He did receive any special treatment being the Prime minister of India and the weather did not ruin his spirit. His mission is to spread awareness among the citizen of India to protect the environment.

Barack Obama has also been a part of this show in Alsaka his motive was also the same as our PM Narendra Modi. Many celebs like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and Karan Johar are eager to watch the show and have expressed their views on twitter lets check it out.

Akshay tweeted, “Besides being a unique show high on adventure and adrenaline, it will also shed light upon pressing issues like climate change and ways to protect our planet. Looking forward to watching our Hon. PM @narendramodiji on Man Vs Wild with @BearGrylls tonight at 9 pm on @DiscoveryIN.”

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