Green billboard on anvil to purify Delhi air

As Delhi air quality index falls to all-time low and with latest data making headlines is breathing in Delhi is equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. The Delhi’s air quality not making any significant changes, Delhi government is taking all the possible steps to curb pollution in the National Capital.

No matter how many steps the government takes, the situation seems to be on a downward spiral with the number of deaths owing to air pollution having surpassed that of China in 2015, according to a survey.

Now a group of students from the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal University have come up a stupendous innovation that could put an end to air pollution woes in the country – a green billboard!

Dhruv Suri, the brainchild behind the idea of a green billboard, is an aeronautical engineering student. Green board incorporates an air purifier, which is also known as carbon dioxide scrubber, into an ordinary billboard and purifies the air as it flows through it.

With the team backing of Rahil Nayak and Priyanshi Somani, it took Dhruv a time period of 14 months to turn the concept into reality.

“It looks like a normal billboard with an advertisement in the front, but inside is the purification system. On one side of the board, air is drawn in through a large fan and we use sodium hydroxide, a chemical that has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, and clean air is then let out the other side,” explained Dhruv to Bangalore Mirror.

The team who pitched the idea of 4×3 feet prototype went on to become the winners of Manipal Innovation Challenge and will soon receive funds to develop a fully functional scaled prototype.

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