Your heart will go awestruck after reading 10th standard student letter to PM Modi to overcome pandemic Coronavirus.

Almost every top economies of this world are currently fighting with pandemic coronavirus. From heath to food supplies to better treatment has become the major challenge for government and for developing economies like India this coronavirus will turn out to be a major wound in the backbone of our country.

Abhinav Kumar Sharma

Abhinav Kumar Sharma, a class 10th student of St. Joseph’s Academy in Dehradun has written a letter to PM Modi suggesting a solution to overcome economic breakdown post-pandemic coronavirus.

Have a look over the letter:


The Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

Subject: Seeking Financial help for Country From All religious/spiritual trust

Dear Sir,

Thanks to you and government for announcing economic package for the poor, migrants, disadvantaged *1,70,000 crore – Prime Minister Garib Kalyan. As we all are aware that 130 crore Indians are lockdown, we do not have any medical remedy to combat with ‘COVID-19’. I saw you helplessly folding hands to people not to come outside out of the home. The world hasn’t developed any medical treatment yet even India doesn’t have many testing kits and medical facilities. we may have to maintain social distance for a longer period. This health emergency will surely lead to a financial emergency due to which middle class, working class, self-employed etc would be on the verge of losing jobs. This lockdown may close small industries, factories, business. Unemployment may rise due to no business. Our government is also making best effort to deal with such pandemic and distributing all basic amenities. All these efforts won’t be possible for a long time and surely Government treasury will soon be empty, later Government ask loan from world bank or from any other state. I, therefore, want to draw your attention towards all the trust, spiritual /religious gurus who have been given 80 G Certificate. I request you to kindly make a request or if need makes it mandatory for all religious trust irrespective their religion to donate 50 % amount of ‘Gods wealth’ to the country by giving this to the PM relief fund. I am sure these institutions will come forward after your requests and this money will give a boost to the economy and hope to the middle class for survival. We all will have more faith in religion and humanity .

Thanking you,

Abhinav Kumar Sharma
Class 10
St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun
CC to: All Gods (Bhagwan Ji, Allah, Waheguru Ji, Jesus

Isn’t it a great idea to overcome pandemic coronavirus. if the money donated by the public to temples, Gurudwaras, Masjids and Churchs is being used for the wellbeing of the god’s people.

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