Vidya Balan – It’s very liberating to not care about how you look

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan – It’s very liberating to not care about how you look

Vidya Balan never leaves a chance to amaze her admirers by her beliefs and what she follows. Recently in an interview with a film companion, she talks about the massive success of ‘Mission Mangal.’

Her character in the film is quite relatable to the audience as she played the role of a middle-class housewife and juggles around her work and her house life constantly. Being involved in the Mars mission, she played a character that is breaking stereotypes on another level.

She says, she is one of us and that is the reason why she plays these characters so fine and perfect. She manages her things on her own and she looks after everything. Also, she belongs to a middle-class family and she knows how it works.

She says in an interview, There is no such thing as a male scientist or female scientist because, in ISRO, there is no segregation.

She says, ‘It’s so liberating to not care about how you look.’ It gives the opportunity to be you without being conscious of how you look. You bring the real you outside without being hesitant about the way you look.

Vidya is the kind of person we all look up to. She thinks beyond looks. Although she is so gorgeous and the way she carries herself is amazing. But the message in itself so liberating and meaningful for everyone who is struggling because of their looks, who thinks they are not worth anything.

She is one of the finest actors of the country and her thoughts are so impactful to the viewers as people look up to her. She is giving a message which is very important for people nowadays that there is so much to see in a person beyond looks. Looks should be the last thing to consider in a person.

She said there was a time in her life when she felt she was ugly and she is not good enough. But she has passed that phase as she evolved through her characters and understood nothing really matters. What actually matters is how you accept yourself, not how others look at you. Vidya is an inspiration that everybody needs in their life.

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