Swami Om again blabbers out hatred for Salman, accuses him to be Gulshan Kumar’s murderer

Swami Om is a well-known face now for the whole nation, for obvious reasons. Swamiji seems to hold a PhD degree when it comes to seek attention and gain TRP!

This time Swami Om is LIVE with us on our FaceBook Live session and in the first session itself Swamiji has told us a bit too much about the ‘unheard secrets’ of Salman Khan which are quite hard to digest for us.

“I have no personal problems with Salman as the ‘Dabanng’ actor’s father Saleem Khan is one of my closest friends but I starting loathing Salman the day he slapped Aishwarya.

This is not the way to behave with women in a country like India, where women are praised as Goddesses,” Says Om Swami who recently threw his pee on Bigg Boss contestant Bani J.

He also claimed Salman to be Dawood’s slave and said that Dawood is still funding Salman Khan to establish a Muslim rule in India. Swamiji also said that he has beaten up Salman off stage as Salman tried to threaten him with the names of Abu Salem, Dawood Ibrahim and Hafiz Saeed.

Some of the bizarre revelations by Swami Om includes that, “The real culprit behind Gulshan Kumar’s murder is not Nadeem Shravan. Just give me one chance to talk to Abu Salem and he will kneel down in front of me and will confess that Salman asked him to murder Gulshan”

Swamiji also is quite rigid at his statement that he will slap Salman Khan on national television soon.

Swami Om accuses Salman of being terrorist and has warned Salman to beware of him as Swami himself has murdered a lot of terrorists but nobody could harm him as he never leaves any traces and evidences.

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