Shocking: Different milk content flows from women’s breast for boy & girl – Sadhguru

The ideal of more than half of the nation Sadhguru has remarked the breast milk in such a way that it has become a matter of concern and talk between the people. He said, “Each breast of a woman produces a different kind of milk”. In his remark, he clarified his thought by saying, when a woman produces a single child post after her pregnancy, the milk content in both the breast is the same but when a woman produces twins post after pregnancy then the milk content in her both the breasts differ from one another.

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As soon as he made this compliment, it became the matter of discussion on social networking sites, a twitter username The Boss wrote, “Is it so, Jaggi? OMG, what will happen, if the mother changes her breast while feeding twins, and feeds male milk to female and female milk to a male child? Will the children become transgender?”

Another twitter user Sarvarta wrote, “One study on the nutrients in breast milk, but Sadhguru blabbers about breasts, different milks & twins. Thankfully he didn’t talk about triplets.”

Sadguru has reached the portfolio of authentic and knowledgable guru but his one statement has made him a troll on social media. People raised a lot of questions on sadguru.

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