Milestone created: Krishnanand of Bundelkhand has dug 8 bighas long pond for water harvesting

Bundelkhand has got a new Manjhi, who has dug 8 bighas long and 6 feet deep pond for water harvesting so that his villages can come across the water insufficiency. Bundelkhand is marked under the black zone for the criteria of water availability.

Krishnanand is the resident of Panchkhura village based near Hamirpur district in Bundelkhand. His effort story isn’t the outcome of one or two years but it almost took 6 years of consistent effort to built a large and deep pond to overcome the water shortage in his village.

Bundelkhand is suffering water shortage crisis since last one decade and there is a very critical fight for meeting the need for two meals for every family as there is no job security in Bundelkhand. News about farmer’s committing suicide is very common nowadays and in between all these a common man living a life of monk has built 8 bighas long and 6 feet deep pond is heroic and can be called as the work of the good supernatural soul.

Kudos to Krishnanand, who has performed a duty beyond individual mental understanding.

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