Maharastra: 300 farmers committed suicide in November, while parties were busy fighting for power

There has been a steep rise in farmer suicide in last November, almost 300 cases were reported that month. This was the highest in four years.
The reports of farmer suicide were reported after unseasonal rains in October destroyed 70 percent of the Kharif crops.

According to the revenue department, the suicide cases of farmers rose up to 61 percent between October to November.
The state reported 186 suicide of farmers and an increase of 114 in the month of November.

The drought-prone belt of Marathwada recorded the highest number of 120 suicide cases.

The government has announced a compensation of Rs. 6552 crores have been distributed to the farmers affected.

Activists say “The cost of farming inputs and labor is so high that the farmers cannot survive a bad season. This is the main reason for suicide. Farmers need to be able to earn more through sales of produce. The economics of farming are tilted against farmers.”

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