Love has no religion: Heartwarming snaps of Sundas-Anjali are a new internet sensation

By Line: Shivendra Pandey

Love has no religion, it is a religion. Recently a photographer @sarowarr tweet got viral with a caption “New York love story.” These snaps of an inter-religion same-sex couple are heartwarming and inspirational stuff available online.

The same-sex couple Sundas Malik who is a Muslim Pakistani based artist and Anjali Chakra an Indian Hindu woman have shared their endearing moments under a transparent umbrella with scenic New York city background. Their relationship is a big blow to the anti-secular elements living in our society. Sundas-Anjali relationship is above all India-Pakistan and Hindu-Muslim narrow-minded thoughts.

They were attending multiple marriages in different cities but did not forget to capture their lovely moments. Sundas says I am usually the “kurta to her lehenga” in one of her Instagram posts. Both of them have also shared their one year of togetherness on Instagram.

Sundas says “I grew up witnessing and watching different kinds of love, some in my family and some in Bollywood. after I got a little older and realized what my sexuality was, I never saw the representation of people who looked like me. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be that with the love of my life. happy one-year babyjaan, God blessed me with you 5 days before my born day hehe :* 💛 #072018″

Anjali expresses on her post, that when first they started dating she would let go Sundas’s hand a few blocks before her office because of the fear of people judging them to be strange, but now after one year, both celebrated their anniversary on her cousins’ wedding with 50 members of their extended family.

Recently Indian athlete Dutee Chand also declared her relationship status as homosexual and now Sundas-Anjali open love snaps and confrontation has given more power to the same-sex relationship couples to come out and express their love openly.

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